Chrysoprase Alexander the Great Talisman of Wealth, Material & Spiritual Fortune, Strength, Balance & Abundance
Chrysoprase Alexander the Great Talisman of Wealth, Material & Spiritual Fortune, Strength, Balance & Abundance
Chrysoprase Alexander the Great Talisman of Wealth, Material & Spiritual Fortune, Strength, Balance & Abundance
Chrysoprase Alexander the Great Talisman of Wealth, Material & Spiritual Fortune, Strength, Balance & Abundance

Chrysoprase Alexander the Great Talisman of Wealth, Material & Spiritual Fortune, Strength, Balance & Abundance

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A truly stunning offering, this is a remarkable, natural, untreated, ancient specimen of genuine Chrysoprase, polished, faceted, made into an Amulet. It has an ethereal, almost glowing light blue based green hue, pale yet oh so rich. It is one of the most exquisite specimens of Chrysoprase we have ever had. Diminutive in size, it can be inconspicuously worn or carried if you desire, as although it be but small in size, its beauty (amongst other things we will tell you about in a moment) attracts the attention of others. Everywhere I have personally worn this, I have received compliments.

It should be noted that Chrysoprase is sensitive to both light and heat, so be mindful keep this gemstone safe from repeated, cumulative, or prolonged exposure to strong lighting, sunlight, and heat.

This specimen is extremely old, and has been carefully, masterfully re-polished by an expert jeweler, who specializes in creating jewelry from rare gemstones. At about two thirds of an inch long, with cut facets, it is q very good sized gem in excellent condition and well worth it's rare physical and Occult Value.


Chrysoprase was first used over 2,000 years ago; highly sought after by the Rich and Powerful Rulers for its incredible Ability to aid in Material and Spiritual Growth; Internal and External Abundance. Possessing a very strong Energy and Power, it eliminates inferiority complexes, boosts Self Esteem, promotes Inner Strength and Courage, Fortune and Prosperity, Eloquence and Grace, and Mental Dexterity, whilst bringing balance to the conscious and unconscious realms of the mind. Highly prized by Greek, Roman, and Egyptian Elite alike for its many great Powers and alluring color, “lower” classes were often strictly forbidden from using or possessing this rare, dynamic, precious gem.

For hundreds of years, the only source of Chrysoprase was a region in what is now southwest Poland. This rare gem was used and sought after was heavily used in Silesia Masonry, including very early northern European Freemasons.

This piece contains the Ancient Magick of the Wise, Wealthy and Powerful Alexander the Great, A favourite gemstone of his, he called upon the Powers of Chrysoprase during his quest for world domination.

This power of this irreplaceable specimen of Chrysoprase comes directly from Alexander the Great, and is made of a dynamic, mysterious endowment, in which we have been able to identify as being part Freemason Alchemy as known in the Ancient Mystery Schools, part Ancient Pagan, and parts which we recognize from very, very early seeds of Norse from northern Europe.

The Ancient Masonic Alchemy gained when using this piece transforms the energies around you into those of Golden energy frequencies – Everlasting , Eternal Wealth that will build upon itself as it grows.

A Powerful conduit of Development and Renewal, this precious gemstone will carry you to new horizons, helping you to easily find paths and approaches to Opportunities, in any quest to gain that which you desire but do not yet possess. It will be a potent aid in nurturing business ventures, investments, and all Financial endeavors, encouraging Growth and Development.

It contains Ancient Spells of Wealth, Direction, and Abundance, as Alexander the Great knew well, as a figure in History that changed the world.

This will give you the Clarity and Confidence to know how best to Succeed in your endeavors, Aggressively pulling in Opportunities for Material Wealth and Financial Prosperity.

The person that desires this most will find Material Wealth + Monetary Abundance like that of Kings! Even more, you will experience the tremendous Freedom, Happiness, and Peace that comes with being Wealth.


Mentioned in the New Testament (Revelations 21:20) as one of the precious stones in the wall of the New Jerusalem, Chrysoprase has remained to this day a highly sought after gemstone. Although it is a highly valued, desirable gemstone, it is rarely heard of outside of Metaphysical and Homeopathic practitioners. It is very, very rarely seen in the gem and jewelry market, as it is extremely difficult to find. Jewelry using it simply cannot be mass produced in large quantities, as it can only be mined by the kilogram at most; certainly not by the ton as is common with other stones. It is only found where nickel-bearing rocks have been weathered, in vein and fracture fillings that are only under a few inches in width and rarely exceed several feet in length. Most deposits are about the size of a standard ruler.

Chrysoprase is considered to be one of the rarest and most valuable varieties of chalcedony quartz, rarer than even Chrysocolla. The more uniform in color, the more desirable and valuable it is, thus, unfortunately there are a lot of fakes out there, which can at times be very blatantly obvious (i.e. completely uniform, large gems at dirt cheap peices), but often is hardfor the untrained eye to differentiate. Most true, high quality Chrysoprase is most often only seen in small, exclusive jewelry shops and websites that sell high end limited production, or one-of-a-kind jewelry items. 

This rare, distinct gemstone is highly prized for its opalescent, very rich yet pale green alluring color, ranging to an apple green. The way in which it forms its color is even rare – from nickel impurities, ranging from 0.2% in pale specimens up to 5% nickel oxide in deeper shades.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to

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