Many Collectors and Keepers not only want to know where their Metaphysicals come from, but for many, it can be one of the primary factors in where and from whom they choose to collect. It is always wise to know where your Metaphysicals come from, and I am happy to share our story with you!

As the Metaphysical Curatrix of this collection, I, Katie, am the Founder and Metaphysical  Curatrix of The Haunted Hive, the virtual storefront for this rare, diverse collection of Metaphysical curiosities.

Everything from the site content, product photography and shipping, to communications and custom requests is done by me.

I come from a family who has held respect in various areas of the occult for many generations. From my father as a paranormal researcher and investigator, my great and great-great grandmothers as natural healers, dream artists and energy workers, ancestors who practiced as far back as the ancient Egyptians’ rule over what is now Malta, the Norse culture of northern Europe, the ancient Pagan Celts and Druids of northwestern Europe, to the Cherokee, the true natives of what has become our modern day America, every part of my ancestral origins has passed down to my own existence, and I am grateful.

As an awakened natural spellcaster witch and master conjurer, I have created over 3,000 vessels and talismans, and can claim responsibility for 98 documented millionaire clients. I have earned a respected reputation of integrity and honesty, power and real life results with clients the world over. It is my passion and purpose in life to use my birthright gifts to serve humankind; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.

Using my own natural abilities, I also use various forms of Magick, depending on the case, always of a white or gray nature, from the ancient Egyptian, Pagan, and other forms of my ancestors, to modern Wicca, and Magick explored both in past lives and in my current lifetime of practice.

I also practice genuine Solomonic Magick; elite operations of Magick obtained from the rarest and academically rich of all our metaphysical treasures - an original grimoire of King Solomon, that was kept exclusively by the Knights Templar, acquired at an exclusive underground auction. This Magick is unique to this grimoire; you will not encounter or have the opportunity to experience this Magick anywhere else on Earth.

I am a truth seeker who continuously strives to grow, strengthen, and expand my abilities and wisdom as a spiritual being. My spiritual journey is an ever evolving experience on the path to enlightenment, knowledge and wisdom.

I am very, very fortunate to have been blessed with my family, mentors, and my natural abilities, aptitude, and connectivity to the spiritual realm. I will continue to master the powers within me to help bring true Magick to humankind, to help others in their spiritual journey, and inspire and awaken the Magick that lies within all of us.

It is my distinct honor to be able to unite fellow truth seekers and collectors with our collection. I thank you all for your loyalty and trust over the years here and while we were on eBay, and I thank you all - long-time clients and new, for visiting The Haunted Hive!

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Many Blessings,
Love and Light,

The Haunted Hive
Founder, Metaphysical Curatrix & Spiritual Caretaker 
Natural Spellcaster Witch & Master Conjurer