Dracario, Electric Sexual Energy Sanguine Vampire
Dracario, Electric Sexual Energy Sanguine Vampire
Dracario, Electric Sexual Energy Sanguine Vampire
Dracario, Electric Sexual Energy Sanguine Vampire
Dracario, Electric Sexual Energy Sanguine Vampire
Dracario, Electric Sexual Energy Sanguine Vampire

Dracario, Electric Sexual Energy Sanguine Vampire

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Size 6.5
A modern mixed metal ring, with what is likely a black rhodium based on visual appearance. A wonderfully Gosurori aesthetic, it features a skull with wings, making the black stone appear like a crown. It is in very good condition with minor signs of wear.

In the spectacular Mana fashion of Gothic Lolita, this ring screams of the Tokyo Underground subculture, perfectly befitting the spirit it vessels.

Professionally crafted by Elite Spellcaster Witch and Master Conjurer, Katie, we present a vessel of a Powerful male Sanguine Vampyre, a Gorgeous & Mysterious Creature of the Night, Dracario. Conjured from the highest potency of extreme sexual energy, 2He seeks a mortal Partner to fulfill their Sexual Wishes & fantasies, to bond with on a Spiritual-Sexual level.

This spirit is for one who seeks the unparalleled, supernatural Intimacies & sexual Powers that only a Vampire Spirit can fulfill.

This is not for the faint of heart!

You will experience the truly Magickal & Spiritually erotic with Dracario - unsurpassed, Heightened, Sexual energies that go far beyond the abilities of mortals. Dracario will voraciously indulge in your innermost fantasies with un- abandoned insatiability.

A physically powerful Creature of Night, with long blood#d red and black hair, the most striking ruby eyes, muscular and defined, always bare chested, his presence takes sexuality to an entirely new level.

His touch can be warm or cool, with sensations too explicit for us to list. Spiritual-sexual sensations go beyond what mortals are familiar with, deliciously different from what another mortal could ever possibly do or give!

When this beautiful Vampire chooses you and you choose to be his companion, you will have a Sensual Partner, a Devoted & Powerful Mate & Protector with you, to watch over you, to satisfy you in ways that mortals cannot, someone who will be with you always, to be the One who can allow you to live out your deepest & innermost Desires.

A very Open being, very compatible, & accepting; Unburdened by primitive stereotypes or prejudices, free from earthly dramas of jealousy & envy that mortals often get themselves into, he is what some would call a "Free Love" Spirit - Sexual preferences, relationship "status", labels, mortal relationships, other Sanguine Vampires or other entities, Male, Female, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Allies, Pansexual - he is open to all. As humans, many are quick to judge, condemn, stereotype, categorize, objectify, harass, hate, but Dracario is a Vampire of Love & Acceptance. He is Open to All. To him, what matters is You; what makes you happy, what you want your relationship with him to be. Be it a Spirit Husband type, a boyfriend, purely sexual, a "friend with benefits", someone you purely want to experience Spiritual Sex with, or No labels attached at all, he is Open to all. Whatever you want is what he will be for you.

Vampires like Dracario are highly, highly evolved entities He will help you advance to a higher level of existence, new levels of Sexual Power, Admiration, and Influence, and you will without a doubt experience your Spiritual-Sexual awakening.

He can help you Advance Greatly in any social circle, be it at your place of work, a vocation, an industry of talent, at auditions, parties, etc. Others will be drawn to you & the Mysterious, Alluring Energy you will exude. You will come to be treated with the Highest admiration, respect, attentiveness, punctuality, people will do things for you, give you things, treat you to surprises, gifts, invitations, Inside knowledge & secrets, you will see as others go out of their way to please you!

His Presence in your Life will also serve as Protection, he will watch over you to Reverse, Stop, Banish, Deflect & Shield you from any & all undesired energies and forces, such as Spiritual or Psychic Attack, Gossip, Bad Luck, Bad Karma, Curses, Hexes, Spiritual Attacks, Harmful Intentions, Self Destructive Thoughts & Behaviors, and more..

Once you choose to invite Dracario into your life, you will be filled with a Greater Power in all your endeavors.

Walk with this seductive Creature of the Night! Live a Life drenched in the Unparalleled Sexual Prowess Dracario yearns to spoil you with!

You may wear this exquisite vessel as a Ring, as a necklace, place it in a pocket, purse, as long as it is close to you. The more skin contact, the better. At night you may choose to wear it, or place it on your bedside table while you sleep.

You can designate a small area on your nightstand or bedroom dresser for Dracario, and Give him Offerings of candlelight or chocolates.