Return Policy


  • All payments are to be made lawfully.
  • A PayPal account is not required to make a purchase. 
  • All payments are processed using PayPal as the sole payment gateway – they are the secure “middleman”, regardless if you're paying using a PayPal account or not. 
  • In cases where payment has not been received successfully, understand that your purchase is subject to relisting and/or cancellation without notice. 
  • Although we have never had a refund request from a genuinely dissatisfied customer, if ever you are not satisfied for any reason, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at thehauntedhive@gmail.com
  • We value our clients and hold your trust as sacred, and will always strive to ensure your Happiness. A request for a refund will be considered with care, and handled personally by the Founder of The Haunted Hive.
  • We highly recommend that you carefully consider the item(s) and be confident in your purchase before placing an order, as we do not accept refunds or cancellations due to Buyer's Remorse.
  • In matters involving errors from your mail carrier mishandling, damaging, or losing a package, or not updating tracking information, the policies of this site will supersede those of any other party. We do not accept refunds due to carrier errors. You agree you understand the carrier policies in your country, and will carefully select the appropriate shipping option. 


We are proud to be able to say that since we brought our collection online in October 2016, we have rehomed over 800 items, and have not had a single genuinely dissatisfied client request a refund.

The only times we have had a refund request have been strictly from buyers who were attempting to scam and con their way into getting both the product and their money back, and then some.

When we first began offering our Collection online 2 years ago, we did not have any set return policy, or any set policies for that matter, and for months, we never had any need for rules and policies.

In our 2 years offering our Collection on eBay, we had 100% feedback. Our customers were all hppy, earning our place as a “Recommended Seller”, and varying between a “Top Rated Seller” and a “Power Seller”, depending on shipping times. Not one person requested a refund due to dissatisfaction, and there was not a single instance where any rules or policies were needed.

That is, until, we encountered our first swindler, attempting to threaten, intimidate, and extort us.

All together, there have been 5 swindlers – scammers that tried everything they could to have both their item(s) as well as their money back too. 6 cases altogether, but two of those cases were the same person who had created two separate false identities.

Thus, The Haunted Hive's Policies have been a collective work in progress; being created and evolving out of defensive necessity.

Each experience with these 5 swindlers taught us a hard lesson in the malevolent school of con artistry – lessons about intimidation, extortion, fraud, and manipulation; each lesson forcing our policies to grow and evolve to cover all the methods we are aware of – from experience as a target – which dishonest individuals use in attempts of having both the item, and their money back, for example:
  • Fraudulently claiming their minor purchased without permission, or some other claim, and filing an “Unauthorized charge” aka Chargeback, then Sending back an empty package, or package with a different item in it.
  • Using multiple accounts & imaginary identities to manipulate and con us.
  • Demand we send them money for rent, customs fees, Bills etc, threatening to leave negative feedback if we don't comply, and when we respectfully declined, they requested a return via Ebay. When Ebay denied the return, they went to PayPal to claim “Item not received”.
  • Using the poor tracking practices of certain international carriers to their advantage to fraudulently claim “Item not received” even though there's documented proof they received it, including their Positive experiences with it.
  • Expecting miraculous events to occur literally within less than 24 hours yet still wanting to keep the item and receive a refund as well.

Except for those 5 deceitful individuals, there has never been any need to enforce or reference any policies with any customer of pure intentions.

Now, we are in no way implying nor do we assume, that if you request a return, that you automatically must be swindler #6. If ever there is a true, genuine cause for a return, if we make an error, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


The Haunted Hive offers all products available from this site conditioned upon your full and complete binding acceptance of all terms and policies stated within this site, which are subject to change without notice. When you as the User purchase any item listed on thehauntedhive.com, you agree that you have fully read, understand, comprehend, and hereby explicitly, fully, and indefinitely agree to all of the terms and policies of thehauntedhive, which all can be found in both the footer menu and under the main menu. You are responsible for reading the policies of this site and will ask any & all questions before purchasing via email sent to thehauntedhive@gmail.com

If you do not agree to all the terms and policies of this site, then you may not purchase.


By visiting our site and/or purchasing any item listed on thehauntedhive.com, you understand that we consider returns/refunds on a case by case basis.

We do not accept returns, refunds, exchanges or cancellations due to any and all forms of Buyer's Remorse. We highly recommend that you Please make absolutely sure that you want the item, and that purchasing will not cause you financial strain in the near future. Again, we cannot accept returns/refunds due to Buyer's remorse.


All offers will be decided upon a case by case basis, and you understand we are not obligated to accept your request. We may accept your request in it’s entirety, we may accept only part of your request, or We may not accept any part of it.

Loyal, long term customers that have proven their responsibility, integrity, and trustworthiness, we will typically hold the item(s) under a Promise to Pay, requiring no deposit or binding agreement.


Any imperfections not mentioned but that are visible in the photos will be considered as described. Please refer to our Composition and Care Policy Page for complete elaboration on Physical Composition.

Details regarding the Physical Attributes, Origin, Age and descriptions of items are based on the experiences, judgements, knowledge, and information of the collectors whom we may have originally acquired the item(s) from and/or our own. Unless otherwise stated, details have not been verified by an outside, professional 3d party, such as a professional jeweler.

Monitor/screen settings vary, so appearance of photos/items on your device may appear inconsistent or different than what they appear like in real life and on our devices.


All Buyers must be at least the age of 18 and are responsible for making lawful purchases. You are responsible for all activity on your account, including any and all activity conducted by those under the age of 18. For example, your minor accessing your family tablet or your phone with saved payment information and making a purchase. It is each parent's responsibility to ensure things like this do not happen. If it does, it is the parent/legal guardian who is responsible. Lack of parental supervision is not grounds for a Chargeback or claim of “Unauthorized Use”, nor is it grounds for a refund


If your intentions are to scam us in some way, do not waste your time. You will not succeed. We do not bend to the deceit of others. We are not afraid to protect ourselves and others within the Metaphysical community, and will use any means necessary within the fullest extent of the law to do so. And we have.

Please bear in mind that we record and document the entire packaging process of each item, to prevent fraudulent claims by any potential swindlers.

All buyers are responsible for abiding by any and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations of thehauntedhive, Shopify, PayPal, and all other parties associated with the buyer purchasing any item listed on this site, including any Postal, Local, State, Federal, or likewise applicable laws and regulations and those of any other applicable jurisdictions.

You are to refrain from making Unreasonable demands, spamming, and any form of harassment, intimidation, extortion, or threat making. For example, these true experiences - like asking for something for free, committing to purchase then stating you will pay in 3 months, sending 200+ messages within a few days and expecting immediate responses to each of those 200+ messages, then complaining about “lack of communication”, asking for a loan, demanding we send you money because you're “in a bad situation”, threatening us, attempting to extort us, and other outlandish, bizarre, and unreasonable behavior and demands.

You agree you will not attempt to con, manipulate, scam, or extort thehauntedhive, nor will you attempt to con, manipulate, or scam PayPal, Shopify, or any associated financial institution or payment gateway as a means to fraudulently obtain your funds back. We have experience dealing with these types of individuals, and we assure you, you will not be successful, and you will be reported to the Federal Postal Inspectors Fraud Department, and actively pursued to the fullest extent permitted by law and jurisdiction.

You are prohibited from using the site, its content, or is representatives for any unlawful purpose.

You agree not to use this site or any of its parts as any source or means to solicit others, spam others, or to use this website for anything other than its intended purpose

You agree to abide by international, federal, provincial or state regulations, rules, laws, or local ordinances

You hereby fully and indefinitely agree that you, nor a party acting on your behalf or not, will not extort, blackmail, spam, harass, abuse, insult, manipulate, harm, defame, slander, discriminate, disparage, or intimidate thehauntedhive or any of its representatives, owner, investors, contributors, or any other related parties or individuals - on this platform or ANY platform, host, provider, gateway, portal, setting, location, website, or the like - using any means, modes, function, method, modalities, applications, or the like - from ANY account or accounts - under any name, alias, account name, holder, email address, phone, or the like - be it yours, someone you know, someone you allegedly do not know, or “someone” or “something” which you made up, a figment of your imagination, a fake entity, or the like – as a means to obtain money, any form of funds, funding, currency, a loan, to borrow, to get a refund, reimbursement, or to do anything at all which is wanted by the party engaging in any behavior of this nature or similar.