In the Spring of 2018 it was brought to my attention by some of my loyal customers, that there had been some dishonest individuals copying my listing descriptions, and fraudulently posting these descriptions as their own. This is wrong on so many levels. It saddens me, yet makes my blood boil, that there are people out there, so different from you and I, and the other genuine, authentic Metaphysical shops out there; those who would lie, cheat, and steal to make a quick buck, at the expense of those who are in need, or seeking help. It is thieving, greedy people like this, who, through their deplorable actions, can crush the spirits of those who are trusting in their false knickknacks, which for some, the subsequent emotional distress could push them to a very dark place.

To those who make light of such cruel deception and lackadaisicalness, it is not only manmade Laws which bring justice, but Natural Laws, Karma, the Law of Return, the Law of Three, the Law of Cause and Effect.

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