Architect of Success, Aggressive Financial & Career Control
Architect of Success, Aggressive Financial & Career Control
Architect of Success, Aggressive Financial & Career Control
Architect of Success, Aggressive Financial & Career Control
Architect of Success, Aggressive Financial & Career Control

Architect of Success, Aggressive Financial & Career Control





An attractive piece of jewelry, this open work medal features lavish repoussé details within its kingly crown, encased within a heart of scrolls and vines. It is of an unknown composition and age, though we believe it to be of a mixed metal with a silver content, and we believe it to date to the late 1800’s. There is patina, adding such a Powerful character to this piece.


I am very, very happy to announce & present to you something extremely powerful & unique in Magickal Creation, a Coven Created Talisman to wield the Power of Control & Change in The Sectors of Career, Success, Prosperity, Wealth, and Money Attraction. With this Powerful Talisman, you will be surrounded with aggressive Energies of Financial & Career Control & Change, making you the Architect of your own Success.

Intricately crafted by a diverse Coven of seasoned, well spiritually-versed practitioners in Magickal Theory, True Magick, Alchemy, Ancient & "Modern" Witchcraft, they have spent many hours, in different Acts & Practices of Magick, Alchemy, Astrology, Energy & Science in creating Talismans specifically for the Power of Control & Change in The Sectors of Careers, jobs success, luck, fortune, prosperity, wealth, and money attraction.

This is the same coven that created the famous Proven Lottery Winning, Quantum Manipulating, Money, Wealth & Riches Talismans.

This unique Talisman has been Formulated with layers upon layers of very specific Cosmic, Elemental & Esoteric Energies, Scientific Procedures, Astrological-Astronomical Alignment, & Alchemical Craft, to stimulate, intricately manipulate, & influence the Quantum realm, to positively influence the way reality will go

The Powers of this Talisman are of the Highest, All-encompassing, Aggressive Force, and will give you the Power to Control & Change the Future of your Career & Wealth, in Money, Advancement, Rank, Fortune, Prosperity, Position, Wealth, Reputation, Bonuses, Promotions, Financial Gain, Riches, Title, Success, and more!

This series of various Magickal Processes has been choreographed to consistently, perpetually encompass your Life Force Energy & the Energies & Auras of & within the Physical, Spiritual, & Metaphysical, & Quantum realms, covering every potential opportunity for Power & Control of Career & Wealth Changes

With the Powers of this Talisman, You will draw forth Money, Advancement, Fortune & Prosperity in your career or job, profound Achievement in all matters of your Career, Success, and Wealth- You have the Power to aggressively Manifest Action & Results!

This spectacularly Powerful, Skilled, & Wise Coven is based from the Western coast of the US, and is made up of highly skilled professionals who keep their Coven identity professionally classified, because as many of you may have had the misfortune of experiencing yourselves, not everyone is receptive of our ways of life, & unfortunately this could jeopardize their careers.

By day they are aeronautical engineers, Doctors & Professors in Physics, Anthropology, Religion & Astronomy, Instructors in Energy Work, & Professional Psychic Healers & Spiritual Guides. All are extremely Knowledgeable, Intelligent, Successful, Wealthy Professionals by day. By night, they are a Fantastically Unique & Powerful Coven of Energy Workers, Alchemists, Astrologers & Astronomers, Expert Physio-Psychic Craft Workers, & Polar-Magnetic Experts, a Coven unlike any other Coven I have ever heard of or seen.

Their Talismans are undoubtedly of the most aggressively powerful Magick which truly makes their Talismans unparalleled, & it is Truly an honor to Offer one of them to you here, now

Their combined Practices, Rituals, Spells & Procedures harness vast fields, across various planes to create Talismans with Very Specific Energies & Powers, creating Tangible items which stimulate the Quantum & Spiritual Realms to favor specific potentialities. This manipulates the ever changing, ever moving energies & auras around you to move, shift & morph to Produce & Manifest True, Dependable, Undeniable, Trusted Results

A very long process went into this Crafting, dependent upon very specific astrological alignments to the Earth's positioning to our planets, the Moon, amongst all the other many factors which I touched on above, however, these specific planetary alignments in relation to Earth & our Moon are not things that can be replicated or substituted. It will not be for quite some time until these alignments come again, so if you have your eye on this rare & powerful Talisman from this Coven, now is the time to claim it as your own!

There were only a very small number of these created in this same formulation, of which we had only just 2 that were rehomed on early 2018. We requested to purchase more, but there were many others who had also, and it wasn't until recently that we were finally able to obtain this one. It had fulfilled its purpose with its Master, who scored a very, very high paying job, a job he loves, with an annual salary of $200,000.00

Don't miss out on this ultra coveted Talisman! They will not be able to make any more of this exact Formulation for years!


You can have the Life you Deserve, the Life you have always Wanted & Dreamed of. Every possible potential in which The Power to Control and Change your Career, Job, Success, Wealth, Money & Prosperity can Manifest in your Life has been accounted for in its Dynamic, Magickal creation, & all roads woven through this Talisman lead to you having the Power of Control & Change, controlling & changing what happens in your Life!

Why wait around for Job opportunities, raises, promotions, taking your chances gambling with the fear of utter disappointment, the gut-wrenching feelings of failure and loss, when YOU HAVE the Power to Control & Change your Future?

Take the wheel into your own hands, just as others before you have! We have the Power to Create our OWN Reality if we get Creative & take Action! The time is Now to step outside the box & make it happen!

People like Bill Gates, Oprah, and Steve Jobs didn't achieve their success waiting around for Change to happen! They got Creative, took Control, Seized Opportunities, & Flourished!

This is the creative opportunity you have been waiting for! Are you ready to seize it, Take Control & Dominate your own future?

Are you trying to land a Position at your Dream Job? Maybe you're looking for a High paying position, or you want to be your own boss - this Talisman has been specifically crafted, by Experts, to Give you the Power to Control & Change all that you wish for your Career, Job, Success, Prosperity, Wealth & Money!

Even if there is a person holding the Position you desire, you will get the position you want. A new position of the same rank, title & earnings will open, or they will be removed from the position (without causing physical harm), such as making their job performance poor, firing them, demoting them to a lower position, causing influences to make this happen such as losing important paperwork, causing their alarm clock not to go off repeatedly, traffic jams causing reoccurring tardiness, files disappearing, sloppy or underachieving performance, not meeting deadlines, etc.

If it is a raise or promotion you desire, the Aggressive Powers of this incredible Talisman will make you Shine in the workplace, create opportunities for Tremendous achievement that will come to you with Ease & Flair, your reputation will soar higher than you have ever known! Supervisors, managers, bosses, and higher ups will see you as a Champion, an Unstoppable Force; they will see your true Value & Worth, the Top Powers of Authority will do whatever they can to keep you Happy! There is no limit to the Incentives & Perks you will receive! Massive Bonuses, paid trips, you will rise up in the Ranks, and fly up the Ladder of Achievement! You will hold Great Power & Authority, and finally, after all these years of working your caboose off, you will Finally be Rewarded!

The moment this Talisman enters your Life, it will forever be Changed for the Best. As this Talisman stays with you, the Powers grow, as does the Potential for Greatness, Advancement & Success, ever merging into Greater & Grander Achievements & Prosperity!

Remember, this aligns its Powers with its Keeper, so the more Manifestations of its Magick while in your possession, the more Energy Signatures there are surrounding you - these signatures are like permanent flags, or like tarmac lights, which continue to accumulate around you. Imagine looking at the Earth from Space, and seeing a densely concentrated aura of light where you are on Earth, flashing lights that grow in number, that attract the Energies of Power to Control & Change. The more Manifestations, the more powerful the Manifestations become, more abundant, as each Signature holds more of this Energy, drawing in more & more & more Energies & Forces of Power! You will be a beacon that beckons these incredible Energies & Forces from across the Universe!

You may or may not believe in fate or destiny, but whether you do or not, you stumbled upon this listing for a reason, this one listing out of the trillions of other pages you could be on online now at this very moment. You found me & this listing & that reason may be because you are on the verge of something life changing.

Everyone deserves to Experience the Magick that the Universe has to Offer! I have helped make this possible for many in my lifetime, and I hope you will give me the honorable opportunity to bring True Magick into your Life too!

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.