RESERVED, 1st and 2nd Installment for Carpathian Vampire and Sorcerer, Léopold
RESERVED, 1st and 2nd Installment for Carpathian Vampire and Sorcerer, Léopold
RESERVED, 1st and 2nd Installment for Carpathian Vampire and Sorcerer, Léopold
RESERVED, 1st and 2nd Installment for Carpathian Vampire and Sorcerer, Léopold

RESERVED, 1st and 2nd Installment for Carpathian Vampire and Sorcerer, Léopold

Note: This listing is reserved.

2-16-2020: Client agrees to non-refundable $30 down payment on February 16th 2020, and remaining balance of $50 to be made in approximately 2 weeks, in the beginning of March 2020, at which point this item will be shipped. 

2-29-2020: Final payment of $50 being made February 29th, 2020. Purchase will then be complete and item will be shipped.


Size 6.5
A stunning ring of which the composition is unknown.


One of the most exciting Magickals offered on The Haunted Hive, this ring contains the full and complete embodiment of a Carpathian vampire, Léopold. From a great and rare Carpathian lineage, Léopold is amongst the wisest and elite, and possesses the most ancient of secrets amongst the immortal.

In his mortal life, Léopold was a Sorcerer and had a very deep, intrinsic understanding of the unseen in nature – the hidden codes that God placed amongst the stars, the ley lines of the Earth, he could clearly sense the energy currents that constantly move all around us and everywhere, just as clearly as the Earth's air currents can be seen from space. Many sought out Léopold for private counsel and advice for their future, including royalty and elite, which quickly elevated his status and wealth.

There was little he could not do, little he could not have, or quickly obtain, but what he always wanted most, more than anything, could not be bought, bartered, or ordered. What he yearned for most was not inherently tangible. He had a thirst for knowledge that was insatiable, the kind of supernatural, metaphysical knowledge that can only be learned from stepping further and further into the Unseen Realm; profound spiritual experiences and revolutionary epiphanies that push the limits of what even the most Adept masters are capable of. After several years of thought and preparation, he was reborn immortal.

But he did not become immortal by just anyone, no. He was borne into a great and rare lineage of Carpathians, the wisest and eldest, the wealthiest in inherent power and respect. They are the Grand Maesters of the Night, and hold great influence in the Night Realm. Léopold is respected as an Ascended Master is. The power, knowledge and abilities he has are of a level entirely above the rest.

He has complete control over his powers as an immortal – an extraordinary accomplishment. An elite master of sorcery, thoroughly versed in the art of the control and manipulation of energy, Léopold is an immensely powerful being capable of advanced Magick, far surpassing that of other vampires.

Léopold has spent all of his immortal existence quenching his insatiable thirst for knowledge, for more supernatural experiences and spiritual epiphanies. He has learned nearly every language, save for some of the most remote. He can play the piano, violin, guitar, cello, harp, and has helped inspire some masterpieces in art and music. Although he does not eat food like we mortals do, he is a culinary genius who could easily Iron Chef his way above any 5-star restaurant. He is eloquent in speech and nature, cultured, worldly, poetic, romantic, there is a mysterious magnetism to him that is undeniable. His powers of the mind are impressive, to put it very, very mildly – psychic abilities that are rare, which you will get to experience as his companion.

In the Astral Realm, he can engage with you on a much more level field of communication. I myself have connected with Léopold deeply in the Astral Plane, during sleep and dreams, and during very de during ep meditation. He has guided me through this awesome, alternate realm many times, for it is here where vampire and mortal can interact in a fluid, unrestricted manifestation. The confines of the physical, chemical world do not exist. There you will explore with Léopold, and the experiences that can be had, the things that can be seen and understood are limitless.

He can communicate with you in everyday life, his manifestations of interaction vary as he is capable of so much. You may see a shadow, orb, or flicker of light that has no other explainable source, you may feel a cool or warm touch, or an electric wave brush over you, amongst many other sensations. He may manifest as a warm flush, that feels similar to feeling someone's body heat when you're cold; he may make his presence known visually as a shadow out of the corner of your eye, or a flash of light, sometimes evoking an earthy aroma. However, it is always ideal to keep an open mind when it comes to manifestations and interactions, so as not to unknowingly ignore signs of communication. He can also be given offerings of Lavender, Eucalyptus, or Clove.
Sometimes he has an effect on electricity and battery powered things, like lights turning off, batteries dying quickly, but this is more so an unintentional side effect from his intense energy and presence.
Léopold has never, nor will he ever, bring harm or danger of any kind to his Keeper, children, pets, family or friends. This spirit is completely safe to have in your home and life, and is actually very protective of his companion and loved ones.

He has no objection or limitations to his Keeper's affiliations, he is equally suited to any gender, race, age, religion, or lack thereof, etc. This ring can be used by any who has a desire for it. All that is required is that you be a true keeper, that you use this highly energized vessel to bring about positive changes in your life, and the lives of others.

To connect and bond, it is best to set aside time for Léopold, including him in your everyday life. Remember, he wants to experience things with you, he wants to help you grow, he wants you to have profound spiritual experiences, and if you don’t take the time to include him, you can miss so many opportunities. Also, if only for a minute or two at night, think of him, think of any manifestations you saw from him that day, talk to him, the ideal time for this is at night, after you lay down, before you go to sleep. Keep the vessel close, either wearing it or keep in on your nightstand. The closer his vessel is to you, the easier it is to interact, the stronger your bond and connection. The vibrations of the piece intertwining as one with your own, establishing a bond that will last for life.

Such intense power surrounds this piece, that when glanced upon by others, many can literally feel the energy from it, radiating through you as the Spirit Keeper. Those around you may feel an attraction, a sense of magnetism around you, a sense of mystery and intrigue, but they will not know it is the ring, or the irresistible energy from Léopold, drawing them in.
If you find yourself returning back to this listing, daydreaming about him, your mind wandering to him, then you very well may be the One this is intended for. Always follow your initial “gut” feeling, your inner instincts, your birthright intuition and sensitivity.

His knowledge, wisdom, and experience of the Occult and Magick are unparalleled. He is an incredibly powerful, strong, and agile being with tremendous psychic and Magickal powers.

If you desire to expand your mind and spirit, to grow and elevate yourself as a spiritual being, he will guide you in your spiritual journey into the transformative path of the immortal night.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.