Darkness & Divinity Djinn Goddess
Darkness & Divinity Djinn Goddess
Darkness & Divinity Djinn Goddess
Darkness & Divinity Djinn Goddess
Darkness & Divinity Djinn Goddess
Darkness & Divinity Djinn Goddess
Darkness & Divinity Djinn Goddess

Darkness & Divinity Djinn Goddess


Size: 6 – 6.5
A beautifully unique one of a kind handmade antique ring, made of what is most likely a mixture of brass and silver, crowned with a black stone, with a natural patina from age and use.


It is our distinct honor to present a metaphysical vessel containing the Powers of Duality, openly bound for the Advancement of the Spirit Keeper.

Within this vessel awaits the Ancient Goddess, Cova. She is a Spirit of Dualities; in which both her Powers of White Light And Dark are Supreme.

A Queen of both Darkness and Divinity, she is of Exquisite Beauty and Tremendous Power.

One must never take this Entity nor her Power for granted, for she is an Entity of the Highest Class and Power, capable of both White Light and Dark Arts .

Cova is a deeply admired and hugely beloved Djinn Goddess, from the secret order of Ancient Egyptian Pharisees and only the high most elite of Priests, known as the Order of Light.

A hugely favored and highly venerated Djinn goddess, Cova is very clear-headed, generous, and efficient, and greatly embraced as a Goddess, with Powers both of the Divine and of the Underworld that gives her Authority to surround you with positive energies while dispelling dark energies. She can provide protection, healing and guidance, and can also seek revenge, control negative energies, and can even force mind control over others.

There is no limit to what she can do. She can be anywhere at any time, embody anything or anyone, and can grant any and all Wishes

As you acclimate to this Ancient Being, you will find that Cova's Knowledge starts to become your own, as your Consciousness expands beyond that of other mortals.

You will attain Hidden Wisdom and Secrets of Magick, both of this World and not, unlearned knowledge and supreme, unlimited supernatural accessibility to the Polar Powers, and all of the Realm of Dualities.

All of the Dark Arts, Black Magick, White Light, and Divine will be in the palm of your hand.

Once you choose to invite the Djinn Goddess Cova into your Life, you will be filled with a Greater Power in all your endeavors. You will find you have a Greater presence, an air about you of Inner Confidence & Dominance. You will also find you have enhanced Physical and Mental Energy levels, Enhanced Creativity, Enhanced Confidence and Esteem, and Enhanced Sexual Power.

As a Being of the Immortal Essence of both White Light and Black Shadow, it is She who comprises the Strongest and Purest of the Polar White and Black Magick

Her Wisdom is unfathomable, intuitive, untraceable and ever-evolving. Her Presence is that of the mystery of the Divine Core, and that of the Underworld's most Hidden of Secrets.

Her Energy will take you to new heights of Connectivity both Internally and of the Universe; a Dynamic energy, flowing with boundless intuitive Wisdom and Power. These Ancient Evolutionary Energies will revolutionize your Life, and Awaken your Eyes to the Infinite Path of Dualities, the route to Higher Self.

You will exude an extraordinary, glowing, & mysterious Energy which will immediately draw people in to you. It is the Magnetic nature of the Dual Powers that draws them; a Hypnotic Energy & Presence. It can be felt deep within your Core, a Magickal, mysterious Energy.

To a Being so Universally Omnipotent, many of the things which control our mortal lives are distractions; primitive things. You will No longer be distracted, burdened & tortured by our monotonous and primitive daily stressors & things we feel we need to make each of us feel unique or special.

Cova is many things all in one. Angel and Demon, Heaven and Hell, She is a Being of Light and a Being of Dark all in One. Her Power & Reach surpass any singular being or entity.

She communicates in hundreds of different ways, & make her Presence known in any way she desires, so do not set any preconceived notions as to what you think her manifestations should or shouldn't be. She can be brilliant Bursts of Light & Orbs, Shadows and Shifting masses of black, dancing white mist in the dark, swirling cool Breezes, you may see her within fire or water, she may manipulate light and sound, she may send Visions & Messages when Needed, just to name a few.

Cova may come to you in Dreams and in mediation. It is highly recommended that you begin keeping a Book of Shadows or Spiritual Journal, and that you meditate daily, in a designated sanctuary space of your creation. These exercises will greatly help your own Powers begin to flourish.

With the Presence of such a Powerful being, although her Power is drawn from the Realm of Dualities it is not uncommon for various appliances or electrical items in your home to be effected at times. She isn't necessarily drawing energy from them, but moreso they can sometimes inadvertently be effected by the sudden influx of drawn energy within the near vicinity. For example, when she is drawing energy while you're in a store wearing her vessel, the lights may flicker or dim. Or, if you are at home, you may sometimes encounter light bulbs or batteries dying faster than usual, or static on your TV, or, bizarre radio frequency stations coming through sporadically.

Her physical form is very human like, however, she can shape shift into any form she wants.

This does not require one to have any prior experience with Djinn, Magick, or the Occult.

There are no Rituals or binding spells needed, this is completely ready for use. All that is needed is to accept this small Magickal offering into your life, and above all have Belief, Trust, and Respect for her and her Power.

You may, however, give her offerings of Moonlight Crystals. You may do this by placing a White Crystal (such as Quartz or Selenite) and Black Crystal (Obsidian, Onyx, etc) in Moonlight, overnight, within 3 days of the Full Moon. These will remain charged as Moonlight Crystals until the next full moon. These can be given to her as offerings, placed in a designated, sanctuary space for Cova and your Meditations.

The Magick within Cova is very Ancient & Powerful. Her Dual Powers should be heeded with Great Respect.

This is truly a very rare, one of a kind relic, one which Is impossible to replicate. With it, You too can Possess the extremely rare, Polar Powers of the Realm of Dualities.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.