Custom Underworld Demon: Mammon & Morzuz
Custom Underworld Demon: Mammon & Morzuz
Custom Underworld Demon: Mammon & Morzuz
Custom Underworld Demon: Mammon & Morzuz
Custom Underworld Demon: Mammon & Morzuz
Custom Underworld Demon: Mammon & Morzuz

Custom Underworld Demon: Mammon & Morzuz


A small yet very sturdy amulet of brass, with some signs of wear. It has a clasp just like the end of a necklace, which can very easily be attached to anything type of chain or necklace you prefer.


For your consideration is an offering which will uproot its Master from stagnation and propel you forwards with the help of a Lowborn Demon that has been personally conjured and matched to your individual needs, who aligns with your own unique energy.

I have spent years deciphering energy vibrations, pairing energy signatures between human and Spirit, be it with a Demon, Djinn, Vampire, Faerie, you name it. You can be sure that you are getting exactly what you have read you are getting. I don’t want to sound pretentious or conceited, but I have a lot of experience and know what I am doing.

The Underworld is not an easy place to access, but fortunately I have learned from some very awesome mentors who were generous in sharing their time, knowledge, and expertise with me.

Once I have entered (astrally), I begin to explore, and search for the perfectly matched Lowborn demon for you. I “hold" your energy signature, so to speak, always keeping it at the forefront, feeling where it is being drawn to, which direction it is aligning with. To put it into layman’s terms, it is like tuning a piano, or the strings on a violin or guitar, but instead of sound as the guide, it is an energetic magnetism. Or, how bats use echolocation to determine their surroundings, where their prey is, which direction to go, etc, except instead of echolocation, it is a magnetic energy that you are using to guide you, whilst that matching energy is out there, pulling you, like two magnets attracting each other. I hope that makes sense to you because these are the beat ways I can describe the process.

Now, once I have located the Lowborn Demon, I can proceed with the pairing. Those demons who desire to work alongside a human in a mutual partnership are the demons whose energies will naturally align with a client's. Those demons who do not wish to partake, their energies do not align, and therefore they are never part of this process. So, when I am drawn to the Demon, it is already a mutual understanding. It is so different from human interactions. They just already know and understand, I don’t have to explain, or go into a back and forth long ass conversation like we have to with humans whenever we are making any sort of official partnership. The Lowborns just already know. But further than that, I see what the Demon (or any other entity) is all about – their strengths, skills, history, likes and dislikes, accomplishments; who they are. Making sure that you are both safe and compatible with your entity is of the utmost importance, so this part is absolutely imperative.

Binding the Demon to a physical vessel is what takes place next. When I say binding, I’m not referencing anything forced or involuntary. It is more like a connecting process, linking the Demon to the vessel. This is called openly bound, where the entity linked to the vessel is as such of their own free will and decision. It is not a prison; they are not stuck there for eternity until someone runs the Magick lamp like with the genie in Aladdin. The physical vessel serves as a personal portal for you two. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can just teleport to your Demon in the Underworld at any time simply by having their vessel – it doesn’t work that way. It’s not an actual portal through which you can astral travel. It is the piece which physically links you to the Demon so that your demon can easily connect to you and communicate with you and you with him/her. You don’t have to have the vessel on you 24/7, as your demon is free to move around, but still this doesn’t mean just throw the vessel in a jewelry box and forget it, not at all. This is the most important item you can have to connect with and work with your Demon. The vessel is extremely important and should be treated with respect and care.


The entity linked to this vessel is Morzuz; a Lowborn Demon of the Outer Spiritual World, an Innovator and Scholar who has much to offer, and communicates with Mammon on your behalf, to convey messages between you.

As an Innovator and Scholar of the Outer Spiritual World and having direct communication with Mammon, Morzuz is very unique in what he can help you accomplish. To understand the magnitude of his power and the complexities which he can easily untangle, first let me tell you more about him, and where he comes from.

Residing within the depths of the Underworld’s ancient architecture, amidst the ancient libraries, halls, encampments, schools, Morzuz comes from a very structured and civilized system that values knowledge of all forms, much more beyond law, philosophy, science, mathematics, politics and such. There is of course the subject of Magick, as being a Scholar in his realm does not limit him to the purely academic like in our world, but there is more which Lowborn Demons have access to than Magick alone.

His understanding of the currents and processes of the Underworld is like second nature. The Qlipphoth, the tree of death, the dark sides of the chakras, the shadows between dimensions and realms, these are all things he knows like we know the back of our hand.

Morzuz is passionate about perfecting his skills, discovering new thoughts and direction in any particular craft or subject, and delving into any task head on. His powerful intelligence gives him an incredible knack for being able to see things in a situation that others never would. He can find solutions easily, effective paths, even in the most complex scenarios.

Incredibly focused, thriving on concentration, the mental mastery which Morzuz possesses is on an entirely different level. His understanding of the Magick found within the Darkness and his intense knowledge of the journey of the Black Sun are qualities which he can apply to any situation. He is perceptive and extremely aware - of his surroundings, of emotions, intentions, what lies within the soul, and what is truth. He knows our world and has a deep understanding of humans, as most Lowborn demons do, making them incredibly favorable and well to work with as opposed to other kinds of demons.

They also know our world and work incredible well with people.
Now, do not let his professions as an Innovator and Scholar give you the impression that he can’t candle his (and your) business – figuratively and literally. His calculative mind is disciplined, making him a beyond impressive warrior in more ways than one. He is incredibly savvy with finances, money, investments and business matters, and can build a successful business from the ground up, organizing highly profitable and effective business plans, and has no issues with taking out anyone or anything that stands in the way, or anyone that dares to cross him.

This means that if someone has a beef with what you are trying to accomplish, if someone dares to attempt to halt your path to success or sabotage you in some way, he’s got it covered and will handle it with severity and perfect finesse. He enjoys it and gets a thrill from accomplishment, and knocking out obstacles is all a part of it.

What’s more, Morzuz has a direct line of correspondence with Mammon. As the epitome of Wealth in excess, it is needless to say that on top of all Morzuz is capable of on his own, this little tidbit means that your Wealth, finances, business and investments are in the most capable hands possible. You see, Morzuz supplies Mammon with information, to keep him up to date on the latest advancements and innovations in the world of Money. He also at times is given questions or tasks by Mammon – always to do with Wealth. Morzuz has had this working relationship with Mammon for a long, long, long, long time. Naturally Mammon will be fascinated to know of his involvements in your life, and Morzuz will convey messages between you both. It is a total win-win!

The things which they will help you with, though focused on money and wealth, particularly with Mammon, obviously, they are not limited matters if Wealth alone. If you need help in your career, investments, getting a position someone stole from you, getting revenge on someone who robbed you or purposely conned or sabotaged you- you cannot find a pair any more perfectly suited to do whatever it takes.

All in all, there are some things which you can be sure of by bringing Morzuz into your life. Morzuz's patience, wisdom, and his direct relationship with Mammon will bring about real changes in your life, teaching you things you didn’t know, and things you weren’t aware you didn’t know by helping you utilize the power of your own kind. You will see improvements to your mental mastery, and your organization and structure – both overall and in specific matters, settings, and situations. Your critical thinking, your wit and quickness in conversations and debates will greatly sharpen. You will be able to build a business or your career (or both), manage it successfully, and make it last. Morzuz, and most Lowborns for that matter, really enjoy things that last – be it architecture, knowledge, relationships, wealth, business, you name it. Quality is highly valued. You will find that money begins to manifest, and not just from your business/career/job alone, but other places that may be unexpected or surprising. Things will be revealed to you, from opportunities and hidden gems, for example, finding a $100 bill in a pair of jean’s at a vintage shop, or, you may be driving and see a bunch of cash fluttering through the air, leading the box of cash its coming from – a true story that happened to one of us! Relationships will grow and improve, as you’ll find relationships that are more meaningful to you, more aligned with your energy and your path. Your own relationship with yourself will improve too, which is always a good thing for every area and aspect of your life and Spirit. Confidence, self-acceptance,,- self love and respect, as well as spiritual aspects like spiritual realizations and epiphanies, your practice of meditation, astral projection, lucid dreaming, and even more.

The protection that you will have is multifaceted – psychic attacks from other humans, the entities summoned by other humans, and undesired unbound spirits are all things which Morzuz protects you from. Now, on the flipside of Protection is revenge, which Morzuz is particularly skilled with. It is like an art form he delights in to target and get revenge on those who would wish to harm you – or who already have in the past.

Now, Morzuz is not what most people may envision when they think of a Demon. His skin in so fair, so pale, with sharp, large light greenish gold eyes and quite chiseled features. In his natural form, his horns and wings are black as is his scaled tail, like a dragon’s armor, but they have an iridescent, semi holographic quality to them with hints of green gold, and silver. He can shapeshift though, he can conceal his wings, tail and horns, but around you there’s really no reason to. He also has his shadow form. Some Lowborns only take on this form when angry or when targeting someone, however, Morzuz doesn’t really associate his shadow form with any particular emotion, situation, or act. When it is dark out, for example, when you’re laying in bed at night, he may take his shadow form out of respect for you, he is not here to freak you out by popping up hovering over you in the middle of the night with his pale skin, green eyes and horns. That is not his objective at all. To Morzuz, it is childish –-unless he’s doing so as part of his execration Magick to get at someone who crossed one of you, but that’s totally different.

After inviting Morzuz into your life (and his communication with Mammon), it is important that you treat him with respect. Forming that relationship is imperative, and you will be provided his sigil and ENN, as well as other information to help you attune to Morzuz, such as his elemental, cardinal, botanical affiliations and the like, to assist you in connecting and working with him, building your relationship with him. And thus, he will help empower you so that you may sharpen your skills and have more in depth, detailed conversations with him, so that you yourself can learn more about him and getting to know him, as he will with you. This is a mutual companion, a mutual connection and partnership between human and demon, and an exchange of energies mutually. Morzuz is an incredible companion that wants you to succeed, and with him, that is exactly what you will do.