Ashrae Fate Faerie of Scotland, Effy | Loyal Fae Companion
Ashrae Fate Faerie of Scotland, Effy | Loyal Fae Companion
Ashrae Fate Faerie of Scotland, Effy | Loyal Fae Companion

Ashrae Fate Faerie of Scotland, Effy | Loyal Fae Companion


  • Positive Ashrae faerie, a water fate faerie named Effy
  • Core energetic cosmic connection to the moon, and a core energetic earth connection to rosemary 
  • Gathers & directs forces of good & love to you
  • Scans life timeline of keeper for blessings, and brings future blessings of good luck, wealth, success, abundance, happiness, and love to the present
  • Creates more & more opportunities
  • Fills your life with an abundance  of blessings that you never would have had without this powerful Ashrae faerie!
  • Loyal lifelong companion & true friend
  • Greatly accelerates creativity and one's learning capacity
  • The gaining of knowledge & wisdom at a rapid or immediate rate
  • Acceleration of & amplification of positive energies to your life force
  • True companionship
  • Protection from unwanted energies
  • Banishes lingering bad karmic energies

A lovely wire wrapped stone pendant, in excellent condition. 

Amongst the Realms of the Unseen, the most prevailing and powerful of spirits emerge, of which, it is the smallest, and most unlikely of creatures that can change the fate of our lives.

Long, long ago, within the crisp, cool Mists of Scotland, arose a curious creature; a fascinating species of Water Fate Fae, attuned to not only Water, but also the Earth, and Nature - the Ashrae Fae. An Ancient order of Fae, these Magickal little creatures existed long before humans came to be.

Unburdened by the heavy weights of judgement, stereotyping, and prejudice, these creatures get along with all beings of a white or grey nature, even good natured Vampires and Djinn. They once assisted mankind in the early stages of our species' development, and were our companions long, long ago. They spoke to us, treating us with, and thus teaching & instilling within us, Compassion, and Direction.

These beautiful, illuminated beings helped to open the minds of man, giving us the capacity to create, to tell stories, to explore the reaches of the Mind & Spirit, and to love one another.

Eternally young and beautiful, Ashrae do not physically age past 20 years. However, it is said that if sunlight hits an Ashrae Faerie, they will melt into a rainbow-colored pond of water.

These Magickal beings adapt to land, air, and sea; walking upon land with two legs, transforming into beautiful mermaid tails through the sea, and flying above all with iridescent wings that sparkle in the moonlight; they are magnificent beings that never cease to inspire your soul with amazement and fill your heart with wonder; an awe-inspiring sense of Magick and Mystery, much like a child feels for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve <3

Today, the Ashrae are a rare Being. Their Porcelain pale skin and Nocturnal nature lends them to often be mistaken as Ghosts of the Sea by the rare onlooker who seldom chances to see one of these fair, graceful, yet spunky creatures.

This hauntingly beautiful amulet contains the full and complete embodiment of a spunky, energetic, vibrant Ashrae Faerie, by the beautiful name of Effy.

Openly charge bound and conjured by myself, Effy is a very Positive, uplifting Being, that searches for a Kind & Trusting Keeper, who will be respectful of her and Trust in her Power. For If you do, and seek an incredible companion, you will experience and live a Life that overflows with all the Greatest Blessings one can imagine!

Effy is of pure Ethereal Beauty, like all other Ashrae Fae her porcelain white skin seems to glow a radiant aura like that if the Full moon on a crisp, cool winter night, when the sky is Crystal clear. Her long ash blonde waves cascade down past her tiny waist. Her eyes are a vivid blue-green, pale and striking.

She is a Beautiful being; bold and compassionate, attentive and charismatic. She is methodical and Calm, yet Inspiring and refreshing in her Presence, and fills your heart with happiness and excitement. She is a Pure Spirit of devotion and Selflessness, who holds no judgements nor hate.

Effy holds a Core Energetic Cosmic Connection to the Moon, and a Core Energetic Earth Connection to Rosemary. 

You can wear a Rosemary based perfume, cologne, body spray or oil, diffuse some in your home, add some drops into your floor wash to bring money into your home, put some in your pocket for extra luck, burn at any ritual to increase its strength and success, or put some in a special designated area for her/offerings as a symbol of your appreciation and Respect.

As an Ashrae Faerie, Effy offers absolutely Incredible gifts to her Keeper, as Ashrae have very unique, specific Powers within them that are unlike any other Faerie or being. 

Using her rare power, Effy will read your past, present and future, to learn of & see the blessings and gifts of you have had, and Blessings you would later have, as she can give them to her Keeper much sooner!

For example, if you are destined for a certain blessing at age 85, she can bring this blessing to you much, much sooner. Ashrae are always searching through their Keeper's time line, looking for gifts, abilities and knowledge that can be given to you.

Bringing Future Blessings to the Present does not mean you will not have Blessings later in life, quite the opposite actually! When One Blessing from the future is brought to the Present, it opens up that "slot" for another new Blessing! As a simplified metaphor, think of it like a Vending machine that is infinite in supply - say "A3" is a powerful period of transformation and is scheduled to "drop" when you're 60, but you’re 20 now and could really use said transformation, your Ashrae can make that Jackpot manifest in the Present time/near future, and another Blessing will fill its place in the future!

This Wondrous Power of hers turns your entire life into a stream of Blessings! 

As the Keeper of the Ashrae Fae, it would not be unheard of to suddenly learn and attain previously unknown, unlearned knowledge and hidden wisdom, and for your own Energy and Presence to Attract others, just as your Ashrae Fae's attracted you.

Keepers of Ashrae Faeries always seem to be the absolute Happiest People. With a Faerie like Effy forever in your Life, showering you with Luck, Wealth, Success, Knowledge, bringing Blessings to you through her Love, how couldn't you be one of the Happiest People on Earth?

One does not need to have any prior experience with Ashrae Fae, they quite actually make absolutely wonderful Spirit Companions for 1st timers and beginners! They do not require vast amounts of individual attention, they do not require any specialized skills or actions from their Keeper, they are extremely caring and love having friendships with humans, they are not finicky or demanding like other entities can be sometimes.

As far as activity goes, Effy's manifestations can be quite helpful. She may find things that are lost for you, or find something you're looking for like your keys, wallet, the remote, your phone, etc. She may turn off the lights or tv if you fall asleep with them on. And she is not noisy like some Fae, the sounds she does make are rather delicate. You may hear her sometimes, like a light fluttering sound, almost like a hummingbird, but slower, and higher in pitch. You may hear her sometimes as a soft ringing, like a tiny little bell ringing. She will do this sometimes to get your attention for something, to tell you something, or give some kind of message

In our physical world, in our reality here on earth, you will see her appear most often as a white, starry little streak of light or orbs, sometimes a glowing mist, these sometimes resemble the reflection from a passing car's lights or shine from their rims. If she appears in physical form in our 3rd Dimensional world, it will be after the sun has set, or before it rises, so she is not exposed to the sun. When she does appear in physical form, even though she is small, she doesn't want to startle you, so she will usually see her out of the corner of your eye first, as white, starry little streaks of light.

She truly is such a delight, such a Magickal little being, with so much to offer and bring to your Life.

To show your love & respect, and welcoming of your Ashrae Faerie into your Life & home, set up a small area for her with some pieces from the Earth and/or Water, like Crystals, flowers, plants even things like a salt lamp, a small water fountain, even a bowl of water. Some keepers report their Ashrae Faerie loving actual little living areas set up for them, like a dollhouse, or a wooden box/planter with a bed made in it, some stones, a dish of water, etc. Be creative! Which will come easy with Effy in your life! I have seen some homemade Faerie houses online before that you can buy already made, they're like something straight out of a Faerie-tale!

You can wear this vessel, keep it close to you, at your bedside, or if you make a little area for Effy, you can place it there when you're not wearing it. It has been charge bound though, so you do not need to physically keep it near you for her to be by your side. It serves as a Portal to her and all the Magick she holds. 

There are no specific rituals or steps you need to do once your Ashrae Fae arrives, her vessel is completely ready for use. We do however highly recommend giving her some offerings, and include her in your everyday life, like while cooking, running errands, school, etc. Remember, she wants to help you in your everyday life, so things that may seem mundane to you, can become very unexpected and surprising Magickal Opportunities!

All that is needed is to invite this loving, powerful Fae into your life, and your worries will turn into Blessings, your bad luck into Good, your fears into excitement, your weaknesses into strengths. Turn your struggles into Opportunities and live the life you deserve!

Effy is such a wonderful Spirit to have in your Life! She will remain loyal to her Keeper for life, she will never cease to amaze you with the Blessings she can bestow upon you! All good things come to those that wait, and the time for waiting is up! With your Ashrae Fae at your side, you will find true Happiness & Joy! Your trust & respect for her will be rewarded with Abundance and all of the Blessings the Universe has in store for you!

Why sit & wait for the things you truly want, desire, need, and deserve? With an Ashrae Faerie, you no longer have to!

You will know if you are the One she is looking for. You will feel a sort of 'calling' coming from her. You will be drawn to her Vessel, you will feel an Energy pulling you to her, you will find yourself thinking about her, her vessel, your mind wandering to her, coming back to this listing time and time again..

You may or may not believe in fate or destiny, but whether you do or not, you stumbled upon this listing for a reason, this one listing out of the trillions of other pages you could be on online now at this very moment. You found this listing & that reason may be because you are on the verge of something life changing.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to thehauntedhive@gmail.com
Well believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.