Custom Requests

Our Collection is a reflection of the mortal Spiritual Journey – continuously Evolving and ever Growing. We continuously list our existing items and new arrivals, however, with all the time that goes into each piece – carefully reviewing any and all associated documentation, sometimes going through various mediums of recordings, photos, interviews, & any additional research previously conducted or that needs to be conducted for the item, to describe the item as accurately & thoroughly as we possibly can, at any given time we usually have but a fraction of our Collection listed. There is always more available than what we have listed, and this is but a scintilla of what is accessible by us collectively amongst all of our contacts and resources.

If there is a Special type of Entity or Talisman you are searching for, or if you or someone you know has a personal inquiry of any kind, please do not feel awkward, shy, embarrassed, or afraid to reach out to me at thehauntedhive@gmail.com. I, Katie, manage and operate our site, emails, and curation of our collection, and I will be the only one that sees your email.

We offer 4 categories of Custom Requests:

A Vessel with an Openly (willingly) bound Spirit attached to it. With this option, you choose the type of Spirit you would like. For example, a male Sexual Vampire of Norse origin, or, a motherly female Angel to Protect and Guide your child while they're away at University, etc.

A Object that has been Spellcast and Metaphysically programmed to possess Magick to serve your personal requested needs.

Transferring an existing Spirit or Talisman into a Vessel/Object of your choice. For example, you may have a favorite piece of jewelry you would like to use as a Spirit Vessel for your Spirit instead of the Vessel they were originally acquired with.

Any time there is a particular type of item a client is searching for, We are always honored to custom curate to help clients find exactly what they are searching for. For example, a Talisman from the Bohemian Grove from a particular decade, or, an antique ring Spirit Vessel once kept by a celebrity. When a Custom Curation is requested, we utilize the full and complete reach of our contacts and resources within the Occult community and the Underground to successfully locate and acquire a Metaphysical Treasure that meets your specifications. Please note that Custom Curations can take time to locate.

If you would like to make any Custom Request, please email Katie at thehauntedhive@gmail.com