Breath of Cleopatra, Spiritual DNA Invocation
Breath of Cleopatra, Spiritual DNA Invocation
Breath of Cleopatra, Spiritual DNA Invocation
Breath of Cleopatra, Spiritual DNA Invocation

Breath of Cleopatra, Spiritual DNA Invocation


Size 7.5
A striking, highly detailed wide ring of unknown composition


Tonight we present a remarkably stunning offering, a distinctive ring of the intelligent, mysterious, and Powerful Cleopatra VII Philopato, Pharaohess of the Egyptian Empire. She was a force to be reckoned with, with such Occult Knowledge and a natural proficiency in Magick unlike any of the other rulers of Egypt, her Power was unrivaled. She was able to bewitch and bedazzle all who saw her with her extraordinary beauty, whilst at the same time orchestrating plots to exact revenge upon those who opposed her. She was a tactical master of calculation with a planned purpose in all of her actions as a General, Pharaohess, Seductress, and Sorceress, and at no point in her lifetime, nor her afterlife, would she be without.

Even though her life ended suddenly, it too was by her own choice. The way she saw it, she lived her life her way, she would die her way, and her afterlife would be her way.

This piece holds the Spiritual DNA of Cleopatra, invoking all that made Cleopatra who she was. It uses an Ancient form of Egyptian Alchemy to transmit her Spiritual DNA from the Afterlife through her Serpent familiar that she wears on her head, to you. You will share her Spiritual DNA, invoking the self-replicating energies which are present as the main constituent in the Spiritual DNA, the carrier of her entire Spiritual Matrix.

With this, you will have the Power to live your life your way, whilst giving you Dominance over others in the same way of Cleopatra. You will gain Power in the form of Mind Control, possessing such Power in the workplace, home, family, finding dominance in any place, amongst any circle of peoples. The Ability to Influence people and things will come with ease, and the Power to Absorb Energies to use at your own disposal, by simply being near them.

You will come to possess all Knowledge and Magick of Cleopatra, you will take on the supreme level of Attraction, Magnetism and Sexual energy. Her secrets of calculation and play, her oratory skills, her uncanny Ability to sway, influence, control and dominate
will become yours.

There is nothing you must do upon arrival. All has been done for you. All that is needed is to accept this relic into your life, and you will step into this once in a lifetime opportunity, of inheriting the Royal Bloodline. It is a Magickal experience of privilege. The immense power of this thrilling Metaphysical relic cannot be overstated.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.