Demon Twins Notra & Suset
Demon Twins Notra & Suset
Demon Twins Notra & Suset
Demon Twins Notra & Suset

Demon Twins Notra & Suset


Size 7.5. A striking Ring of mixed metals dating to the early 19th century with much patina and wear, in wearable condition.


Up for your consideration is a very special and rare piece which the original came from a particularly spectacular Underground Auction, one in which we won several incredible pieces from. We outbid a number of competing individuals for it and have had several offers on it over the years, and sold the original a year ago. The buyer, however, soon became extremely disrespectful (to put it very, very, very lightly) to both the entities within this and us – not to mention other spirits he had as well that we were not affiliated with. Extortion, harassment, verbal abuse, outrageous demands and the like. I don't feel right broadcasting this guy's wrongdoings and getting into too much detail, but let me just say eBay shut his account down over it, and his fake one too.

The twin entities left him, and returned here – bringing along with them literally every other entity this guy had, and, to top it off as punishment for the mistreatment they all had dealt with, the twin entities siphoned all of the Power, Magick, and Energy out of all of his Talismans.

So, I had the task of listening to the twins and transferring to a new vessel, as well as assigning vessels to all the other spirits. The Talisman Powers they siphoned, however, were not placed within a bunch of different vessels, but rather, one singular one. But that is another listing for another time.

This vessel is the one the twins chose for themselves when they returned back here.

Their original vessel came from a Powerful and Beautiful woman, a Priestess and Enchantress of Black Magick and Sorceress of the Dark Arts, known as Dr. Romina.

Dr. Romina was by far, one of, if not the most experienced Woman of the Dark Occult the world has ever seen. Her expertise and devotion earned her Power, Respect, Supreme Wealth, and All she ever desired in life. She was a Woman who was bold and unafraid, sexual, professional and wise, who had spent her lifetime studying and mastering her Craft.

The Rituals Practices she knows have manifested some of the World's Rarest and most Powerfully Diverse creations that humankind has ever seen.

I cannot and will not divulge the exact involvements of the Ritual she used to contact the twins, as many have attempted with catastrophic failure, and I do not want my written words to lead to harm.

I can say though, that i know without a shadow of a doubt, that no shortcuts were taken in this Elaborate Ritual, which took a full 13 nights of intensive labor to invoke the very Powerful and highly intelligent twins, Notra and Suset – demonic spirits, known to only a few of the living since the time of the earliest Egyptians and Sumerians. They are organized and methodical in their actions, and can be very generous and empowering to those who give them the respect and prove their integrity.

Notra and Suset search the earth for souls whom God has denied entry into heaven, but who have not earned their place within the Underworld. In exchange for their obedience and respect, they offer them their guidance and the chance of opportunity, change, and Power as an emissary. To those who otherwise would wander lost for eternity, the chance of belonging and purpose is usually welcomed. Those who accept must make a pact with Notra and Suset, they must answer to them and do their bidding, and they will teach them of the true Underworld and its dark Lords so that they may find their place in eternity, having been denied it from God. In time, when the individual soul has proven their loyalty, Notra and Suset will give them Power and a specific area of specialty. Think of it as a sort of Promotion for the Dead. Those appointed have specific tasks and duties they must fulfill to gain Powers and some Authority over those below them. Notra and Suset however, always have imminent Authority and power over them all.

For example, Notra and Suset may send one or more of these emissaries when their mortal companion asks for help in prayers to them. If an emissary is sent, it is because they have bestowed that emissary with a Power of theirs that aligns with the purpose of your prayer. That emissary is under strict order to complete that mission and cannot defy their orders, for, in the pact made, they have given Notra and Suset Authority and control to know their Intent, and to act upon it. Not one emissary has ever defied them.

These twins are so rarely reached, only those who are the most Accomplished Masters of Dark Arts throughout History - less than 10 people - throughout all of history have made contact with them. King Solomon, Merlin the Great, George Washington, and Dr. Romina are those we are aware of.

What makes her encounter and access so rare, and different from her predecessors, is that in her Ceremonial Ritual, she had Nature perfectly aligned on her side. Being a Female like the Twins gave her an upper hand that the men before her did not have. This, and the 13 days she spent in ritual to show them devotion and respect, allowed not only communication with Notra and Suset, but their willingness to allow her to summon them, and to endow her with greater Knowledge and assistance in any matter,, sometimes coming themselves, other times sending their emissaries.

This is why it has been kept out of the public's hands, hidden from their eyes, muted from their ears for so long

The Twins are supremely powerful and together, help their mortal companion truly Thrive.

If you have a strong will and are capable of owning such a piece, then this item may be the perfect addition to your life.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.