Shipping Policy

All packages are shipped from Dearborn or Dearborn Heights, Michigan, USA. All packages come with free standard shipping via USPS. For Domestic orders, this is using Ground Advantage. It used to be using First Class shipping, however, in July of 2023 USPS merged First Class and Ground into one service, which is called Ground Advantage. For international orders, it is still called First Class. Please note that choosing Priority shipping does not mean it will arrive in 2-3 days from the moment of purchase, but from the point of shipment. Packages are typically shipped within 1-2 business days. 

Items will be shipped to the Shipping address that you registered at the time of purchase, and nowhere else. Please do not ask to send to a different address.

All packages are shipped using USPS (United States Postal Service). Once it arrives in your country, the shipping carrier transfers over to that of your country, and USPS no longer tracks it. Once it reaches your country, it is the responsibility of your country's carrier to deliver the package safely, and it is the buyer's responsibility to retrieve the package.

If a package is returned back to us due to the package not being picked up/retrieved by the buyer (for example, from their post office or customs), the buyer has 180 days from the date of the sale of the most recently purchased item in the package to email us at thehauntedhive@gmail.com to arrange payment to re-ship the package. If the buyer does not do this, The Haunted Hive is not liable to issue a refund for its contents nor any added shipping costs. 180 days is ample time, and in accordance with the time frame of PayPal's Protection Policy. At that point the items will be considered forfeited, and will be re-listed on the site for sale.

We take the best of care & precautions to ensure a safe delivery. The Haunted Hive Founder personally packages each and every item, carefully and with the utmost consideration for safe travel, using bubble wrap, bubble mailers, packing peanuts, tissue paper, Styrofoam, boxes, cardboard, and all that is needed to ensure the protection and safety of the contents. We do video record and document the entire packaging process of each item, to prevent fraudulent claims by any potential swindlers.

Once your package is in the hands of USPS or your carrier, we cannot control nor are responsible for their handling. If anything arises, we are always happy to contact USPS to help. International carriers are to be contacted by the buyer.


You agree that you are aware that shipping, handling, and delivery times can vary and fluctuate due to holidays, weather, carrier schedule, and at times, unforeseen circumstances, emergencies, or other situations out of our control. In this circumstance, you agree to email thehauntedhive to make us aware of your concern, if we have not already emailed you about it. We will do all that we possibly can to find out why there is a delay.

If there is any information you need from us involving opening a case or filing a claim with USPS or any carrier, please contact us at thehauntedhive@gmail.com

In the very rare event USPS or your carrier loses a package, damages a package, damages the contents within the package, or loses the item within the package due to damage they caused to the package, or delivers it to the wrong address, you agree that we are not responsible. We have no control over the carrier's actions, policies, ethic, or handling, which is why so much care goes into the packing process.

You agree that thehauntedhive is not liable and shall be held harmless in such a rare event, and this policy waives us from any financial obligations for reimbursing you or refunding you for the package and any of its contents. In such an event, a buyer is free to attempt to file a claim with USPS or other mail carrier on their website, or via their instructions. Any actions, decisions, policies, Terms or regulations USPS or other carrier has in place are your responsibility to be fully aware of prior to your purchase, and in no way is a reflection of or controlled by thehauntedhive. Different carriers have different rules and mandatory requirements for opening a case or filing a claim of a lost or damaged package, and it is the buyers responsibility to remain educated and updated on their policies.

In cases where the carrier updates the tracking as Delivered, or the equivalent if it is picked up, left with an individual, etc, yet the Buyer claims they did not receive the package, you understand and agree that this is fully and completely, indefinitely out of our hands and is not our liability or responsibility in any way, shape or form.m. This policy guarantees that you fully agree to the terms that we, thehauntedhive, or any affiliated parties involved with the sale/purchase of the item (s) purchased, are not liable or responsible for reimbursing or refunding you for any amount, we are to be held harmless. If such an event arises, the Buyer is advised to contact the carrier. USPS has GPS in their scanning devices and can pinpoint the exact location in which the package was scanned as delivered. Check your local Carrier office to see if this GPS service is active with your local office.

If you suspect a porch pirate has stolen your package, the best thing to do is contact your local authorities. 

If the event arises where a package has been delivered but the tracking has not updated stating it was delivered, you are prohibited from opening any form of dispute, request, claim, or case, fraudulently claiming that the package did not arrive or was not delivered or picked up or come into your possession in some way, as a way to manipulate PayPal's guarantee as a means to obtain any monetary amount from us.


We offer Free USPS standard shipping on all items to all Customers worldwide, as available in the countries in which we ship to, with the exception of India. Domestic standard packages are shipped using the new USPS Ground Advantage method, which comes with $100 insurance. International standard packages are still called First Class. International First Class packages are not insured.

Domestic Ground Advantage Packages come with the USPS issued tracking number. These packages are insured up to $100 by USPS.

International First Class Packages come with the USPS issued Customs number as a non guaranteed means of tracking. These packages are not insured.


In Domestic cases where the item weighs more than Ground Advantage will allow (25lbs), we will be ship the item using the next tier -Priority - at no additional cost to you as the Buyer.

In international cases where the package weight/size Exceeds First Class Limitations, the package then must be shipped using the next tier – Priority. The Buyer is responsible for only part of this USPS fee. USPS rates typically begin at $45.00


If you would like to upgrade your shipping service within USPS, You will be responsible for the upgraded shipping costs.


If you have an item that is $400 and up, it will be shipped USPS Ground Advantage, unless the Buyer specifies an upgraded shipping method.
If you would like it to be shipped using an upgraded USPS shipping method so that it may have additions insurance, you are responsible for these costs and should select your desired Shipping option.

Unless the Buyer specifies an upgraded shipping method, if you have an item or package that is $400 and up, you are urged to select an upgraded Shipping option of Priority Mail International or Priority Mail Express. If not, it will be shipped First Class which is not insured.


For all international buyers Items will be shipped strictly to the Shipping address you have registered currently at the time of purchase. We do not ship to every single country in the world, however, we do ship to many. If you would like additional insurance on your item or to use another shipping option via USPS, please contact us at thehauntedhive@gmail.com and we will send you a detailed Goods and Services Request for the additional shipping costs.

All International Buyers are responsible for any additional Shipping, Customs and Postal charges in their country, and are responsible for being fully aware of, educated about and updated with any and all current mailing policies and laws of their country. Any Duties, Customs fees, Taxes or other fees or charges their country may have are completely the Buyer's financial responsibility. International Buyers are responsible for knowing their county's Customs & Import Regulations, including items Prohibited for import. Items that are prohibited to be shipped into your country (for example, Kenya prohibits Coins, jewelry, precious gems, used bedding, among other things) are considered "non-mailable" per USPS regulation 131.32 ("Articles that are prohibited by the destination country are non-mailable").

Per USPS regulation 131.33 regarding Return or Seizure of Mail "A country may return or seize mail containing articles prohibited or restricted within that country, whether or not notice of such prohibition or restriction has been provided to or published by the Postal Service". International buyers are responsible for complying with all laws and regulations applicable to the international sale, purchase, and shipment of items


We have shipped many packages to India, and have had to enforce strict shipping policies on all packages going to India. We do require Priority Mail Express shipping, and we also add an additional 2% fee for the insurance coverage of the package, so that every package is fully insured.

Priority Mail Express fully tracks the package from beginning to end and requires a signature for confirmed delivery. This is something that we have no choice in, to protect ourselves, as the mail carrier system in India often fails to scan First class and regular Priority mail packages. If it is never scanned as delivered, even if we have written confirmation from the client that they recieved it, they can still claim the item as not recieved, and according to PayPal policy, we would be forced to refund.

We had one rather dishonest buyer several years ago who had recieved his packages, emailed us about how much he loved them, but then a month later he was in a financial bind and asked to borrow money from us. We are not a Financial institution and we refused, then he went to PayPal, using the poor scanning habits of his carrier to his advantage to get his money back. So, ever since then, we make it mandatory that all packages going to India use Priority Mail Express. 

That being said, as we know it is an expensive shipping service, we are happy to work with our clients in India to accomodate this cost, as it is not your fault that the mail carriers don't do as they are supposed to all the time. We are happy to lower the price of the item to help ease the cost on packages from $300 up to $699. Packages that are $700 and up, we will lower the price of the item to make up for the entirety of the shipping cost. Simply send us an email and we will adjust it for you :-)