Destiny Oculus, Kingdom of Ra
Destiny Oculus, Kingdom of Ra
Destiny Oculus, Kingdom of Ra
Destiny Oculus, Kingdom of Ra
Destiny Oculus, Kingdom of Ra
Destiny Oculus, Kingdom of Ra
Destiny Oculus, Kingdom of Ra
Destiny Oculus, Kingdom of Ra
Destiny Oculus, Kingdom of Ra

Destiny Oculus, Kingdom of Ra


This is such am amazing ring, it is an irreplaceable, one of a kind ring made of a sturdy twisted metal band, and it was very well made. The stone black scarab has hieroglyphs on its underside, and it is securely set in a detailed, beautiful setting. The band is adjustable to an extent. I have personally worn this ring myself, and can say it is one of our finest, most well made items. 


The Egyptians were highly versed in the art of Magick and Alchemy. They were so much more spiritually mature than civilization as a whole today. You would think it should be the opposite but its definitely not. The power possessed by the Egyptian Priests (and Priestesses) was on an entirely different level though. These people had a commitment to their work that connected them to the Gods. Their skill and Knowledge planted the seeds that rooted magickal cultures to this very day. One such order of Priests, the most dominant in all of Egypt were those of Ra.

Ra is the King of the Gods, and from him all others were created. He is a powerful deity and the supreme god of the Egyptian pantheon. The ancient Egyptians worshiped Ra more than any other god. Pharaohs often connected themselves with Ra in their efforts to be seen as the earthly embodiment of the Sun God, but it was those few Priests and Priestesses of Heliopolis, the spiritual centre of ancient Egyptian sun-worship, and the first and primary Temple of Ra, who were the most skilled and Powerful in his cult. Thousands made their way to Heliopolis. It was like Times Square on NYE, or Paris or New York City during Fashion Week, the Mecca of the worship of Ra. For many, it was the center of their universe.

I came into contact with a leading researcher in Cairo years ago. I cannot tell you his real name, as this is someone who, if you're into ancient Egypt, you'll know who he is. For purposes of this listing he agreed that I can mention his involvements and refer to him as Dr. A.

There is little Dr. A does not know when it comes to Ancient Egypt, and he knows much more than what you may see on TV. His Knowledge is much deeper than mainstream history. You see, he is a Priest in the Ancient Order of Ra, but this is not a modern order, he is part of the actual Ancient order.

He came upon a series of tablets from the OG Heliopolis, which he calls the Tablets of Time, which are a series of rituals used for astral projection and travel. This is the earliest documented text for astral projection and travel that I have ever seen. These allowed him to project and travel back to Ancient Heliopolis, and become one of the High Priests of Ra.

The last time I was in Cairo, he told me there was something very important he had to show me. I met him at his home, a beautiful villa in Cairo. It was then he told me we had to go somewhere to see this very important thing, and by that he didn't mean driving somewhere, but using the Tablets of Time.

I cannot tell you how excited I was. I was a little nervous, but I was all in! I cannot tell you the ritual, he and I are the only ones living that have this Knowledge. Sorry but its just not something I can share, one, because its not mine to share, and two, well, I'll just say that you have to have everything just right, and if you don't, I am unaware of the consequences. For all I know you could get stuck within the ether and your spirit never return to your body. But you don’t need to know what is inscribed on the Tablets of Time to use this piece.

As I said before, the earliest known temple built in honor of Ra exists in Heliopolis. It was erected in the exact spot where Ra emerged into creation. Atop of where Heliopolis once stood is one of the oldest districts in Cairo, a suburb in northeastern Cairo called Ain Shams, which means "Eye of the Sun". This is the same suburb where Dr. A lives.

We began the ritual. The words began their orbit and I soon found myself in a suspended evanescence, that moment of awareness of the projective meditative state. The disconnect from my physical body began, as always, with my legs blanketed with an abstract invisibility, climbing through my torso, a warm and tranquil rippling tide that rushes over my head, then the riptide pulls me out of my physical body.

At this moment of perfect freedom, I could feel the walls begin to dissolve, the ceiling, the floor, all things that had come and gone deconstructed, burning through the ozone of time, and then, we came to a stop. We were exactly where we had stood in Dr. A’s home, but we were now at Heliopolis.

It is a temple unlike any I have ever seen, where Egypt’s earliest and most sacred objects were kept, including time-keeping devices and time Talismans which the Temple was so famed for. This is a massive insight into the Tablets of Time and the origins of its content!

We were in an open courtyard, and in it there was a tall obelisk topped with a capstone called the Ben-Ben Stone, a sacred pyramid-shaped stone used only by what is the most sacred bird un all of Egypt, the Bennu, the divine personification and phoenix form of the soul of Ra.

Bennu is beautiful, and when you see him you just know he is of Divine origin, his vibrant red and gold feathers, its no wonder why his name is Bennu, not simply because its the Egyptian word for Phoenix, but it derives from the Egyptian word “weben,” meaning “to rise brilliantly” or “to shine”, as too he appeared each morning taking the form of the rising sun, shining upon the world from the top of the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life, the Sacred Ished Tree, was the seat of Bennu and the most sacred tree in Egypt. It certainly is the focal point of Heliopolis! The fruit of the Tree of Life gave Eternal Life, and the soul of Ra in the form of a Phoenix, guarded its precious fruit, which could only be eaten by the Pharaohs and the highest Priests of Ra.

This piece comes from another side to Heliopolis though, one that could not be accessed by foot in those days, but only the highest Priests could, through the proverbial door which we entered. This is the Hidden Heliopolis, the Kingdom of Ra, which exists in a higher dimension, exactly where Earth's Heliopolis stood. It is a Temple Palace of Gold, with a massive, beautiful tree in its center that outshines and transcends the scale and majesty of those of Lothlorien and the Tree of Souls on Pandora. Its lush and luminous canopies painting the sky, it is beauty in its purest form. In the Kingdom of Ra, this is called the Tree of Creation, because that is exactly what it is. It is the Soul of the Universe of Ra, and possesses the vital force of Creation.

It is with the vital force of creation that flows through the Tree of Creation as the personification of the Universe itself, that is the divine source from which the Tree of Life in Heliopolis gets its power of eternal life.

Dr. A and the other Ancient Priests of Ra had sole authority and direct permission from Ra, not only to the fruit from the Tree of Life, but to tap into the very soul of the Universe from the Tree of Creation. From this, they were given Eternal Life and the knowledge of the Divine plan, a map of destiny, and
create any form of Magick they wanted.

The Priests and Priestesses, and myself met under the Tree of Creation, and by way of a sacred and ancient ritual, this piece was created. I was given this piece as a gift when the ritual concluded, they told me that I was the only guest to ever enter the Kingdom of Ra, and that the divine plan of Ra brought me there, and will continue working through this Talisman. The one destined for it will find it, and will have divine privileges directly from The Kingdom of Ra. What this translates to in our daily life as humans of flesh and bone on earth is a Talisman of Illumination,  Insight, Clarity, Knowledge, and the extreme Power of Change. 

Out of all the time keeping devices and Talismans of Heliopolis, none are more sacred nor as Powerful as this. This is a Destiny Oculus, a most sacred Tool of Ra, which can only be conjured when the Priestess is in the presence of the Tree of Creation in the Kingdom of Ra. Much like the modern virtual reality oculus, it allows you to see from an entirely new, perspective and control what happens.

With this piece, you will have the Power of the Ben-Ben Capstone, through which you will experience the complete Illumination of one's 3rd eye and Spiritual bodies. You will be able to access the Eternal magick of the Tree of Creation to see the past, present and future, and you will have the Map of Destiny to create the future you want.

The sacred, Egyptian Alchemy begins stripping away lower vibrational energies from your Spiritual bodies, vitalizing your Matrix into that of only the Highest frequencies, creating the most energetically compatible radiant body field. It invokes such power to the 3rd eye, that, by simply wearing this Ring, your own Powers will begin to bloom, in much stronger Intuition, Sensitivity, and Awareness of all things internally and externally, including what to do to make your Desires manifest.

You will be able to use these powers to shine light upon all situations, the divine brilliance of its power cutting through any veils, illusions, lies, preconceived notions, misunderstandings, and facades to illuminate the truth in any situation, any person, place, text, dream, or any other form. You can look into the past, to see things clearly and fully, under the light of the new lens of godly perspective you possess. You can look into the future to see what awaits, and have the Power to change it to include the things you want. This piece will give you the Knowledge, Clarity and Insight to see, and the Power to change.

The Entire ensemble of Energies work as a unilateral force for your advancement in all areas of life, Spirit and soul.

You may wear this as you would any other piece of jewelry, carry it with you in a pocket or purse, and set aside a small amount of time each day, holding or wearing it ( even as little as 1-2 minutes before bed), allowing it's energies enter your body as you visualize your perfect future. Place it near your bedside while you sleep, to accelerate the connectivity to your subconscious! You can keep it on your Altar or another special place in your home, wherever feels right to you! The more skin contact the better

There are no rituals for you to perform. You do not have to act, or live differently. All you must do is let these energies enter your life with Respect, Trust and Belief, and you will see real, legitimate, tangible changes.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.