Collection Origins

By now, many of you have come into contact with our Metaphysical curiosities and know that they are authentic! Prior to this website, we earned 100% positive feedback using eBay as our selling platform @thehauntedhive, formerly @katisiepiersk0. During those two years, we re-homed over 700 Talismans and Spirit Vessels. Our collection has made many disbelievers into believers! I We take pride in providing you metaphysical experiences that many can only dream about.

Our collection is vast & continuously Growing & Evolving, so we always have more to offer that hasn't yet been listed

Over time we have established many contacts and sources around the world and the Underground in our quest of collecting Spirit Vessels, Talismans, and Haunted Objects, providing an Exotic, Rare, and Vast array of items.

Here you will find Talismans of Wealth, Luck, Love, Psychic Power, 3rd Eye Activation, Chakra Balancing, Protection, Meditation, Wisdom, Astral Projection and Travel, Strength, Spiritual Awakening, Communication and Confidence; Spirit Vessels of Djinn, Peri, Angels – Khodam, Archangels, Kala, Elysium, and Malak; Perewangan, Immortals, Sexual Entities, Faeries, Leanan Sidhe, Neters, Solar Spirits, Mermaids, Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses – including omnipresent Deities, Extraterrestrial Entities, Watchers. Nymphs, Slyphs, Vampires, Sexual Vampires, Elementals, Dragons, Pegasus, Spirit Animals; various Guardians, Protectors, Spirit Guides, Mentors, Entities that assist in everyday life; Vessels and Talismans of Solomonic Magick, Alchemy, Norse Seidr, White, Grey, and Red Magick, sometimes Voodoo, Black Magick, and the Dark Arts, rare forms of Magick from lost civilizations and rare cultures, and much, much more…

Positive items are almost always in the home of their Keepers, be it my family, myself, or another whom we are Assisting

Any dangerous, harmful items we acquire, those that have caused physical harm, are typically kept locked away in storage to protect both us & the public. We have used the same storage for approximately 40 years; the owners and operators of which are fully informed and aware of the nature of our unit. It is kept separate from the Public area of the facility, underground, and has many layers of protective enchantments upon it, to keep what's inside, within, and to protect the outside from what lies within it.

Sometimes we refrain from listing particular pieces until we feel & sense the time is right, when feeling compelled to list them and make them publicly available.

Many Pieces are from our own Private, personal collections -- pieces we have used personally, acquired from people and places all around the world.

Some pieces are from the Underground sources we have – one of which is part of an Elite, 2nd generation group of undercover secret society infiltrators - highly, highly skilled men set to extract Magickal Objects of Power, and distribute that Power - at a cost - to the public.

Some pieces are from Underground Auctions. These auctions are not things that are available to just anyone - you certainly aren't going to see an advertisement for one at your local community center. You'll find a goldmine of some of the most incredibly rare, elite, and bizarre Metaphysicals you'll ever see at these Auctions. It took years of digging, forming relationships, and proving our ability to be trusted to be invited and finally get in on the action, but let me assure you, it was well worth the wait.

There are times fellow Collectors, Practitioners and Occultists reach out to us, to find new Homes for their personal treasures and creations. Sometimes they come from Loyal Clients, or from clients' referred friends or family who have reached out to us to assist in descaling their own collections & to help in Finding new Keepers or Guardians for their treasures. Many times it is an elder who does not want the responsibility falling upon their family when they pass, for concern of the burden on their family, or for concern that the Items would not be cared for & treated with the respect they deserve -- afraid they may end up in a landfill, a thrift store, or the wrong hands.

Most of our Haunted Objects are Objects of an Intelligent Spirit Attachment, though some are of a Residual Spirit Attachment (also sometimes known as a “Recorded” Attachment). Most have been acquired from Paranormal Investigations that we, or fellow Paranormal Researchers, have conducted. Most often Haunted Objects are of a dark nature, though not always.

Some of the pieces you'll find here have been personally Conjured and Spellcast by Natural Spellcaster Witch and Master Conjurer, Katie. In her adult life, Katie has created over 3,000 Vessels and Talismans, and can claim responsibility for 98 documented, verified millionaire clients, earning a respected reputation of integrity, honesty, and real life results with clients the world over. It is her passion and purpose in life to use her birthright Gifts to serve humankind; to Awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.