Djinn Goddess of the Home
Djinn Goddess of the Home
Djinn Goddess of the Home
Djinn Goddess of the Home
Djinn Goddess of the Home
Djinn Goddess of the Home

Djinn Goddess of the Home


Size: Approximately 9 1/4
An antique, highly detailed ring of what is likely bronze and silver with gorgeous natural patina, featuring a ruby red artisanal faux gemstone. Popular in eastern Europe, edging into the Middle East for several centuries, this likely dates to the 18th to have 19th Century. As one would expect with a ring of this age, there are undeniable signs of age and wear, however, overall it is in very fine condition, wearable, and well worth it's antique and occult value.


For your metaphysical curiosity we present a very special piece, part of a small series of Magickals we inherited, a very rare treasure; one of elite origins and power, created by the powerful Israeli Witch, Priestess Janaiah. Daughter of Linah, and Issan, who taught her their vast knowledge of Practical Kabbalah and Rasashastra, she is one of the most powerful Witches to have ever lived in Israel.

Born a natural Witch, she came from parents well respected in their community. Her Mother, Linah, was a powerful psychic and medium of many things, teacher of Practical Kabbalah; a forbidden Magick that predates the modern, mainstream Kabbalism most are aware of. It is an early, mystical tradition in which divination was widely practiced, oneiromancy – hlthe making of Talismans, and other rituals using the esoteric names of angels. There are many mysteries and dark secrets in the old Kabbalah traditions, which were reserved exclusively for the elite, like Janaiah's mother.

Her Father, Issan, was a Master of Rasashastra, an ancient form of Alchemy with methods corresponding to the alchemy familiar in the Mediterranean and western European worlds.

From a young age, Janaiah's parents taught her all they knew of Practical Kabbalah and Rasashastra, and she grew to be respected as the foremost capable and wise.

Her vast, exotic knowledge created a power dynamic that propelled her to an elevated status, and soon she became the spiritual leader, all looked to her.

With so many looking to her for spiritual help, she relied heavily upon the tried and true tradition of Talisman making, so that her Magick could reach the farthest corners of Israel, and could remain present even when she physically was not.

We have held ties to Janaiah's for close to 200 years, having had Talismans created by them, and seeing their work firsthand. Since Janaiah passed on at the age of 88, her daughter Alianah has held onto her collection. In following Janaiah's wishes of embracing the Law of Release, Alianah bestowed us a selection of pieces, at her mother's written directive to rehome much of her collection to only a few exclusive people/families; Metaphysical Curators who personally knew and worked with her mother, with us being one of them.

It is an incomparable privilege to have attained some of these treasures from Janaiah's creation. Some items were expressed gifts for us, and some are meant to be re-homed, to find their rightful Keepers who will care for these treasures with the unconditional respect and belief they deserve, who will appreciate their significance, and use them, just as Janaiah created them to be.


Spell cast, conjured, and openly bound within this sacred vessel by Janaiah is a Djinn of divine origin, the Djinn Goddess, Ayza.

Ayza is an admired Djinn who is a patron Goddess of mothers, children, and the home. She is revered as a motherly figure, much like we think of a fairy Godmother today, a Godmother whose priority is the wellbeing, wealth, and happiness of the home.

A loyal and compassionate spirit who holds the welfare and stability of her Keeper and their family in the highest priority, she is devoted to protecting your family and serving you.

Her natural, Magickal gifts of prosperity and wealth apply to much more than financial means alone, but to all aspects of life and spirit. There is no domain which Ayza cannot tap into to procure blessings, as wealth comes in many forms – monetary wealth, of course, but there is wealth to be had in happiness, comfort, relationships, love, self-esteem, a wealth of adventure, new and exciting experiences for you and your family, and a wealth of time that you can spend with them.

Providing guidance and assisting in all matters, Ayza will help you navigate your path as a human being living in this unpredictable world. She has nothing but your best interest at heart and will always remain by your side as you make your way through this world. She listens to your wants and will devote all of her power to enriching your life and spirit.

There are no binding rituals nor does one need any prior experience with Spirit keeping. This is completely ready for use. All that is needed is to invite Ayza into your life, and show her respect, just as you would anyone coming into your life to help you.

To show Djinn respect, the most important thing is to trust them. They are high vibrational beings with feelings like us, and they can sense our trust and belief. Remember, they want to be in your life, they want to elevate your life and spirit, they are choosing to do so. Invite your Djinn into your daily tasks, be conscious of their existence, talk to them, which you can do verbally, or telepathically, or even by writing down what you want to say, like in a Djinn journal. When you’re not wearing or carrying their vessel, keep it in a special place, like beside your bed, where you can dedicate the space as an altar for your Djinn, and any other Magickals you have. Let this be an altar, your personal sanctuary. You can light a candle as an offering, light some incense, take this space as far and as detailed as you want. It can be your personal sanctuary, a place to meditate, to connect with your Spirits, your Talismans, and to the universe.

May you and your family be blessed with love and light! May Ayza fill your days with good fortune, happiness, and wealth in all forms, and help you create a beautiful, meaningful and prosperous life!

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to thehauntedhive@gmail.com
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.