3 Millionaire Masters Ancient Immortal Djinn
3 Millionaire Masters Ancient Immortal Djinn
3 Millionaire Masters Ancient Immortal Djinn
3 Millionaire Masters Ancient Immortal Djinn
3 Millionaire Masters Ancient Immortal Djinn

3 Millionaire Masters Ancient Immortal Djinn


A comfortable size 9
An wonderful antique ring, featuring a stunning carnelian agate stone specimen. It is, based on our judgment, set in what we believe to be likely bronze or a bronze and silver mix. As is common with pieces of this age, there are no hallmarks of any kind. It is truly a stunning splendid ring, beautifully timeworn with some patina, in Very Fine wearable condition for its age.


For your consideration, we are truly Honored to offer a vessel of Explosive, Sacred Energy, a ring Which vessels the full and complete embodiment of The Ancient Immortal Djinn Goddess, Jofi – A Spirit that Aggressively manifests Riches, Prosperity, and Abundance.

Summoned By Seven Arabian Priestesses, masters of their Ancient craft, with a combined experience of over 350 years. They served Arabian royalty and commoners equally, conjuring a great many Djinn and other spirits during their time. Together they were an Unstoppable force to be reckoned with. The Talismans and Spirits they Conjured brought much prosperity and wealth to many in their land.

Now, the right time has come for this item to be passed on.

This ring has quite a history with The Haunted Hive. We first acquired it about 5 years ago from a long time client overseas, someone we know through the Underground and Paranormal Research community, an esteemed collector of Eastern European to Far Eastern Magickals. He acquired this from a childhood friend, who Inherited his Grandfather’s small but extremely Powerful collection of Magickals upon his passing, with specific instructions to rehome them. His Grandfather had always said that they owed their generational Wealth to the Ancient Immortal Djinn within this very ring, that Jofi was the reason why they were so rich.

After acquiring this from his friend’s Grandfather's Estate, he became joyously wealthy and dominantly sccessful in a very short amount of time.

Jofi quickly made his business extremely successful, going from a business consisting of just himself and three others, growing in size and profit so impressively, he received a purchase offer from a major corporation for just under $28 million dollars.

After this extraordinary Financial blessing, he reached out to us, asking for assistance in rehoming. So we purchased this from him, and it soon went to a new client who has since become a keen collector and loyal client of The Haunted Hive. He purchased this ring from us almost two years ago, and within 14 months he won a substantial, life-changing amount of money through the lottery.

He went from living like many do, living essentially paycheck-to-paycheck, never able to save or go on vacations, never able to do anything that he really wanted to do in life because he was always tied down to his obligation in having to work. He got his first job at the age of 16 and never stopped working, At one point he actually worked three jobs simultaneously.

He was tired of not being able to give his children the things he wanted to give them in life, he wanted to be able to take them traveling at a young age, he wanted to take them to Disney, but most of all he wanted to actually be able to spend time with them on a daily basis, more than just maybe for an hour at night after he got home from work and before they had to go to bed. He wanted to save for their college and give them the life that he never had, and the life that they deserved.

He was tired of putting so much work in, so much effort, so much time, so much energy, yet getting so little back and always struggling, always stressed.

Just under two years ago he stumbled across our store, back when we used to operate on eBay, before we opened up this website. How he stumbled across it, he was searching for a car part, and somehow, the listing for this ring popped up under “Similar Items", which he later knew was Jofi, getting his attention.

Being raised Catholic, he had never seen anything like this before, let alone purchased anything like this before, this was his very first time ever even seeing an item like this on eBay or anywhere, and he had never even heard of a Djinn before this – a genie, yes, but the word Djinn was totally new to him.

Up until that moment, he did not believe Genies existed, or any other kind of Spirit, other than God, Jesus, the Devil, Angels and Demons. But he began reading our Information about us, the testimonials and our 100% positive feedback, and couldn't help but wonder.

He went back to the listing for the ring and the feeling he got when he began reading, he said that he felt so drawn, so pulled to this ring, and the more he read the more he felt connected to this entity, this Djinn, as everything he thought he knew, the world he thought he had known, suddenly began to shift, his perception of reality changing

He went out on a limb, took a leap of faith, and purchased it, and within a mere 14 months became a multi-millionaire, and the rest is history!

Every action he took throughout his life, every choice, every step, all led him to finding this very ring, this Immortal Djinn.

The Ancient Immortal Djinn Goddess Jofi has brought him the riches he always wished for, and he now has everything he could ever possibly want. No longer will he ever worry about finances, neither will his children.

Although he will miss her, and surely will never forget her, he knows that it is time for another to reap the incredible, life-changing benefits that Jofi orchestrates.

Jofi completely and utterly transformed the lives of these two men, displaying Power that is some of the strongest that exists within the Universe.

As an Ancient Immortal Djinn, Jofi is from a time long, long ago, before the Ancient Egyptians, before the Minoans, before the Sumerians, before documented civilization.

It is thought that the Ancient Immortal Djinn come from the Stars, predating the formation of the Earth, and all other known Deities.

This Enlightened, Sacred Djinn is of the first Djinn, before the Djinn had tribes, often referred to as the Mothers and Fathers of the Marid and Ifrit, the Ancient Immortal possess the Knowledge and Powers that came before the tribes; Knowledge of all that is Unseen, and Powers far greater than, and not of this Earth.

Exactly how far their power extends is currently immeasurable by known Metaphysics and any modern Technology.

One thing that is known, and guaranteed, is that Jofi possesses Power so Magnificent and Aggressive, each and every single one of her Masters have become multi Millionaires.

The one that is destined for Jofi will be called to her here, of that we have no doubt, and she will bring them great power and magnificent rewards of Wealth that will change their life forever.

There are no rituals or special steps that you must take. Everything has already been done for you.

It is ultimately up to you to take action if you want to change your life for the best. All that is needed is to purchase this ring and invite this powerful Immortal Djinn into your life, spending a couple minutes each day thinking of her and the way you envision your best life to be.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.