Divine Feminine Energy Expansion 14K Plated Moonstone Talisman
Divine Feminine Energy Expansion 14K Plated Moonstone Talisman
Divine Feminine Energy Expansion 14K Plated Moonstone Talisman

Divine Feminine Energy Expansion 14K Plated Moonstone Talisman

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A stunning Joy Dravecky Sacred Bloom Amulet necklace, featuring moonstone detailing on the pendant.

Metal: 14k Gold Plating over Brass

Size: 16 chain, 2"



I am excited to present to you a metaphysical vessel which I feel the world needs more than ever at this moment in time.

This is likely, unlike any other object you have ever had. This is truly is a very special piece, and I am so proud and excited to be able to offer it to you.

Metaphysically crafted with love and pure intent, this treasure is a vessel of the purest, divine, immortal essence of feminine energy, and comprises the best and strongest of the Divine Feminine in all its measure.

This is something which I spent an enormous amount of energy creating, casting it with love for you, our dear clients and friends, to give you a tool of immeasurable value to you on your Spiritual journey, to bring happiness and growth in your everyday life, to empower you in your quest for extraordinary, extrasensory abilities, and to help you come into your own in life, spirit, and the Magickal arts.


Within our low vibrational Earth plane, we are all a combination of masculine and feminine, and it is crucial to love and honor both aspects. It is the balance between masculine and feminine spiritual bodies that make us whole. Masculine is active, assertive, it is "doing", while feminine is feeling, sensitivity, it is "being".

Without the masculine, we would be passive and lack in efficiency. Without the feminine, we would be cold and lack connectivity with ourselves, with others, and to all that is, and would have to do too much to achieve too little.

Our world struggles to balance between masculine and feminine, the masculine is dominating over the feminine that is lacking. Many suffer as a result. Masculine energy without feminine energy is not whole; it does not feel valued, nurtured or appreciated. It feels incomplete. Female energy without masculine energy is not whole; it feels unsupported; inadequate, and without purpose. We need both energies, both are valuable and our very survival depends on our ability to channel both.

We live in a completely masculine social climate, a masculine collective consciousness. Our culture's collective understanding of feminine power has been significantly manipulated due to unconscious social programming, to value masculine over feminine, defining strength and power as physical strength, ability to control and influence, to win over; it is the dominant energy in our psyche, culture and collective frequency, and it is limited to understanding reality on the material level, that which is seen, or can be proven scientifically.

Without an understanding of the feminine – the spiritual, unseen, mystikal, energetic, hard to scientifically prove – one cannot comprehend the fullness of our existence, our experience and our potential as human beings.

The lack of feminine energy is present in both men and women alike, where strength and power are determined only by the masculine VIEW of strength.

The entire idea and definition of feminine strength has been grossly distorted in our western culture. The very concept of feminine power has been masculinized.

Being a female holding a ROLE of power or authority, like a politician, athlete, musician, business leader, etc does NOT represent what divine feminine strength is, and is NOT what true feminine power is, at all.

This is simply embracing a masculine VIEW of strength and applying it to women leaders to manipulate the collective understanding of feminine power.

There are many, many means that exist that are indeed meant and intended to draw our attention away from what feminine power truly is, to DISTRACT US from finding Divine Feminine Energy, to prevent us from exercising its universal power.

Why? Because, the more Divine Feminine Energy amongst we, the people, the more radically we can change our entire society and culture.


So what is Divine Feminine Energy? Divine Feminine Energy is within every man and woman, it is the universal frequency that is the touchstone of our physical and spiritual existence. Anyone of any gender or non-specific gender can connect to Divine (pure, immortal, sacred) Feminine Energy, for it is the home and cosmic mother for all of creation.

Divine Feminine Energy is unconditional love, compassion, and the willingness to help others. It is our ability to be emotionally aware, to tap into our subconscious, to be self-aware, and to look within to find what is outside. It is our intuition, sensitivity, the unseen, the hard to scientifically prove, and our ability to be receptive and open. It is the unseen grace of our extrasensory perceptions; it is that which gives us our ability to perceive said extrasensory perceptions. It is our creative power and the power of the heart. It is our sensual and sexual awareness, and our appreciation for beauty. It is acceptance and receiving, accommodating and giving, and it represents the supreme level of feminine expression and manifestation in the universe.

Divine Feminine Energy is the primordial, dynamic, flowing energy of creation; the transcendent originator; an incalculable mystery into the fertile void; the spark of life of which all things come; the unknowable deep abyss that is unconditional love.

It is Divine Feminine Energy that will usher in humankind's transition into the Golden Age. To go into Divine Feminine Energy is the route to higher self. It is the ability to be; our awareness; the wisdom of the heart. It is the unseen pulse of all natural and divine laws.

Divine Feminine Energy is the one missing element, the one missing piece on humankind's spiritual path, our collective evolutionary convergence, our ascension, to conscious oneness. It is the single quality that is most lacking in the human mass consciousness today.

Divine Feminine Energy is not about you working on yourself, or working on anything. As you balance, as each individual person finds balance, the world balances a bit more, fueling the social, spiritual revolution that is taking place beneath the surface circus, quietly, amongst the spiritually awakened, at this very moment.


The Feminine Void is the "place" which we go to in meditation. It is the fertile, feminine womb of the universe, where the masculine seeds of thought and intention are planted to impregnate the field with a new creation.

The mystery of the Feminine Void is that of unfathomable wisdom; it is intuitive and ever-evolving, inspiring your spirit's core to new heights of connectivity both internally and of the universe; a dynamic energy, flowing with boundless creativity.

The fertile, Feminine Void is the immeasurable "nothing", the primordial essence from which everything is born; the nothing from which everything comes. It is pre-form, pre-energy, pre-creation, pre-thought, even pre-being. We don't have words or concepts to describe it. It contains all possibilities, yet, it is empty.

Most important of all, the Feminine Void is where we go and sit in the silence. It's the most powerful place I know of. It's beyond the beyond. In the practical sense, sitting in that silence is more powerful than receiving any amount of verbal guidance. When you get still, you are out of the way, and, when you are out of the way, grace carries you on the stream of life. You don't need to know anything, it just happens. Sitting in the Fertile Void literally helps you solve problems, although you have no idea how they get solved.


In embracing your Divine Feminine Energy through using this very special piece, you are thus forwarding evolution, taking humankind to our next level.

You are a focus of energy that creates a physical You and the world you inhabit. When you consciously focus, you come into rightful ownership of your power.

Your spirit will be showered with all that is Divine Feminine Energy. This evolutionary energy will revitalize your life, nourish your soul, inspire your spirit, and awaken your eyes to the infinite Feminine Void of the universe; the route to higher self, a state of awareness that is connected to the infinite natural and divine freedom.

The Divine Feminine energetic presence of this vessel is of such abundant pure divine goodness and grace, that as your spiritual matrix integrates the divine feminine, your own energy presence will begin to transform. You will exude an extraordinary, glowing, and mysterious energy which will immediately draw people in to you. It is the magnetic nature of Divine Feminine Energy that draws them; a hypnotic energy and presence. It can be felt deep within your core, a Magickal, mysterious energy of the immortal feminine. Others will be drawn to you, and you will find you draw those who share like spirituality and evolution, people whom you can forge true and lasting, deep and meaningful relationships with, some which will transcend your current incarnation, some may even be relationships, attracted again from past incarnations.

As you acclimate to the Divine Feminine Energy, you will find you become more inner focused, your life becomes deeper, richer, quieter, and more powerful.

Divine Feminine Energy can manifest in countless ways, as a "boost" to your feminine traits, such as giving you deeper intimacy and sexual bonding with your partner, giving you that extra push needed sometimes to reach a deeper level of understanding, a deeper level of compassion, etc. You will find an inner peace and understanding that will flow effortlessly from within your core. You will find that as time passes, you no longer have to "fix" things in your life, you will no longer have to "try" to balance the masculine/feminine. As you embrace the feminine energy, there's no need to. All these things and more will naturally happen. As you expand, as you wake up, enlighten, and spiritually awaken, you will free yourself of lower vibrations. You will find that the chaos and clatter of everyday life begin to fade, and you will see and experience life through new eyes.

You will come to experience just how profound the intuitive knowledge is within yourself. You will find your intuition and sensitivity becoming more prevalent in your daily life, and you will find greater ease in recognizing and identifying it. You may receive psychic channels, sudden knowledge, messages from the spirit realm or the beyond, or, telepathic messages, visions or images, you may have physical sensations such as feeling of static, electricity, a charged/energetic feeling, tingling, or other internal or external feelings. These are natural, think of them as a psychic reflex. We have been programmed to brush these sensations and feelings off as a passing thought to be ignored. It is important you honor your initial intuition, sensitivity and senses. Our extrasensory reflexes, our 6th sense is an internal feminine impulse, a radiant and purposeful jewel in the crown of every man and woman of the sacred feminine.

Once you choose to actively acknowledge the Divine Feminine and bring this vessel into your life, you will be filled with a greater power in all your endeavors. You will find you have a greater presence, an air about you of inner confidence and divine femininity. You will also find you have enhanced energy levels, enhanced creativity, enhanced confidence and esteem, and enhanced sexual consciousness.

Being in such a deeply connected bond with the Divine Feminine, you will inevitably elevate the Psychic-Cerebral warehouses of your mind within the uppermost chakras, within the Pineal and Pituitary glands. This marriage and union of the pituitary and pineal glands awakens the 3rd eye, increasing and heightening your psychic senses. You will find your powers of the mind expand farther than you may now at this moment, think possible.

You will experience peace and freedom, casting out anger and banishing spiritual clouds from your aura. Your spiritual bodies will elevate, aligning your chakras, balancing your energies, alighting your spirit with love, filling your soul with inspiration and wonder. You will find joy again in your heart, as your spirit is freed from our lesser mortal traits. You will be protected from gossip, ill intentions, negative and self-destructive thoughts, those that mean you harm in some way, past negative karmic energies, all negative, unwanted, dark or evil forces, energies, and entities will be banished, you will be freed from grudges and resentments, the chains of hate and hurts will be unshackled from your spirit, and you will find the true path, the life you are meant for, the life you are intended to have as a human of the universe.


To connect with Divine Feminine Energy, nothing is better than meditation, where you enter the Feminine Void. It is here where you cultivate awareness, energy and powers.

It is important to set aside some time regularly to meditate, for stillness, contemplation, to use this transformative vessel to activate the Divine Feminine Energy within you.

The act of meditation is the truest form of Feminine Energy; the truest form of Divine Feminine expression there is - to simply Be, to enter the stillness and quiet of the Feminine Void; the place of nothingness from which everything from thought to life comes.

When one meditates, you enter an infinite place of power, you are tapping into the Immortal Feminine Void.

There are literally hundreds of different meditation techniques, and one thing all experienced meditators agree upon – aside from the significant benefits from daily meditation – is that there is not a universally accepted “best” or “most effective” method. There are techniques encompassing practices from different traditions, cultures, spiritual disciplines, and religions, and it is our individual preference that helps us choose what works best for us.

Firstly, there’s two different platforms of meditation, if you prefer having a guide, or if you prefer going totally solo, called guided and unguided (aka silent) meditation, where in the former, a teacher guides you through the basic steps (either in person, using pre-recorded audio, or an app), whereas in the latter, unguided meditation, you meditate alone, without someone else explaining the process.

You may choose to cultivate a quieter, more peaceful state of mind using what is called calming meditation, which usually involves one specific focus, such as your breath, a mantra, a visualization, a physical object, and returning to that focus whenever you get distracted or notice your mind starting to wander. Or, you may decide that your intention is to transform your mind by developing wisdom and compassion, which is referred to as insight meditation, which involves focusing on the breath and being aware of and noting all the physical and mental sensations that arise.

You know what’s great about meditation though? It doesn’t have to be one or the other, calming or insight. In fact, it is commonplace to combine elements of both. There is no rule that says you have to do one or the other, and a lot of people when they’re just starting out can get caught up in picking and choosing, deciding and going over step by steps, that it causes more stress because they’re worried they’re not doing it right.

The most important thing I can tell you about meditation is to just give it a go. Don’t get so lost amongst the trees that you miss the beauty of the forest. You don’t have to worry if you’re doing it “right" or “wrong". Sometimes we feel we’re not doing something right because our mind wanders, we get distracted, it’s hard to focus, or, we’re not having profound, life shifting epiphanies after a few days. It is normal for our minds to wander, to get distracted, to find difficulties focusing. The beauty of the practice of meditation is that the more you so it, the easier it becomes to keep your mind still. Just like with anything else, the more you do something, the more you learn and understand what works best for you, you develop preferences, and your ability becomes stronger and stronger.

You have the freedom to do as you choose, to try different methods, see what you like, what resonates with you most, what feels like you.

The most widely practiced methods of meditation are:

This meditation exercise is an excellent, common technique, and is fairly straightforward because our breath is the focus, the object attention used to anchor the mind and maintain awareness. Notice your mind starting to wander? Simply return to the breath. Simply focus your attention on your breath without controlling its pace or intensity. If your mind wanders, return your focus back to your breath.

Sit or lie comfortably, closing your eyes, making no effort to control the breath; simply breathe naturally. Listen to the sound of your breathing. Listen and feel as you inhale, and then as you exhale.

Focus your attention on the breath and on how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. Notice the movement of your body as you breathe. Observe your chest, shoulders, rib cage, and belly.

Maintain this meditation practice for two to three minutes to start, and then try it for longer periods.

This form of meditation is helpful when we feel out of tune with our body, when your mind and body become out of sync, and when you’ve returned back from astral travel. This involves scanning the body from the tips of the toes all the way up to the top of the head, visualizing a light slowly moving up your body, visualizing the light and feeling it move upward across every part of your body until your whole body is filled with light.

Similar to Body Scan, this form of meditation is also helpful when we feel out of tune with our body, when your mind and body become out of sync, and when you’ve returned back from astral travel. However, it is also an excellent way to begin meditation. This involves working your way up the body from the tips of the toes all the way up to the top of the head, by flexing and clenching the muscles from one area of the body at a time, holding for 10 seconds, then releasing, slowly moving up your body, until all areas of the body are in sync, being flexed at the same time.

This type of meditation is similar to Focused Breath, except here you replace the focus of breath with a visualization of something in your mind. Alternatively, the focus can also be a mantra, or a sound.

In contrast to having a focus on breath, visualization, or scanning the body, this technique involves letting the mind truly rest. Some may find it challenging at first, as the goal is that when thoughts enter instead of distracting you and pulling you away from the present moment, they simply drift away. With practice, and in utilizing other techniques like body or muscle scanning, it becomes easier and easier and is an excellent door into insight and wisdom!

Regardless if you are focusing on breath, a visualization, a mantra, or sitting in quiet, this technique specifically involves noting what’s distracting your mind, to the extent that we’ve lost our awareness of the breath (or whatever the object of focus is) because we are so caught up in a thought or emotion. Acknowledge the thought or feeling, taking “note" of it, to restore awareness, and create a bit of space, so to speak, as a way of letting go, and to learn more about your thought patterns, tendencies, and conditioning.

Focusing on the image of different people — it doesn’t matter if we know them or not, if we like them or not — is integral to this technique. We direct positive energy and goodwill first to ourselves, and then, as a ripple effect, to others, which helps us let go of unhappy feelings we may be experiencing.

Similar to the loving kindness meditation technique, this one involves focusing on a person you know or love and paying attention to the Skillful compassion. Similar to the loving kindness meditation technique, this one involves focusing on a person you know or love and paying attention to the sensations arising from the heart. By opening our hearts and minds for the benefit of other people, we have the opportunity to foster a feeling of happiness in our own mind.


Our feminine eenergy responds naturally to beautiful, devotional spaces that have been created with love and intention, so it is highly recommended that you create a sacred space to meditate, a special, ritual place where you can consecrate stillness, and practice listening to your inner voice.

Feminine energy is honored in the act of meditation, for it is the truest form of divine feminine expression there is - to simply Be, to enter the stillness and quiet of the Feminine Void; the place of nothingness from which everything from thought to life comes.

For millennia sacred rituals have been used as a bridge between earth and spirit. Even when you create and participate in a simple ritual and ceremony such as lighting a candle for yourself, you are awakening your divine feminine essence. Any kind of sacred ritual is an intentional statement to your higher self, a timeless connection to the great feminine energy, the fertile void of the universe, and the perfect way to not only communicate with, but give offerings to any spirits you have, and, to the universe.

You can create your sacred ritual space at home, with simple altars comprising of just a few items that are beautiful and meaningful to you. There is no "right" way to create this space, or an altar. It is YOUR space, so create it how you wish to! The act of creation of this space is in itself converging the feminine (the intention behind it and beauty of it) with the masculine (the physical creation). The things which you place upon your altar or in your sacred space are also the greatest offerings you can give to spirits in your spirit family, for they are an intentional exercise, meaningful expressed spiritual/physical manifestations of your intention.

You can use candles of certain aromas or colors that speak to you, crystals that draw your interest, elementals or other things of nature such as stones, driftwood, incense, plants, herbs, etc. You can use textiles that attract you, beads, figures or statues, pictures, something you created, be it art, food, a poem, etc. Literally anything that you want to add, that you feel compelled to offer, it is your choice, you have complete freedom to make this space your own personal sacred spot, a place where you can allow your negative energetic residues to wash away.

As you use this space regularly to meditate, to connect with the divine, to your spirit family, or to Talismans you have, this space will become infused with supportive feminine energy and layers upon layers of positive energetic waves. Your spiritual bodies and very cells will respond intuitively to the energies. The empowering effects this will provide for your consciousness, your spirit, your physical and life force energy, and life will be abundant. It will become your personal sanctuary, a place of peace, a place of love, light, healing, progress, wisdom, and enlightenment.

There are no binding spells needed to perform when you receive this, it is completely ready for use. All that is needed is to accept this small Magickal offering into your life, and you can begin your new empowered life of Divine Feminine Energy. You can create your sacred space and begin meditations, and simply allow the natural Divine Feminine Energy to beautify your life and spirit, and fill it with richness, comfort, and wisdom, with confidence, grace and insight, and with your commitment, it will help bring you to conscious oneness with the universe.

Thank you for your interest in this treasure! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask, I am always happy to help in any way I can.