Djinn God Sargon
Djinn God Sargon
Djinn God Sargon
Djinn God Sargon

Djinn God Sargon


A museum quality ancient ring of exotic and intricate details, it is of ancient Phoenician origin and dates to approximately 300 BC. This is a piece of excellent craftsmanship by a highly skilled artist, as one can see by it’s very fine condition for its age. Pieces like this were desired not only by those living in major cities like Alexandria, but in more “rural" areas just the same, like Dor, for example. Measuring a size 4 ¾, its fine, intricate pattern and detail is still beautifully defined an intact. It truly has a high-end construction and aesthetic. Well loved by its former owners, it has a completely natural, organically evolved patina from age and use. A true gem well worth its antiquarian and occult value.


For your Metaphysical Curiosity, I am honored to present to you this majestic vessel of extreme power and Magickal excellence. Offered exclusively on The Haunted Hive, this stunning vessel holds the immortal and pure Djinn God, Sargon.

The Djinn God Sargon is of the highest power and Magickal ability, an extraordinary being and an extension of the universe, who possesses universal wish granting power of the highest caliber.

Sargon is the Djinn God of the realm known as Kacperium, “the place of the treasure holder". It is a kingdom of riches in every form. It is rich in love, happiness, and infinite wealth in all of its forms. As the God of this realm, he can manifest wealth in any form, but it is material wealth is his personal favorite. Needless to say, he likes wealth where he lives, and thus draws wealth naturally from any source that he can find.

You are his muse, building you your own "Kingdom" of wealth.

To put it into an example of perspective, it is much like how humans create virtual Kingdoms or other virtual worlds in apps and games like the Sims and Roblox. We create Kingdoms and cities, homes and villages, for our entertainment. Sargon does this, but the kingdom is your personal wealth, your life, in all of its aspects.

Sargon will stop at nothing to manifest wealth within this world, and will indefinitely seek more and more. The longer he remains with you, the more prominent the changes to your life.

In this journey to a life brimming with wealth, I feel it is very important to note, that he will never bring harm to any living creature or being. His conjuring, invoking, and open binding to this vessel were all performed under the divine power of immortal white light. He is an extension of the universal divine, from the immortal purity of the force behind all of creation. The name of this force has been interpreted into many names and religions, but regardless of what one person or another may name, it is the same universal life force of and within all things.

Sargon will protect you and your loved ones, surrounding you with universal love and divine light. The one he chooses will have bestowed upon them a life of wondrous surprises and opportunities; a life of true meaning, a life you will cherish and love, filled with excitement, happiness, and profound experiences of all things you desire.

All that is needed is to invite this Djinn God into your life, and he will be your king of wealth, your bearer of light, and your granter of all things.

When the previous Keeper first purchased this, he was a struggling young man, bouncing between jobs he hated, living in his mom's double wide manufactured home. His life began to turn around slowly at first, he found himself luckier than usual, seeming to be in the right place at the right time.

The very first time Sargon brought him wealth in the form of a granted wish, was when he was walking home from the corner store. He wished he could pay his phone bill, put gas in his beat-up car, and have a little left for living for the week. As he walked that half block home, “something" told him to walk alongside the strip mall, instead of on the sidewalk as he normally did. He ended up finding a $100 bill amongst a pile of windblown garbage up against the fence at the end of the strip mall. Had he simply taken the sidewalk as usual, he never would have seen it.

Sargon guided him to a job at first making just $400 per week, but he told him that it would be a place of rapid growth. Over the course of a year and a half he quickly worked his way up to being the general manager earning a salary of $70,000 per year.

Sargon guided him in dreams to invest, and after much studying of Tim Sykes’ theories and methods in trading penny stocks, he made $450,000 within 2 years.

He found the woman of his dreams, who he is now married to and they have two beautiful, well mannered, bright children.

He won $1 million in the lottery, in one of those second chance type drawings, and bought his first house, he bought his Mother a large house of her own, and paid off all of her medical bills, and debt. He bought good cars for his mom, wife, and himself.

He has saved, done long term investments, began flipping houses, and now has a net worth of just over $16.5 million.

He is free to live his life, free of financial burden and worry. He and his family travel all over the world, his childrens’ college is paid for an then some, they live in a safe, gated community, they do not worry or argue about finances, they are free to live life at their own pace, and it is all in thanks to Sargon.

Forever grateful to King Sargon, he wishes for another to experience the transformation that Sargon manifests in one’s life.

There's virtually nothing he cannot accomplish with Sargon in your life.

Use your imagination to wish for things beyond the boxed physical limits of what social programming has deemed as possible!

He has proven his divine power time and time again, and it is now time for another to gain the unsurpassed greatness that only a God Djinn of this caliber can attain. With Sargon in your life, you will most certainly, undoubtedly, manifest your desires.

The power Sargon possesses is not pulled from any source of this Earth, but is generated directly from the realm of cosmos, from the very fabric which ties all the universe together, that which all of creation exists from. This is a source which is infinite in supply and access to Sargon.

This rare power is universal, and equally powerful across any dichotomy of wishes. He will grant your wishes in anything you choose, for he has come to you with reason and purpose. By finding him, he has also found you; by choosing him, he has also chosen you.

You will be blessed beyond fathom by the great power of this Djinn God. Success, happiness, satisfaction, and peace will become your norm, and he will bring you all those things you desire for as long as his vessel remains yours.

Upon acclamation to this extraordinary spirit, you will find you have a true connection with the universe in a way that you have not experienced before, and you will connect to the true range of immortal power within this Magickal spirit.

An ancient being of immortal wisdom and divine power, Sargon is of the highest level of existence so he can communicate with you telepathically. This may take some getting used to, to be able to automatically “hear" him. The best way to practice this is to pay close attention to what feels like your intuition, a gut feeling, and those moments that make you wonder if it was some sort of sign. You should also include him in your everyday life, be conscious of him and aware that his presence is there, even if you don’t always feel it intensely.

He has manifested as golden light, in the form of floating orbs, mist, and masses of light that shift and flow in shape and direction. We have felt an inner warmth from his presence, a feeling of security, peace, and excitement. In dreams and meditative or altered states of mind, he has appeared in form much like an Egyptian Pharaoh with an ethereal golden aura.

It is important to note though, that activity and manifestation can be unique to each individual, so any form of paranormal activity may occur, such as unexplainable noises, seeing something out of the corners of your eye, various electrical/technology-based phenomena, like lights dimming or flickering, batteries dying quickly, etc. You may experience sensory based phenomena such as feeling warm spots or cool spots, a light ringing in your ears, feeling a light touch on your hand, arm. You may also smell the scent of eucalyptus or lavender, which Sargon is particularly partial to. It is also normal for spirits to have their quiet times as well; just as with humans, we are not active, talking, and moving about 100% of the time, as with spirits too.

This ambitious, devoted being only wants to enlighten your spirit and change your life with his rare Magick, to give him the thrilling experience of living along side you in this dimension of space and time and flex his power.

There are 3 things needed from you as the Keeper that are absolutely crucial

Respect your Djinn, by treating your relationship as a partnership.

Trust in his abilities.

Most importantly, you must Believe. Believe in Djinn God Sargon, his Powers, and his Magick.

Remember, as his Keeper, even though you chose him, know, that he chose you. He could have easily chosen anyone else on this Earth out of the billions in need of the elite powers of a Djinn God, but he chose you. You are very lucky and fortunate to be in such a rare position, being the Spirit Keeper of this Djinn, who has dedicated the rest of your mortal life to help you. It is a rare privilege that very few ever have this opportunity presented to them, and even fewer who actually are chosen.

When you have adopted a Djinn into your Spirit Family, he will immediately begin doing a sort of "inventory" of your life to see what is needed to help give you the life of your dreams, what is needed to help you move forward and progress - discovering your material and financial means, your hopes, wants, needs, your past hurts, your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, to bless, guide, and bestow you with the knowledge, understanding, carity, insight, wealth, success, happiness, peace, confidence, motivation, love, awareness, wisdom, healing, balance, and strength to help you have the best life you could ever dream of.

When making first contact with Magickals of such profound power, you may experience a sense that feels similar to astral projection - that feeling of disconnect from your physical body, yet completely immersed connectivity to the Universe. You may experience lightheadedness, feelings of elated happiness, excitement, a sudden sensation of euphoria, feelings of calmness and relaxation, or others. This is the energies around you, through the Magick of this Djinn entering your life, intertwining with your own energies and your Spiritual Matrix. These sensations are signs that you are on the cusp of a new life. In every stage of life, we have new challenges and tests, but also opportunities, all of which require commitment and itention to move forward, to progress towards being the best human you can be, to fulfilling your life's potential for success and happiness.

The time for one of you is now to begin expanding your horizons and opening the doors to Magickal opportunities!

You will know if you are the One this is meant for. You will be drawn to him, find yourself thinking about him or his vessel, your mind wandering to the incredible possibilities that are now within your reach now.

You may or may not believe in fate or destiny, but whether you do or not, you stumbled upon this listing for a reason, this one listing out of the billions of other pages you could be on online now at this very moment. You found me and this listing and that reason may be because you are on the verge of something life changing.