Premier Bohemian Grove Exclusive Talisman of Wealth, Success and Longevity
Premier Bohemian Grove Exclusive Talisman of Wealth, Success and Longevity
Premier Bohemian Grove Exclusive Talisman of Wealth, Success and Longevity
Premier Bohemian Grove Exclusive Talisman of Wealth, Success and Longevity
Premier Bohemian Grove Exclusive Talisman of Wealth, Success and Longevity

Premier Bohemian Grove Exclusive Talisman of Wealth, Success and Longevity



Size 10
A vintage ring of unknown composition, in good vintage condition.


For your consideration today is a truly remarkable old talisman which originates from the Bohemian Grove, acquired from a fellow source of magickals and metaphysicals prior to the covid pandemic. This is a source my family has worked with for many years, someone who is not only a collector/curator, but also a highly practiced and skilled Creator and wealthy entrepreneur with privileges within the very grounds of the exclusive brotherhood that is the Bohemian Grove.

Without revealing too much, back when he was just starting out in his earthly, material endeavors, he was fortunate or just plain lucky enough to land a job working within the Bohemian Grove. Its quite a bit of land with various buildings in its estate, and as you can imagine this requires quite a lot of upkeep. Like all the other employees, he was instructed never to go out of his designated areas, to “keep his head down”, and never to engage with any of the “boys” (corporate chieftains, blood dynasties, political oligarchs, etc) unless explicitly asked, such as to fetch a drink, for example.

Over a couple years the faces became familiar, and likewise his did to them, and one group of men in particular grew pretty fond of him. He said they’d comment favorably on his work ethic, compliment him on various things, and eventually they invited him for a drink with them and from then on, it was like they took him under their wing.

Eventually this led to him being called upon for things of greater responsibility and secrecy, such as preparing a certain area with things needed for one of their more illicit events, including rituals. At times he was even present during them. Which is what brings us to this piece here

The ritual that was performed I cannot speak details of, but he had known about it prior as he was tasked to prepare the area for it (clearing leaves, lighting, etc.), and he was told to be present for it. It was the ritual which created this very piece.

From that moment on the trajectory of his life was firmly rooted in the fantastic abundance of its power.

Bound with master spells for wealth, success, and longevity, this impressive metaphysical creation was his personal talisman which helped his once small side hustle become the six figure business that it is today.

There are serious energies within this piece that have changed the way he lives his life forever, but more than that, that of his children, his family, and the generations to come.

This is an enduring magnet of wealth and success, rooted in the essence of longevity. This is not something that is short lived or temporary – it has been cast specifically with magick which draws from the quantum field all around us to continuously, seamlessly pull these energies into your own individual timeline.

All physical & spiritual forces, all human & non-human consciousness are all manifestations of “Energy”. It is this power, which is said to be the ‘power of the gods’, that can be used to heal and destroy, create life and give power. It is this power which must be understood and harnessed to truly work with the Universe. Energies exist vibrantly around us all at all times. We, as people omit energies. The earth omits energies. The sun, moon, and stars omit energies. It is the unseen force surrounding you when you are awake or sleeping, everywhere, behind every object, every person is an energy. Each of us and everything has a specific type of energy or energy signature, a life source energy, or “chi” is behind everyone & everything.

You know when you are in room & someone walks in & you can feel their energy? Each person changes the dynamic, the "feel" of the room. Or, the saying, "when they walk in they just light up the room" – this is their energy altering the dynamic within the room.

Now, imagine this concept on a much larger, more cosmic scale. Drawing from cosmic, spiritual, and earth based sources, harnessing, manipulating & directing specific energies & forces & infusing them within and of an object to create very specific enigmatic influences, vibrational frequencies, manifestations & results.

Once your Talisman arrives, all you must do is consciously accept it into your life. You can do this by holding it, and as it's energies enter and align to your body and spirit, consciously affirm either in your head, or out loud that you accept this Talisman into your life for your highest good. This simple ritual aligns your desires with its powerful, potent energies of wealth, success and longevity to produce real life, tangible results.

If you feel intuitively drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to thehauntedhive@gmail.com

We believe that everyone deserves to have positive and profound metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.