Composition & Care

Although we do at times offer items that are modern that have never been used, most all of the items presented at The Haunted Hive are antique or vintage & have been previously owned and used, unless otherwise noted.

If you are looking for brand new, flawless items, the vast majority of items in our store may not be the right fit for you as most are vintage and antique; or you may want to consider one of our Custom Request options. However, if you love the history, character, and feel of items that have been loved and used, I think you will find The Haunted Hive a treasure trove!

I do my absolute best to always accurately describe each item through words & photographs in appearance, condition, Provenance, age, history, and experiences, from our own observations, opinion, knowledge & experience. Any info that was given when the item was first acquired will always be passed on in the listing. However, unless otherwise stated, these details have not been verified by a professional 3rd party expert, such as a jeweler

Any imperfections not mentioned but that are visible in the photos will be considered as described. With antiques, antiquities, and even some vintage items, they are often time worn & may have age imperfections, which is to be expected. So please, do not hesitate to email me anytime, I will gladly respond & provide any additional photos or information you request to the fullest extent of my knowledge and ability.

When it comes to antiques, antiquities, and the natural patina that only Time & Age can create, cleaning is such a personal choice that depends upon each individual's preferences and needs. Some collectors prefer to clean their items themselves; some take their items to a professional whom they trust; some prefer to leave their items exactly as found; some clean just the exterior and keep the interior as found, etc. Therefore, I typically leave this option up to You as the new Keeper.

So, there will be many items you will see that will have natural patina and oxidation, any excavated items may have natural deposits remaining from the earth, there nay be scratches, dents, scuffs, scrapes, and other imperfections that can be expected with true vintage and antique objects. Some items, particularly those of a natural or synthetic fiber, such as fabric of a doll/doll dress, or hair on a doll for example, may have an odor due to age, storage, material, etc