Technical Issues, Resolved

Greetings our dear Haunted Hive clients! How we have missed you! We had some confounding technical difficulties recently which began when our main device broke, which led to then facing issues using a new device due to our high levels of security and protection creating a domino effect of authentication issues due to the inability to use our original device, making us unable to access any of our administrative functions, meaning, we could not log into anything because everything was linked and dependent upon access to our original device.

After an epically thorough process of authenticating and verifying our identity with our host, Google, and synchronized liked accounts, we are once again back up and running.

Despite the lengthy back-up measures we took, we are heartbroken to learn that we have lost many of our files – approximately 1,000 hours worth of work is gone; photos, and converted written, video and audio documentation that, although some can be retyped, re-photographed, and re-converted, there are some that cannot be replaced.

As Founder and Curatrix of The Haunted Hive, I deeply appreciate your patience during this time, and I apologize for the delays this has caused. We will be going through all of the missed emails and messages, and shipping out all items that were purchased ASAP. I want to sincerely, personally apologize for any stress or anxiety this issue may have caused any of you, and I will be including a special gift for each and every client that has been patiently waiting for their items to arrive.

Please bear with us as I go through our missed emails, its been over a week and I promise I will get to each and every one.

Many Blessings,
Love and Light,

The Haunted Hive
Founder & Metaphysical Curatrix