Third Eye Cellular Rejuvenation OBE Talisman
Third Eye Cellular Rejuvenation OBE Talisman
Third Eye Cellular Rejuvenation OBE Talisman
Third Eye Cellular Rejuvenation OBE Talisman
Third Eye Cellular Rejuvenation OBE Talisman
Third Eye Cellular Rejuvenation OBE Talisman
Third Eye Cellular Rejuvenation OBE Talisman
Third Eye Cellular Rejuvenation OBE Talisman

Third Eye Cellular Rejuvenation OBE Talisman

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This is a beautiful series of Moonstone rings, each with it’s own unique stone. Two have a scrolling design (A and B, which B has already been reserved for purchase) and are stamped 925, which each are a size 9 and both have been previously worn and used by myself personally. The other two (C and D) have a textured, studded design, both of which measure between a size 8 to 8 ¼. 


For your consideration I present an original, limited series of Talismans created specifically for the cellular rejuvenation of the Third Eye. It has been expertly Spellcast and infused with such powerful Magick that will aid you in the extraordinary journey of astral projection and outer body experiences in ways that only real Magick can.

In using this, it aligns such immense fixed elemental and cosmic energies with your life force, and fine tunes them to the Psychic-Cerebral area of the brain, which adds strength to your psychic senses, by specifically stimulating the cells and synaptic ribbons within the Psychic-Cerebral areas of the brain, behind the third cerebral ventricle in the brain midline, within the epithalamus, wherein rests the master endocrine gland which oversees nearly every bodily process, the pineal gland, also referred to as the Third Eye.

You see, the pineal gland is called the Third Eye for a reason. It is the most intimately connected gland there is to the Essence of our Spirit and Life Force and is the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds, and one might say the sacred place of extrasensory perception in the brain. It is the first gland to be formed in the fetus and arises during the 7th week of gestation, when many believe the soul enters the body. Biology recognizes the pineal gland as being the nature's first eye. Thus, labeling it as “The Third Eye” is a misnomer and in fact it is the “First” eye in the animal kingdom.

In birds and other animals, the pineal gland is their internal GPS, the navigation center in them, as it
has a magnetic material in it within those creatures.

It has a cross-system function which makes the pineal gland wholly unique. It is a bridge between the nervous and endocrine (hormone) system and works with the limbic system to balance emotions and other rhythms throughout the body. Its cells are not classical nerve cells, but rather, they are classified as endocrine cells that secrete hormones in response to neural stimulation. The pinealocytes detect neural messages of light from the eye and convert those messages into chemical and hormonal responses.

How is this significant? What do the pineal gland and hormones have to do with the Psychic senses, astral projection, and outer body experiences? Everything.

Allow me to explain.

Serotonin, Melatonin, and DMT are all naturally occurring tryptamines produced endogenously, by the body itself. These are what are produced (or, converted) in the pineal gland.

Identified by the Greek physician Herophilos in 300BC, the pineal gland has long been the most mysterious part of the human body. Another Greek physician and philosopher, Galen, described it as the valve regulating the flow of ‘psychic pneuma’. In the 17th century, René Descartes called it “the seat of the soul” as it resembles an eye physiologically with retina having photoreceptive cones and rods, it can perceive the metaphysical, dreams, and altered states of consciousness, and because its been linked to wisdom, knowledge, enlightenment, perceptiveness, and the Divine; the Gods.

However, it wasn’t until the latter half of the 1900's that scientists recognized that the pineal gland is the Master endocrine hub. It converts serotonin, which is essential for higher cognitive processes, into melatonin, which is crucial for activating sleep cycles. Finally, neurochemist James Callaway proposed in the 1980’s that pineal melatonin is converted into DMT just before the onset of REM (rapid eye-movement) sleep, which is when we dream. As the pineal gland controls melatonin and sleep cycles, DMT is related to states of consciousness while awake, during sleep, and dreaming.

The chemical structure of DMT is extraordinarily similar to serotonin, but, the difference is that serotonin is not transported across the blood-brain barrier (BBB), which is the most tightly regulated barrier in the human body. There are very few substances that can. However, in the 1970s, Japanese scientists discovered that DMT travels across the blood-brain barrier into the brain. This happens actively not passively. There are transporter cells designed specially to let DMT into the brain. This means that our bodies were designed this way.

Remember how the pineal gland comes about in the 7th week of gestation as the body's first gland? Guess which hormone elevates at that time – DMT.

It was psychiatrist Rick Strassman who conducted some of the most groundbreaking research on the pineal gland, and who reported the first new research on psychedelics in the United States since the 1960s in his book, DMT: The Spirit Molecule. You can read more about his work here https://aeon.co/essays/could-the-brain-produce-its-own-psychedelic-compound

His clinical trials recorded patients describing similar OBE (out of body experiences) on dosages of DMT. They experienced various entities, different worlds, obtaining information or knowledge, amongst other things. The exact mechanisms of these effects are unknown.

Based upon the experiments Strassman conducted with healthy volunteers, it is clear that DMT opens up the gates to astral travel and the Psychic senses. It is the Spirit molecule.

The connection between serotonin, melatonin and DMT is undeniable, and the pineal gland, the Third Eye, is the body's ground zero for them, and the gateway to the spiritual Transcendence one can obtain.

This is what makes the Magick placed within this so meaningful. With this in your possession, in spending time with this in meditation, it rejuvenates the very unique cellular structure of the pineal gland’s pinealocytes. It will activate bioelectric energy that will be directed directly to the pineal gland, stimulating it, revitalizing the synaptic ribbons, enabling one to tap into their ability to astrally project and travel in meaningful and profound OBE.

The power placed within this is so deeply extensive, that in creating it I experienced a personal Spiritual breakthrough that allowed me to access new, even higher levels of power from within myself, and reach such high vibrational energies that before this, required Metaphysical assistance for me to reach.

With practice in meditation, you will be able to still your mind so that the scattered energy in your body can consolidate, and the potential that awaits within the Third Eye will be awakened as the cellular structures are rejuvenated.

You see, we are all born with psychic warehouses in our brain. Some use it as naturally as breathing, some work to release it, in others it lays dormant, and some dismiss the idea completely. Everyone at some time in their life has had, or will have, a moment where they instinctively know something is going to happen, they can’t put their finger on how they know, but it is as strong as the sense of pain that no one can deny. How many times when the phone rings do you know intuitively who is calling? How often have you thought of someone and they visit, or you bump into them, or you have a flash in your mind’s eye that something is going to happen, and it does? Some know from a very early age that they have the gift and use it unconsciously, while others who know they have it choose to pursue a career in occult practices, some have flashes of psychic ability and want to learn more. Many aren’t sure they have the ability but feel they may, and some want to learn more about a certain area of the Psychic senses but don’t know where to begin.

For the curious who have never delved before, it can seem a daunting prospect. There are so many books written, articles, spells, Talismans, and not all are genuine. For the willing and eager novice, most do not know where and how to begin.

This is an excellent tool whether you are a beginner or experienced, as there is always more to unveil from within.

An extremely helpful and beneficial possession to have, this is intended for using in meditation for those seeking to achieve high states of consciousness and astral travel. These outer body experiences are nothing short of extraordinary, and will lead you on a journey of self discovery that allows you to explore within to travel beyond. You will have the ability to spiritually grow as far as is possible per your own Third Eye.

To best practice meditation and to best use this extraordinary piece, it is important to 1) know the location of the Third Eye so you can focus on it in meditation, and 2) to care for the Third Eye with importance, just as one cares for their heart, skin, and other organs with healthy lifestyle changes.

The pinecone shaped, pea sized pineal gland (about 1/3rd of an inch) is located at the center of the two brain hemispheres, just above the third ventricle, lying deep at the center of the brain in the epithalamus, directly behind the root of the nose, floating in a small lake of cerebrospinal fluid.

Now, the pinecone shaped walls of your Psychic-Cerebral capacity, for most people, are calcified to varying extents, with calcified structures called corpora arenacea, also known as "brain sand". Unfortunately, this gland has the highest calcification rate among all organs and tissues of the human body. Pineal gland calcification (PGC) is common among Western populations but is rare among African and Far Eastern populations, which is largely due to the differences in diet and environment. The harmful effects of artificial substances such as fluoride chemicals found in most public water systems and toothpaste, hormones and additives put into processed foods, sugars and artificial sweeteners dumped into soft drinks, synthetic calcium supplements, and pesticides sprayed on produce are believed to cause PGC, which generally increases with age, as it accumulates, beginning in very, very early childhood.

To aid in the decalcification of your Third Eye, Oregano oil, neem extract, and nascent iodine (my personal favorite) https://www.ebay.com/itm/191528262817 ), are very helpful. Fluoride filters help minimize fluoride intake from public water, and you can use alternative, fluoride-free toothpaste. Dollar tree has a great one that isn’t messy – Brush Buddies Herbal Mint Activated Charcoal Fluoride Free toothpaste.

You can stop taking calcium supplements with synthetic calcium, avoid using nonstick cookware with PFOA and PFC, eat organic whole foods, and avoid processed foods and foods sprayed with pesticides. Doing these things will help you with your Third Eye greatly, but it will also be beneficial to many facets of your health and overall wellbeing.

Recognize that you are the genie in the bottle, and once the cork is removed you will emerge as the Awakened, powerful individual you are designed by God to be all along.

Your energy has far more power than you can even imagine. There is energy in the words you speak, in your thoughts, and in your physical presence. When we function from a low-level energetic state (with many who dismiss the Truth), our thoughts and energy can literally pollute the world. Conversely, when we function from a positive place of high energy, from an elevated energetic state, the world around us becomes more positive. We must learn how to dissolve these boundaries by taking responsibility for our own energy. You CAN take control of your own extrasensory abilities and with this extraordinary Talisman, the sky is not the limit, but just one of the countless places for you to explore, to search for Truth, from within.