Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames
Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames

Premier Soul Union Talisman | Divine Counterparts, Soul Mates, Twin Flames

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There are many different pieces, most all are costume jewelry made of mixed metals. I made a lot of these, so that they may be something I can offer for a long time. However, it’s a bit impractical to list ALL of them all at once, I think the selection would be overwhelming to most. So I am going to be picturing a number of them at a time instead. If you have any questions about any in particular, please don’t hesitate to ask. The sizes are listed in the photos, however, the black and black/gold band rings, there are multiples of, I may make a separate listing so they can be chosen individually by size. 




Before I begin, I feel it is my responsibility to go over a few things, as there is a lot of confusion and misinformation out there when it comes to relationships such as these, in particular regarding Twin Flames. 

This is NOT a "cure all". This is not a "quick fix" that will override someone else's free will and force them to love you. If you are obsessing over someone who has denied your advances, someone who is happily married with kids, etc and you are just consumed with the idea of "having" them, or have come to the conclusion they absolutely are your twin flame based on "teachings" from Twin Flames Universe or the like - this is NOT the talisman for you. 

It is extremely important to note that ALL metaphysical and magickal rituals of operation performed upon this set of Talismans come from a place of respect for the balance of nature and one’s free will. Never, ever will The Haunted Hive offer any items that cross this line, that interfere with the free will of another. Such a thing is abhorrently immoral.



It is with the utmost love, excitement & honor I present to you something very special, more near and dear to my heart and soul than any other Talisman I have ever offered. This is a series of Talismans I have been working on for literally the past year – 14 months in total - specifically crafted with the intention of Soul Union; bringing together those you have Divine connections to – those whose love is not limited to this life alone – your Soul Mate, Twin Flame, or Divine Counterpart, and your Soul Family.

The amount of energy, work, care, and pure honest love that went into these cannot be summed up into some catch-all phrase, or proverbial box. It is multifaceted, multidimensional, and expansive; both otherworldly and not. There’s a lot to unpack here, and so much to be experienced!

The process of creating these has been unlike the creation of anything I have ever crafted, cast, or conjured before. It has been an entirely unique immersive experience; a free-flowing journey and the evolution of a living energetic compendium of Divine guidance.

You see, with literally any and every other Talisman I have ever set out to craft, there is a plan, a pattern, from beginning to end. For comparison, it would be like making a family favorite dish from memory that’s been passed down the generations. You know the precise details like measurements, and you know the little tricks that are only learned from experience.

With this series of Talismans, I began with a set, defined plan, however, in doing those specific things, it VERY soon became VERY blatantly obvious there was something much bigger than myself at work here; far deeper and more profound than my own initial plan for these Talismans. It was undeniably clear that there was Divine guidance taking place, and it was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

What began as a self initiated Talisman making process (where I had intended to spellcast, do certain rituals, and imbue with the energies of several transits occurring at that time), turned into a divinely guided journey which I was intended to surrender to, and to be a messenger of.

So much took place during this journey. No stone was left unturned in the creation of these for bringing true soul-deep relationships into Soul Union. Crafted in a way that cannot be replicated, the power within them is so much more than the rituals and the spellcasting, it is more than the vast diversity of powerful lunar and astrological energies that were harnessed, encapsulated, charged, and infused….

It is the real, life altering, soul searching magick that has taken place and the level of divine orchestration going on behind the scenes that has saturated every nook and cranny of this creation journey. It is simply immeasurable.

Such things were made SO inexplicably clear, time after time after time after time…

Its been one wild journey, let me tell you.

If someone would have told me what would take place, how I’d come to create these, and what would transpire in the process…I wouldn’t have believed them. Not one bit.

Even after realizing what was going on – that I was being brought together into Soul Union with my Soul Family, and my Divine Counterpart, I still did not have a clear endpoint in mind for these. All I knew was that the powers that be – whichever and whatever way they are from – God, Source, the universe, ancestors, guides, life force energy, our higher selves, or some/all of the above – were making all of this happen, and I knew, with every fibre of my being, I had a dual purpose, and I was meant to follow it. To come into Soul Union with my Divine Counterpart, and thus, my Soul Family along the way, whilst being the Creatrix, so as to share this with you. You, who have found yourself here now, on this page, at this time.

I was initially going to release these at the end of 2021/start of 2022, but, the timing didn’t feel right. I felt guided to continue.

I felt an energetic shift occur recently, and I just knew, it is time.

Now, let's go over some specifics. 


There are differences between Twin Flames, Soul Mates, Divine Counterparts, and Karmic Partners, and there’s been quite a rise lately in people who are just latching on to the Twin Flame concept and running with it (no pun intended), when in reality a Twin Flame relationship is extremely rare. Thinking you are in a TF relationship when you’re actually not can be VERY problematic for both parties, especially if one of those parties is in a relationship with another! So, let’s go over the different kind of soul connections we can have with others, before we go any further.


Soul Mate relationships are relationships of joy & mutual love. Soul Mates are cut from the same energetic cloth, so-to-speak, and can take the form of a romantic partner or platonic/friend, and even animals. You share a deep connection which can be felt so intensely, it can be hard to make sense of it at first. You just know that this person is special, it is undeniable. You both have a purpose in each other’s life, to urge each other forward toward growth and expanded awareness, & though many do last throughout the lifetime, some relationships are shorter term.

Soul Mates don’t typically mirror or trigger like Twin Flames can, and the two of you are very compatible across the board.

Also, soul mates can be Twin Flames, but not always.


Contrary to common misconception, a Twin Flame is not your “other half”, nor are they half of your soul. Each of you is your own individual being, just as biological twins are. With TFs, you are mirrors of each other’s energies and your connection exists to show each other this mirroring of energies (usually via triggering), for the purpose of the personal growth of each of you.

Regardless of which kind of TF journey you are on, the outer twin flame journey (you and your physical twin) is a reflection for your inner journey, your balance of Divine Masculine/yang (white) and Divine distinct Feminine/yin (black)and are a catalyst for major spiritual transformation both personally and for the collective.

Also, a quick reminder that we all don’t have an outer, physical twin!

Now, in THIS lifetime, and in any lifetime, there are twin flame journeys that are carried out individually, completely separate - where there is no Soul Union, there are some that are off and on, and there are some that do have Soul Union, just like any relationship that exists. You are not bound to your twin flame and they are not bound to you. The purpose in the relationship, ultimately, is your own personal growth and ascension, and it is the TF’s purpose to help each other grow, heal, and become the highest versions of yourselves.

Now, if BOTH Twin Flames have done the work & healed, if both have grown spiritually into the higher versions of themselves, then that is where Soul Union happens.

Those who have both done the work, who are designed for marriage, which can be legally bonding or otherwise (either way, free will still exists), these unions can be a “power couple” which drastically improve the frequency of the consciousness from the vibration of their love.

There are TFs meant to have a child or children that are highly advanced souls who will advance the collective.

There are TFs who are purely platonic. This is pretty self explanatory.

There is also the possibility of having a journey with a twin who has physically transitioned from Earth (died). This is painful, but it takes place so that one may have a major transformation.

The main point, regardless of which TF journey you may be on, is to focus on yourself, above all. Remember that you cannot do your Twin Flame’s journey for them. There are things each of you must experience on your own, in order for both of you to grow and ascend.


Karmic Partners often get mixed up with Twin Flames, much more often than there are actual Twin Flame relationships. They are often intense, and often painful relationships which can be familial, with a friend, authority figure, coworker, acquaintance, or partner (may or may not begin with intense sexual attraction). For the purpose of obtaining clarity about this type of partner in regards to these Talismans, it is the romantic Karmic Partner that is often misinterpreted as a Twin Flame, and the only kind of Karmic Partner that is contextually relevant, so that is the only one we’ll be discussing here.

With a romantic Karmic Partner, first, the newness of the relationship and the energy exchange can be intense. They often fall madly (and at times irrationally) in love, but as time passes, intensity turns into jealousy, power struggles, codependency, and at times even various degrees of abuse.

These relationships often are there to make us learn powerful, important lessons from, or, THROUGH each other.

Karmic relationships can be very, very hard. Most people (in the US at least) marry Karmic Partners – an indication of why the divorce rate is so high!

Karmic Partners come into your life at specific times, so that we may learn specific lessons and discover truths we otherwise would not have. These are usually tough lessons, but once realized, they are often life altering.


A Divine Counterpart is that one, special person that your soul knows long before you ever meet in this life. You both have been working on yourselves much longer than your conscious mind is aware of. There are lifetimes of inner work between you both.

The two of you are drawn to each other in a way that no amount of the most eloquent, intimate poetry can capture. And I do not mean in a surface level way. It is their mind, their growth, their spirit, their soul. You will balance each other in such a dynamic you never have experienced before. You both are the living embodiment of Yin and Yang, Feminine and Masculine Energies (regardless of sex/gender); together your energies are that of the universal whole of nature. You are the seen and unseen, the light and dark, the elements, the very force of creation.

With Divine Counterparts, it is not always immediately recognizable, which may sound strange, however, it all has to do with Divine Timing. You will recognize their soul when you are meant to, and vice versa. In my experience, the two of you will be brought into the same “circle” of sorts, in some way, when you are close to union, but may still have a couple of “loose ends” that need to be sorted beforehand.

An example of when you may not recognize your Divine Counterpart right away may be when you, at that time, have feelings for someone else. Now, this can be part of a MUCH larger picture, one which may involve one’s Star/Soul Family.


What is a Soul Family? Also called a Soul Tribe, Soul Cluster, or Star Family, in short, they are your people, in the purest, simplest terms. Now, for some this may just be semantics, but many people use the term “soul tribe” in a minimizing way. And personally I don’t like using the term “tribe” outside of an indigenous context, so I use the terms “Star Family” and “Soul Family”. However, I usually use the term “Star Family” specifically, for a reason.

The way I see Star Families, they are connected in a way that surpasses the conscious, and even the soul itself. The way I see it, when a star dies & loses its mass, its elements are swept out into space, forming the next generation of stars, which then burn & are swept out again in a process called galactic chemical evolution.

“Every element was made in a star & if you combine those elements in different ways you can make species of gas, minerals, & bigger things like asteroids, & from asteroids you can start making planets & then you start to make water & other ingredients required for life & then, eventually, us.”

-Dr. Ashley James King

Stardust composes about 93% of our body’s mass. I believe that the elemental makeup of those very rare few in one’s star family (or soul cluster) traces back to the same star.

Similar to the ideas behind generational memory (epigenetics), cellular memory, & muscle memory, I believe that within the stardust of our bodies is a sort of cosmological memory..

Just as the stardust clusters once converged under their own gravity & the elements came together in nuclear fusion to create a star, the elements of stardust that exist within the bodies of our star family gravitate towards each other.

This is purely my own theory though, and my own belief.


So, now that we have the bases covered, I’d like to share the magickal experience I had crafting these Talismans, to give you a much clearer understanding of the energies within them. I mean, I could list a bunch of astrological transits, lunar events, etc, but like I said, it is SO much more than that, and I know sharing what actually took place will illustrate it much more effectively.

I do not want to put too much out there, as, this is extremely personal, but conveying this is truly the best way of giving you a clear understanding of all that has went into the magickal and metaphysical creation of these Talismans.

“I am the one. I always have been, and always will be.”

Given everything I had experienced in the process of creating these - signs, synchronicities, messages, oracles, collective channeled messages/readings, my own intuition and abilities growing, everything that had happened…I had never trusted in anything so much before in my life. I’d never trusted the universe more than I did at that point, and I just knew with everything in me that this was something beyond me, beyond this life. This was something that had been in the making for many lifetimes; many lifetimes of inner work, growth, healing…

It’s been an ever growing, beautiful, mountainous series of synchronicities, shared wavelengths, signs, & things coming to fruition. Its so magickal & wild & divinely orchestrated; it’s bizarre yet not bizarre at all. It is wild.

It’s an undeniable connection, an inexplicable pull that permeates all other things – time, space, & beyond the limits of this life. It just leaves me in awe sometimes, more often than not. Never, ever, ever have I ever known such a feeling of absolute certainty, faith and knowing.

In the year + of experiences I've had in this process, the things that have transpired in bringing the soul union of my own Star Family together have been absolutely unreal. It is the most magickal thing I have ever experienced in my life (outside of the birth of my children). This is something which is beyond the physical, beyond the earthly realm. It is an otherworldly pull, a connection that is repeatedly confirmed, watered, protected, celebrated, and affirmed daily, and I am so unbelievably grateful.

There are not enough words, and if there were, there would be no arrangement which could ever illustrate what is there.


Throughout the creation process of these, the amount of divine guidance I had was absolutely unreal and unlike anything I have ever experienced before. The plethora of syncs, signs and the like that I experienced would have made even the hardest skeptic a believer. Never in my life have I ever experienced such endless, profound magick surrounding any relationship or any matter. What makes it all the more incredible is that it was not self initiated - it was entirely just sent to me, I did not “ask”, I did not seek out, it just HAPPENED, and continued to happen, continued to appear, continued to manifest itself. The more that came, the more things grew and evolved. 

Its like, my intentions and the magick I was evoking to create these for ithers, I was seeing the power of it myself in real time; the magick was not only going into the talismans, but into my own life and soul experience as well 

There have been a number of specific energies continuously present or consistently reappearing throughout this entire creation period – very specific energies from what felt like every direction and source possible. Literally every single day they came through, it was absolutely WILD in the best way possible. Like, you know those times where you’ve just wanted some sort of sign from the universe, and maybe you were lucky and got some sort of sign? Well, this was like not only getting that sign, but rather, an absolutely glorious abundance of many signs, over and over, daily, from everywhere, without “asking” for a thing.

You see, I allowed these energies to guide me. I did not try to force anything. I observed, expanding my awareness. I followed these signs, embraced them, trusted in myself and the universe, and I felt what was happening. And it is these energies which have been channelled into these Talismans.


So, this is what led me in creating these Talismans. To help my fellow truth seekers in genuine, divinely guided and soul relationships move their relationships forward into Soul Union. And thus, on a larger scale moving humanity forward, elevating the collective, elevating the frequency of the earth.

Every opportunity I saw to build upon these Talismans to make them the most potent, powerful pieces possible, I seized. I am so incredibly proud of this Talisman set, more than I have ever been before. What I have witnessed & experienced personally, and in my Star Family since creating these is absolutely mind blowing, and I am so excited, honored, and thankful to be able to share them with all of you.

Now, more than ever before, the Earth needs us. The Earth needs change. WE need change, as do the lives of the descendants of every living thing on this planet.

I understand there will naturally be some of you who are new to learning about matters such as the Earth’s frequency and that of the collective, or how the energies harnessed for and within these work exactly, so let’s go over it so all can have an understanding.


Firstly, everything on this earth is vibration and frequency. Everything. If you look under a microscope at any living thing, you’ll find cells. To go further, you find atoms. Atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons, all their own little vibrating world. All physical & spiritual forces, all human & non-human consciousness are all manifestations of energy. These energies exist around us all at all times, everywhere. It is the unseen force surrounding you when you are awake or sleeping, behind every object and person, behind every atom. Everything has a specific energy signature, a life source energy.

You know when you are in room & someone walks in & you can feel their energy? Each person changes the dynamic, the “feel” of the room. Or, the saying, “when they walk in they just light up the room” with their Energy.

Now, imagine this concept on a much larger scale. Earth has it’s own living, “breathing” frequency, which is read continuously via the Schumann Resonance. The rest of the planets in our solar system (as well as some comets and asteroids) each have their own energies & frequencies, which is part of what we learn from in Astrology.

There is such a fascinating correlation between the micro and the macro, the individual and the collective, and the cosmos and Earth, and similarly to Astrology, how the planets’ and stars' relationships and connections in the sky can shed light on the types of energy we expect to manifest here on Earth both individually and globally, the Earth’s frequency & that of the collective have a very similar relationship in that they both can influence us individually and globally, but also the tables can be turned vice versa as well.

The Earth was in a low vibrational, very dense state for millennia (roughly about 2), but there is a massive shift taking place as I write this, & as you read this. It has been slowly percolating for the past 100 years, but over the past 30 years even more so, and then more so the past decade.

The frequency of the earth has been rising, and it will continue to do so with the collective healing and awakening taking place across the world. The process of healing and awakening invokes memories and emotions that are not always pleasant, so that we may process them. Well, with this shift, for some, they choose not to heal and process. They feel these things and bury them, or, let it take over, or worse – become consumed. This is why, I believe, we have had had the ugly history we have had over the past 150 years or so.

Think of all that has transpired globally since the years leading to the US Civil War. There has been a LOT of turmoil, but also a LOT of progress. But, that is what the process of awakening is like – it exposes our traumas, vulnerabilities, our pain, it raises our emotions to the surface, so that we may heal. But, not everyone is ready for awakening. Unfortunately, many on this earth will never reach such heights. Tis the nature of nature. There are those who will awaken (or already have), and those who won’t, those who choose to remain with their eye(s) closed.

The ability to spot who is awake (or on that path) and those who are not has become more prevalent and even more obvious than ever before.

The fact is though that there is no use in worrying over those things which you cannot control or change – what you can do is be the best human you can be, by healing your traumas and doing the work, being responsible for your own self, until you are living in a state of awareness and accountability, and with that comes gratitude, and, love.

For that is the key to Soul Union: your individual growth as a human and spiritual being, your personal healing into awareness and accountability; it is the path to real happiness, to becoming aligned with your highest self.

When you go through this journey, its not always easy. Growth is not always easy. To the unaware, a sprouting seed may look like self destruction, when in reality it is birthing roots to a new foundation, to a new life.

This is such a pivotal era we are in; we are on the precipice of change. We are witnessing a mass awakening, it is already taking place; it has already begun.

As you may have already experienced, or, will experience with your Talisman on the path to your awakening and Soul Union, as we heal, we progress as individuals, we become more aligned with our highest selves; we become our highest selves. When we become our highest selves, we live and operate from a place of love.

That is what brings us to where we want to be – in Soul Unions, which is what will catapult humanity and the Earth into a new age – to stand together, to follow intuition, to become our highest selves and reach union in these rare, divinely guided, soul pairing, beautiful relationships.

As you make your way towards Soul Union with your Talisman, so too you will be taking part in this period of mass awakening, and helping the collective come into their highest selves, and Soul Unions.

Upon inviting this talisman into your life, you will begin to go through changes to bring you into alignment with your higher self. What you will experience depends on where each individual person is in their own journey. However, acclimation to the energies present within these can present in quite an array of ways. Some things you may feel or experience initially or as you grow closer to your highest self are:

  • A sense of feeling like something is about to happen, something big that you can’t quite pinpoint but you know is there
  • Surges of unexplained energy, where you do not tire physically or mentally
  • No appetite at all yet not feeling the slightest bit hungry
  • Your body may begin having an aversion to impure foods. You may find your stomach just not wanting to break down processed or unnatural foods. Your body may even reject it via vomiting
  • A sense of feeling antsy; an energetic restlessness of sorts
  • Animals being drawn to you and trusting you, more so than ever before (both domestic and wild)
  • As odd as it may sound, at night, finding that insects usually drawn to light/flame seem to be attracted to your head & the space just above your head. This is from your raised frequency, your inner light – they are drawn to it
  • The strengthening of intuition
  • Suddenly having an ability you hadn’t had before, without even trying – it literally just happening and coming naturally to you, as though its something you’ve done a million times
  • Seeing angel numbers. A LOT. It can get a bit weird feeling you may see them so often. It may even get to the point where its unusual for you to not see angel numbers when you look at the time, a license plate, a receipt, a bill, etc
  • Picking up on how your person is feeling, picking up on their energy

Perhaps the biggest thing of all you’ll experience are synchronicities, particularly those of the nature of repeatedly seeing examples of how you and your person are on the same wavelength. These tend to go hand in hand with each other. You may find you both are thinking or talking about the same exact very specific things, the same song/music, the same book, the same quotes, etc. Literally it could be the most specific, random thing, for example, one day you may happen to think about a certain song that was played in a few episodes of a certain show from your childhood, then later that day that person will reference that exact same song. Or, you may be talking to a friend about how you hate wet socks, or, when you’re baking cookies and they bake and stick to one another and how irrationally annoyed you are by it, then the next day your person expresses the exact same sentiment. Its so wild.

Now, this also merges into you and your person channeling each other, tapping into each other’s energy. There’s no hard line of differentiation with this, until its obvious that you’re channeling them or vice versa. For example, you may even feel their actual presence, you may smell them, you may even literally feel their touch. The latter types of things are when you are extremely, extremely close to physical union, when you both have done the work, and its more just waiting on earthly details, like schedules. Which is still part of Divine Timing, but I digress.

The utmost important thing in your journey to soul union, is that you are on this journey for yourself. Soul union will not happen if you are not ready for it, and even with this Talisman, you still must do the inner work. Nobody and nothing else can do that for you. Healing must come from within.

Depending on where you are in your spiritual journey, it will be harder for some than others, as we are all on our own individual, unique paths. For some, a full on Spiritual Awakening may take place, which also is an entirely unique experience. Some may have just a few healing realizations that still need to occur which may happen through some shadow work, journaling, for some these realizations may come about through their dreams, or events they’re meant to experience still. For some, counseling or therapy may be something that would be very beneficial, particularly if there’s unresolved traumas from the past.

Doing the work, healing, processing past traumas and hurts, this is often what stops people from reaching their fullest potential, from becoming the highest version of themselves, from reaching a state of awareness and accountability, a state of happiness, a place of love, and Soul Union. It is hard facing those emotions, and can be very hard to decipher what we are meant to learn or accomplish from doing so while we’re in the thick of it, but giving up and just sweeping it under the rug is not a wise option. It won’t make it go away.

“What we resist, persists” – Carl Jung

It is in these times where therapy can be extremely, extremely helpful – and for some, crucial. You can find a list of mental health resources here:


Just remember that the purpose in your healing journey should be for yourself. That, is key. Do not try to heal or grow FOR somebody else. It must be something you yourself want for YOU. You must be happy with your own self.

If we cannot find peace in our solitude, we will not have peace in our relationships.

Each of us is responsible for our own journey, our own healing. When you are ready, it will come naturally to you, and as you align with your authentic self, as your frequency elevates, you will attract the same as you evolve – not just on an outwardly expressed level, not only on an emotional level, but to your very soul.

Others will see it, and be drawn to it, like a moth to a flame, and your proverbial light will light theirs. It’s a beautiful thing! Be aware though, that you will need to set boundaries with some people, and some you may need to cut off and block completely. Some, who may be troubled, will be drawn to your frequency, you will feel like a safe space, a place of calm to the chaos in their life. They may unknowingly be quite energetically draining to you, so its important to just be aware of how you’re feeling, and to place boundaries when needed.

There may also be some people who notice your growth, your leveling up, your elevated vibration – be it consciously noticed or not, who are NOT happy with it. Literally, you may just be staying in your lane, minding your own business, doing what you do, and something(s) about you will trigger them and they may go on the “attack”. The best thing you can do is just cut them out. If its someone online, block them, you may even need to block their friends. Unfortunately some people there is no reasoning with or resolving any issues they have. Their behavior towards you is more of a reflection of their relationship with themselves. So don’t take it personally, and do not allow them to diminish your energy.

Unfortunately, some people are stuck, they refuse any form of help, and even though they are miserable, they choose to remain in the same headspace rather than face the underlying things which are ultimately controlling them and the way they treat others. All we can do is hope one day they choose to heal, and move on.

There may be periods where you might feel like you are just waiting, times where you’re on the proverbial edge of your seat, times of swift change, intense periods of growth, periods of major extrasensory awareness expansion, times where it feels as though there are signs, symbols, messages and synchronicities absolutely everywhere, periods of reflection, self inventory, times where you feel confused, times where you feel “one”, connected, “full”, and so, so, so much more.

No matter where you are on your journey, may this Talisman be your companion. Invite this into your daily life, keep it with you, keep it safe, and grow into your highest self as you reach Soul Union.

“Aligning with yourself, then another and you both aligning yourselves together further in harmony will summon source energy in ways you couldn’t imagine.”

– Shalom Melchizedek

True energetic relation is the rarest of all gems.

The intimacy of being self aware individuals together. A relationship that feels like a balance of freedom & home. Supporting each other’s happiness, encouraging one another’s growth, & feeling safe being your truest, authentic selves.

There is such a safety felt (at least in my own soul connections, and I can only assume this is something others experience as well in their own) – as, safety is a co creative experience. It is a feeling of feeling valued, appreciated, and respected.

I am so blessed to have crossed paths with those who are energetically harmonious, cut from the same cloth in space-time, those whose spiritual matrix is of the same frequency, the same wavelength – my soul tribe; my star family.

I wish this kind of love, this happiness, this level of pure, undeniable connectedness, for everyone.