Dark Arts Ancient Demon Sorceress Teacher of Forbidden Knowledge, Wisdom & Access, Pegasus & Felinx Familiars
Dark Arts Ancient Demon Sorceress Teacher of Forbidden Knowledge, Wisdom & Access, Pegasus & Felinx Familiars
Dark Arts Ancient Demon Sorceress Teacher of Forbidden Knowledge, Wisdom & Access, Pegasus & Felinx Familiars
Dark Arts Ancient Demon Sorceress Teacher of Forbidden Knowledge, Wisdom & Access, Pegasus & Felinx Familiars
Dark Arts Ancient Demon Sorceress Teacher of Forbidden Knowledge, Wisdom & Access, Pegasus & Felinx Familiars

Dark Arts Ancient Demon Sorceress Teacher of Forbidden Knowledge, Wisdom & Access, Pegasus & Felinx Familiars


Size 8.5 – 9
A stunning ancient post medieval ring, featuring a vivid, deep red artisanal faux gemstone, made of a silver hued metal band, likely made of silver or a mixture of silver and bronze. At hundreds of years old, it is gloriously timeworn with natural patina, which is to be expected, and is in Very Fine, wearable condition.


For your consideration we present a relic for one who desires to enhance their mind, life and Spirit with the Dark Arts.

This Ring is meant to Arm yourself with all the Wisdom and Knowledge of the Dark Forces to forge your path of true freedom, which is the ultimate power.

Power is your birthright. Magick is Magick. Practicing the Dark Arts does not automatically deem One to be inherently “evil", it is One's Intention and the end result of One's innermost desires that deems it evil or not.

Like humans and Djinn, Demons have free will, and are not all equal. There are malevolent and benevolent Demons that exist, as has been documented for thousands of years in various cultures, long before the rise of Christianity and biblical accounts of the Fall of the Angels. There's also those who were once Angels that wanted free will – which is against God's will regardless of the reason – thus, becoming Fallen Angels.

This unusual and exotic vessel comes from an Occult Collector of Dark Magickals – an Elite Spellcaster of the Dark Arts and Master Demon Sorceress, Victoria.

Exclusively used for practices of the Dark Arts, this vessel is claimed by her most Powerful Spirit of all, a demon she kept close to her for the majority of her mortal life.

Coming from a family of high ranking Luciferians and Demon Masters, from a young age she put forth much Effort, Time, Energy & Dedication following where this path would take her, studying under some of the world's foremost powerful elite Dark Arts Magicians.

She truly is a Master of the Dark Arts. She does not fear Demons, but rather has Summoned and Conjured many Dark entities in her life, forming relationships with them, treating them with Respect, for her most Inner Workings.

It was one demon specifically which led to her to becoming the Powerful, extremely Wise, Wealthy Sorceress she has become – the Ancient Demon Sorceress embodied within this very relic – the Powerful and Wise, Eliax.

Name: Eliax
Zodiac: Pisces
Direction: West
Element: Water
Planet: Moon
Color: Red, White
Metal: Silver
Stone: Amethyst
Plant: Rosemary, Jasmine, Lavender
Familiar: Pegasus, Felinx

Having come to the decision that it is time for another to reap the benefits that Eliax provides, Victoria enlisted my help, entrusting that it go specifically to someone who genuinely desires to learn the Dark Arts, someone who will use it, someone who will respect and appreciate the Powerful Ancient Demon Sorceress that claims it.

In exchange for the Mortal life of Earthly pleasures, wealth and riches that Victoria had working with the Creatures and Mighty Powers of the Underworld, part of her own soul is forever bound to this demon. Part of her soul lives bound within this ring, her harnessed knowledge and memories of the dark arts encapsulated within this vessel; Every Ritual, Entity, Spell & Magick left traces of its Energy within it, eternally bound to as payment for the One who will become the new bearer and Master of this ring, the One whom is called to Eliax.

Eliax is a Powerful and Mighty Demon that predates the Fallen Angels, and exists Transcendental of the limitations of the Hierarchical Systems of classification created by man. She is an Ancient Demon Sorceress of both night and day, of unlimited domain within not only the Underworld, but across many dimensions and Realms – Her Unparalleled Power and natural Authority as an Ancient Demon Sorceress and Teacher of the Dark Arts gives her a very unique level of Freedom in movement and independence that many Demons don't have, enabling her, and thus her mortal Companion, exclusive access to Magick, Knowledge, Places and Spirits that are otherwise forbidden to most all other Demons and other Entities of the Dark Realms.

Two of such Spirits, from one of such places, are Kelon and Fili from the Horos Exoforest of the Nether Kingdom of Varneya – a Magickal, enchanted forest in the higher dimensional Underworld Realm of Varneya, home to many beautiful creatures of Dark Magick, with Kelon and Fili being Eliax's familiars.

Kelon is a Dark horse, a magickal Pegasus of the Horos Exoforest, with body and wings of indigo-black with silver iridescence. Fili is a Felinx, a winged Cat, with wings all black, and body all black with bright but deep purple stripes, and bright green eyes. Both are incredibly good natured and are friendly to children, pets, and other spirits. They are highly intelligent, Intuitive creatures that are bound and devoted to Eliax, who serve her and thus you. Kelon has the Ability to see one's true colors, making him an excellent judge of character with people that come into your life. Fili has supernatural, extremely heightened senses and can sense things in the future, making her very helpful to have around for many, many reasons. Both magical creatures are protective and will help keep you safe from unwanted, undesired forces.

Eliax appears as a beautiful, young woman, dressed in an Ethereal, long black lightweight gown that flows behind her. She has a petite but voluptuous body, long black hair, green eyes that glitter with gold, and resembles a cross between Jenna Dewan Tatum and Daenerys Targaryen.

A Sorceress of Great Power and Ability, Eliax is a good-natured demon who seeks out humans to Awaken and enrich their minds with the Dark Arts. A mentor, teacher and Spiritual Guide, she empowers her human student by strengthening the psyche and concentration of the student and fortifies the weak points of his/her personality.

Eliax has only your best interests at heart, and will assist you in all Magickal Endeavors, guiding you and teaching you the hidden, infinitesimal secrets of the Dark Arts with her supernatural strength, dexterity and wisdom. She reveals hidden mysteries, forbidden Magickal Knowledge, and helps you get quick results with spells and other magickal endeavors.

Eliax is not obligated to Commanding Legions. She does not require the accompaniment of other Demons under any circumstances. She is not bound beneath any Kings, Princes, Marquis, Dukes, nor any other rank of Demon or otherwise. Her Ancient origins and Spiritual purpose as a Sorceress and Teacher place her outside the confines of any commanding domain or office. In fact, many different beings from the Dark Realms come to her when in need of assistance that only her Ancient Wisdom and Dark Sorcery can provide.

Eliax uses her Independence to move freely throughout the Dark Realms and the Spirit World; thus enabling you to be able to do the same. To put it into perspective, think of it as being a new, aspiring actor in Hollywood and having a VIP contact, an A-List Celebrity as your best friend, who knows all the top dogs and can get you in pretty much anywhere.

Although Eliax was her Primary Demon, Victoria still worked with other entities too through Eliax. Having such a Powerful Demon Sorceress by your side, she serves as your ultimate Guide of Passage and Communication within the Realms, amongst all the demons, creatures, and circles of the Underworld and the Dark Realms.

Eliax is a demon that is very easy to work with. You don’t need to have much experience to work with her, in fact, she is an ideal Demon for the beginner, someone who wishes to learn all about the Mysteries and Magick of the Dark Arts from a genuine Demon, without fear or worry of biting off more than you can chew.

Eliax will take you on profound Spiritual adventures that you will never forget. Your mind will expand as you are shown the Ways of the Dark Arts. Your understanding and perception of all that is will transform into a new Reality of Magickal Opportunities.

This Powerful Guiding Demon will reveal so much to you about all things within the Dark Arts. You will gain so much Knowledge and Understanding with clarity, you will become a supreme expert and wise Master and have the know-how to accomplish whatever you desire.

Although you will indeed learn much through Dreams and Meditation as you tap into the Theta Waves, her interactions are not limited to altered states of Consciousness, she can interact in many ways with you. Victoria most often felt her presence energetically, knowing she was not alone. She often felt a light touch on her hand, arm or back, sometimes her cheek if there was something Eliax wanted her to see. She would hear her at times, sometimes hearing footsteps or the sound of a horse walking or of wings beating (Eliax's Pegasus), and the sound of a cat scratching (Eliax's Cat). Sometimes she experienced various electrical/technology based phenomena, like lights dimming or flickering, batteries dying quickly, etc. She experienced other sensory based phenomena such as feeling warm spots or cool spots, hearing a light ringing sound, smelling Rosemary, Lavender, or the sweet and slightly indolic scent of Jasmine, and feeling like a cat is brushing up against her leg, or her hand.

It is important to note though, that paranormal activity and manifestations can be unique to each individual, so any form of activity may occur, such as unexplainable noises, seeing something out of the corners of your eye, etc. It is also normal for spirits to have their quiet times as well; just as with humans, we are not active, talking, and moving about 100% of the time, as with spirits too. What is most important, is to remain open and receptive, to not limit yourself with strictly previously known activity, as this can cause us to not notice other forms of interaction.

You can honor Eliax by setting up an altar in your home, and give offerings that she enjoys, and then talk to her about how grateful you are, things you would like to know, do, see, have, learn…

I know how very special & Important Eliax was to Victoria, who always made it a point to show a sign of love, respect, and appreciation for all the knowledge, protection, wealth and success Eliax provided over the years.

Now the path for One of you lies within this ring.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.