Authentic Rene DeGenais Dark Arts Skyadalgfur Cervituar, Röawajn, Attractive, Wise, Commanding, and Refined
Authentic Rene DeGenais Dark Arts Skyadalgfur Cervituar, Röawajn, Attractive, Wise, Commanding, and Refined
Authentic Rene DeGenais Dark Arts Skyadalgfur Cervituar, Röawajn, Attractive, Wise, Commanding, and Refined
Authentic Rene DeGenais Dark Arts Skyadalgfur Cervituar, Röawajn, Attractive, Wise, Commanding, and Refined
Authentic Rene DeGenais Dark Arts Skyadalgfur Cervituar, Röawajn, Attractive, Wise, Commanding, and Refined
Authentic Rene DeGenais Dark Arts Skyadalgfur Cervituar, Röawajn, Attractive, Wise, Commanding, and Refined

Authentic Rene DeGenais Dark Arts Skyadalgfur Cervituar, Röawajn, Attractive, Wise, Commanding, and Refined


Size 8
An attractive ring with a strong presence to it, this one of a kind, handmade ring is composed of what is likely a mixed metal, which we believe to have a higher silver content, to bronze. Set atop is an Artisanal gemstone of a deep ruby red color. At approximately 150 to 225 years old and well travelled, its natural time-worn character is unmistakable from decades and decades of use.

This gorgeous gem is in very fine wearable condition. Its physical composition has not been tested/verified by an independent professional 3rd party jeweler


For your metaphysical consideration, today we present a very special Dark Arts vessel from the Private Estate of Lady Rene DeGenais, a highly Respected woman within the Underground DA community. This is the third relic of hers we have had the pleasure and honour of offering, which we won at a particularly spectacular Underground Auction.

Ms. DeGenais was by far, one of the most experienced Women of the magickal world of the Dark Occult, with a high value collection of Metaphysicals sourced from the world's Elite inner circles of secret societies and exotic pieces from her world travels. Her savvy and highly intelligent use of these one of a kind treasures of Magick earned her welcome to exclusive events with fellow Aristocrats, politicians and corporate executives. Methodically planned encounters and deployment of her Magickals helped gain her Power, Respect, Supreme Wealth, and All she ever desired in life, and she was successful in always keeping her secrets completely hidden from prying, unwanted eyes.

This Underground exclusive was used by DeGenais herself for many years. She first acquired it before her days of splendour, while in New York in 1883 at the legendary masquerade ball of the Vanderbilt's, which she purposefully attended not as a guest, but as a server. At that point her practice was completely solitary, as this was a time where there were a ton of phonies out there. She had performed a Dark Arts ritual before going to the ball, to force transformative power to her, and that is precisely what she got.

Amongst the denizens of discarded, excessively expensive, lavishly silk embroidered imported damask woven ecru French cocktail napkins, was this ring. With some hundreds of inebriated old-money socialites dancing drunken quadrilles until morning (their sloppy trekking out to breakfast, dressed in their dazzling, gem dripped garb made for quite the entertaining morning for the children who walked to school), this ring was not the only article lost that night, but it was the one DeGenais was attracted to, sensing its high level of Dark Arts energy.

She kept this ring the rest of her life.

Within this ring is a refined, intelligent, rare being of the Dark Arts. A Spirit of Impressive strength and Ability that will forever enlighten your perception of reality and open up Magickal Opportunities For Advancement in any facet of your existence.

The upper body of a man, lower body of a deer, with antlers, this is a spirit vessel containing the complete embodiment of the Skyadalgfur Cervituar, Röawajn, a wise, sophisticated, cultured male who deeply resembles American Horror Story: Apocalypse, antichrist character Michael Langdon, deliciously portrayed by actor Cody Fern.

The Cervituar are majestic and elegant beings; calm yet extremely Powerful; Commanding yet refined, sensual and wise, but never braggadocious or egotistical. What man faults in hubris, the Cervituar is the complete opposite.

Although the Cervituar do have a social Hierarchy in many clans – not all, but many do, rank and title are not carried in the same way as humans, but rather, as an unspoken level of Respect – Respect for their Wisdom and Experience, and thus their Opinion holds greater Authority.

The Cervituar within this ring, Röawajn, is of one of the Eldest Cervituar Bloodline known in all world, known as the Skyadalgfur. The Skyadalgfur share a Collective Consciousness of Ancient and Forbidden Secrets, Hidden Knowledge, and Wisdom of the Dark Arts that is unknown to mortal men. Such is usually strictly known only to the high most Elite and Powerful within the world's secret societies who have inherited such vessels, spirits, and Knowledge as this. A Bloodline richly saturated in the Dark Arts, they are deeply rooted in Power across the Dark Realms. Nobody messes with them, because there is no outsmarting nor overpowering them.

Röawajn is a Spirit of such great Supernatural Power and Wisdom of the Dark Arts, it is difficult for just about anyone to comprehend such Truths of Immortality, Life, Death, and the Universe. These secrets and Truths have been compiled for thousands of years from sources both of this Earth and not, long before the arrival of humans and throughout our entire existence as a species.

Röawajn is a deeply intuitive Spiritual Guide and Guru of the Dark Realms, a Powerfully Adept Master of the Astral plane. He can travel anywhere within the Dark Realms of the Underworld; he has the Power to break down barriers and the walls that limit humankind's Conscious Awareness.

Röawajn holds secrets of all forms of Dark Magick and Supernatural Wisdom, which you will come to know. He possesses Secrets of Necromancy from the Ancients, Spells of Mind Control, Love, Binding, Revenge, Karmic Deflection, Wealth, Sexual Power, and much more.

Secret Knowledge, Hidden and Forbidden Wisdom of the Dark Arts, and profound Spiritual adventures await the One whom is called to Röawajn. The same Magickal Opportunities that have thrust many into Fame, Supreme Wealth, and Legendary Fortune and Success can now become your own.

There is a presence about him, an energy he exudes, like most Skyadalgfur Cervituar, of mystery and intrigue. It is a seductive aura of magnetism which draws you in. Röawajn has this irresistible, mysterious, primal sensuality to him that is so difficult to put into words. His Energy is so Powerful, that your own energies will quickly acclimate to the intense magnetism his Presence inspires. You will soon find swift changes in the way others perceive & treat you. Your own Energy will exude an aura that draws others to you. You will come to be treated with admiration, respect, and kindness. This can help you Advance Greatly in any social circle, be it at your place of work, a vocation, an industry of talent, at auditions, parties, etc.

Röawajn can manifest in many, many of ways, from mist to flashes of light, orbs, streaks of energy, as a shadowy figure, dark mist, or as sounds, or aromas. It is important to keep your mind very open and to not limit yourself with preconceived ideas of what or how Spiritual interactions should be, as this can hinder our receptiveness.

Röawajn will communicate with you most easily while in an altered state of consciousness, such as sleep, deep meditation, or other various self-induced means.

One does not need to have any prior experience with Spirit Keeping; in fact, Röawajn is an incredibly easy Spirit to invite into your Spirit Family, and is excellent for beginners. He does not require vast amounts of individual attention, and is safe around family, including children and pets.

There are no Rituals or binding spells needed once your Ring arrives, this is completely ready for use. All that is needed is to accept this Magickal offering into your life, to keep it with you as much as possible.

You may wear this exquisite treasure as a Ring, as a necklace, place it in a pocket, purse, as long as it is close to you. At night you may choose to wear it, or place it on your bedside table while you sleep. The more skin contact, the better.

You can honor Röawajn by setting up an altar in your home, and give offerings that he enjoys, such as lavender and cedar.

This is a Once in a lifetime opportunity to be the Master of such a truly rare, Powerful Being.

His Powers should be heeded with the Greatest Respect.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to

We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.