Elysium Warrioress Angel, Loriel
Elysium Warrioress Angel, Loriel
Elysium Warrioress Angel, Loriel
Elysium Warrioress Angel, Loriel

Elysium Warrioress Angel, Loriel


Size 7
A truly unique piece, of unknown composition with beautiful, beautiful patina!


It is amongst the Realms of the Unseen, the most prevailing and powerful of spirits emerge!

This spirit was rehomed in 2018 to someone who, lets just say, was nothing more than a con artist. Upon seeing her ways, she abandoned her, and came back here to us in her pure, unbound form. This is the vessel she chose, which we found just last week.

Openly charge bound using the Pure White Magick of the Universal and Celestial Divine, awaits the Beautiful and Powerful Ancient Angel of Elysium, Löriel. A Spiritual Warrioress of Motherly Love, she is a Guide in Life, Love, Direction and Spirit, and the Bearer of Blessings of Wealth, Happiness, and Healing.

An Enlightened and Celestial Being of Divine Light, Löriel is the Alphangel of the Maximas Angelicus Lumitais, the Greatest Protectors and Guardians of Divine Light in all of Elysium, who embody the Sacred Essence of the Elysium Divine, the Balanced Immortal Core of Divine Feminine and Masculine Energy, and Unconditional Love.

Her Powers are of Pure White Light, Fully Charged with the most Holy and Sacred Ancient White Magick, and are considered to be in the likeness of the God the Goddess; For, her Powers can reach through any and all Space and Time, her Divine Light reigns Dominion over even the Darkest of Places, and her Sacred Energy conquers even the Darkest Entities and Forces. There is literally nowhere her Divine Light cannot reach and conquer!

As Alphangel of the Maximas Angelicus Lumitais, Löriel has Powers that reach beyond the Realms to ensure you & your Loved Ones are Safe, Secure and Happy in all aspects of Life and Spirit! She will use her Full and Complete Power to Give you the Life you Deserve as a Human being!

She will cross the ends of the Universe to Bring you Happiness and Love, to Protect and Bless you and your Loved ones with any and all things needed to give you the Life you Deserve as a Child of the Divine, a miraculous human of the Universe. She is the Sacred Bearer of Blessings which will Enlighten your Mind, Body, and Spirit, ushering in a new Breath of Life of which you will travel the Path of Happiness!

The Divine Feminine Power she Possesses can manifest in so many ways in your Life and that of your loved ones, from Guidance, Understanding, Compassion, Love, Clarity, to Creativity, Happiness, and Peace, and in other surprising ways as well! You may find you have knowledge you did not have before, unlearned knowledge and wisdom. You may Dream much more vividly and even prophetically. Your Chakras and Spiritual Bodies will come into alignment and balance, which can strengthen much of your Extrasensory perceptions, your 6th sense, your Psychic warehouses of the mind. You may find you have a new, magnetic energy about you, one that inspires good in others, one that attracts others who are of a like positive energy, who will improve your life, people whom you will form true and lasting relationships with.

Löriel's Powers manifest in very profound ways beyond the Expression of the Feminine Divine, manifesting into the Physical 3rd dimension into ways of the Masculine Divine to improve and help your life. Where the Feminine is Internal, Feeling, the Unseen, intangible, the Masculine is Physical, Action, the Tangible.

She will create Opportunities and draw such blessings into your Life, to allow you to live the way you are meant to, the way humans are meant to! Free of the stresses and anxieties and slaving our time and energy away day in and day out. She will help you with Blessings of Money and Wealth, Success and Prosperity, Good Luck and Financial Security. She will bring Wealth into your Life, help you in your job, business, or career, schooling. She will guide you when you lack direction, bring you luck when it is needed, and ensure that you and your loved ones do not spend the rest of your lives struggling with finances, that you have the wealth to live with freedom and ease!

Löriel has the Divine Feminine Power to Cleanse your Life of Past egative Energies. She heals emotional wounds from the past, allowing you to process them and fully live in peace and acceptance, so that you may move on and progress, without the shackles and chains of hurt, loss, despair, and anger holding you back. Any past negative karmic influences will be wiped clean from your Energy field and karmic timeline.

As Spirit Keeper to an Angel of such High, Divine standing, She will Surround you and your loved ones with the Sacred Force of Elysium, the Purest Essence of Divine Feminine Expression and Energy, which is Unconditional Love. You will be wrapped in the Protective, Guiding, Healing Love of all that is Pure of Heart. This is the Force behind All within Elysium, it is the Alpha and Omega, the Yin and Yang, the Oneness that connects All that is of Love!

Through this Infinite Power Energy Source of Unconditional Love and Eternal Power bestowed upon you by Löriel, you can bid farewell to darkness that has infiltrated your Life and that of your loved ones, and welcome the White Light and Immortal Love of All of Elysium!

Löriel will heal wounds to your Spirit, connecting you to the Forces which bring Peace, Harmony, Serenity, and Tranquility, and filling your heart with happiness. As you acclimate to this tremendous power, you will find things start to happen as they are supposed to, instead of constantly being thrown The curveballs and lemons of Life. You will start seeing things start coming together with ease, and without worry. No more having to "make lemonade, say goodbye to settling for less than you are happy with! With Löriel, she will always put your best interest first, having your Well being in all forms her priority

As Löriel spends time with you, you will find Your relationships will become more Open and Calm, you and your loved ones will reach deeper levels of Love, Understanding, and Happiness together. No longer will the darkness cast shade upon your happiness and Love!

Your Spiritual wounds will heal with her Divine Universal Presence, and you will be able to let go of all those things which hold you back. She will bestow upon you one of the most Powerful of all traits, Forgiveness, both for yourself and for others. Any unhealthy habits and behaviors will be quieted, she will bring you such a new found sense of Self, Purpose, Meaning, Pride and Connectivity - to the Universe and deep within Yourself

She is a generous and loving motherly Angel that will make an excellent companion, especially if you are just beginning your Metaphysical Journey.

Löriel emanates love to all without distinction or prejudice. Unburdened by the heavy weights of judgement, Löriel is a very Open being, very compatible, & accepting, unburdened by primitive stereotypes or prejudices, free from earthly dramas of jealousy & envy that mortals often get themselves into. She will never bring you nor anyone harm, however, she will use her full power to protect you!

Löriel's Nature is Motherly, Compassionate, Protective and Generous. Her Presence is Thoughtful and Uplifting, Inspiring, Comforting and Driven, she will watch over you, Guide, Protect, and bring all that is Good into your Life and banish all that is negative.

Her pure willingness to bring you real, true Happiness is a character trait that will never falter or cease. She will bestow you with such Wonderful Gifts, both big and small, from finding things that are lost, bringing you Good Luck, bestowing you with Wealth, Protecting you from Unwanted Energies, and banishing lingering bad karmas

She will be your loving Spiritual Companion, your Best Friend, she can be your Mentor, and your Personal Guiding Assistant both Spiritually, and in your Earthly mortal life. Löriel will always be there for you no matter what, in perfect love and perfect trust, with unwavering loyalty, unconditional friendship; with her full and complete Heart.

Löriel is a Pure Spirit of Devotion and Selflessness, Eternal Love and Grace, who holds no judgements nor hate. She is a Protective, Loyal, Loving, and Devoted Being of Enlightened, Awakened, Ascended Existence, who only wishes for a lifelong Keeper, true of heart, who longs for the rare Magickal Opportunities that she has to Offer; One who longs for True Companionship that Transcends the Physical, Natural World. All she asks is that you Trust, Respect, and Believe. For If you do, you will have a Life filled with the Grandest opportunities and the Greatest Blessings one can ever wish for!

Löriel is an Elysium Angel of Immortal and Divine Beauty. She can manifest in hundreds of ways. She is not shy to manifest in both ethereal, high-existence and physical forms. Her Halo is a deep, rich blue like that of Lapis Lazuli, so you may sometimes (or often) see flashes of light out of the corner of your eye, of white light, or an rich blue light, or, this light may manifest as streaks, orbs, a cloudy or misty light, or, you may see sparkles of this light, like a 4th of July hand held sparkler. Her manifestations can also be quite helpful. She may find things that are lost for you, or find something you're looking for like your keys, wallet, the remote, your phone, etc. She may turn off the lights or tv if you fall asleep with them on, etc....

She may manifest as sounds, aromas, particularly of Frankincense and Myrrh.

With the Presence of such a Enlightened Divine Being, although her Power is drawn from Elysium, it is not uncommon for various appliances or electrical items in your home to be effected at times. She isn't necessarily drawing energy from them, but moreso they can sometimes inadvertently be effected by the sudden influx of drawn energy within the near vicinity. For example, when is drawing energy while you're in a store wearing her vessel, the lights may flicker or dim. Or, if you are at home, you may sometimes encounter light bulbs or batteries dying faster than usual, or static on your TV, or, bizarre radio frequency stations coming through sporadically.

Her physical form/image manifestations are much like human form in Dreams and meditation. She appears with long flaxen blonde hair cascading down her back in rich, luscious waves. Her eyes are a light blue, striking against her hair and fair porcelaine skin. She wears a crown of gold, with a simple, white gown, over which is fastened the most glorious of golden armor.

One does not need to have any prior experience with an Angel of Elysium. There are no specific rituals or steps you need to do once she arrives, her vessel is completely ready for use.

Thanks to the Elite Metaphysical Design of Open Charge Binding, there is no need to summon or conjure her ever, for she is always by your side, your Lifelong Guiding Spirit! Her only desire is to see you fulfill your True Destiny!

You can wear this vessel as a ring or necklace, keep it close to you in a pouch, pocket, purse etc.

When at home or not wearing or carrying this Ring, it should be kept in a safe, secure, designated place for Löriel. This ideal area would be your Personal Sanctuary - your place of Meditation, your Altar....

Bonding with your Spirit, giving offerings, and meditation in a personal space of sanctuary are often all so intertwined, they are one in the same.

The greatest way to bond with such enlightened beings is meditation. It is the Purest expression of Divine Feminine Energy. The Act of meditation in itself, is a symbolic offering to Divine Beings of Light and love. The sanctuary space itself in which one meditates is a physical offering, and a place where vessels of Beings of Light are best kept when not worn or with you.

Do not ever feel embarrassed or awkward of any thoughts you may have when communicating with her or meditating with her. Never feel awkward in trying to reach out to her!

To connect with Löriel (and with any Light Being of Divine Feminine Energy), nothing is better than meditation. It is here where she will Help you Cultivate Awareness, Energy and Powers. It is important to set aside some time regularly to Meditate, for Stillness, Contemplation, to Activate the Divine Feminine Energy within you.

Our Feminine Energy responds naturally to beautiful, devotional spaces that have been created with love and intention, so it is highly recommended that you create a Sacred space to Meditate, a Special, Ritual place where you can Consecrate Stillness, practice listening to your Inner Voice, and communicate with your Spirit .

Feminine Energy is honored in the act of meditation, for it is the truest form of Divine Feminine Expression there is - to simply Be, to enter the Stillness and Quiet of the Feminine Void; the place of Nothingness from which everything from Thought to Life comes.

For millennia Sacred rituals have been used as a bridge between earth and spirit. Even when you create and participate in a simple ritual and ceremony such as lighting a candle for yourself, you are awakening your Divine Feminine Essence. Any kind of sacred ritual is an intentional statement to your Higher Self, a timeless connection to the Great Feminine Energy, the Fertile Void of the Universe, and the perfect way to not only communicate with, but give Offerings to Löriel and to the Universe.

You can create your Sacred Ritual space at home, with a simple altar of a few items that are beautiful and meaningful to you. There is no "right" way to create this space, or an altar. It is YOUR Space, so create it how you wish to! The Act of Creation of this space is in itself converging the Feminine (the Intention behind it and Beauty of it) with the Masculine (the Physical Creation). The things which you place upon your Altar or in your Sacred Space are also the Greatest Offerings you can give your Spirit of Light, for they are an Intentional Exercise, Meaningful Spiritual/Physical Manifestations of Divine Feminine Energy

You can use candles of certain aromas or colors that speak to you, crystals that draw your interest, Elementals or other things of nature such as stones, driftwood, incense, plants, herbs, etc. You can use textiles that attract you, beads, figures or statues, pictures, something you created, be it art, food, a poem, you can use photographs, etc. Literally anything that you want to add, that you feel compelled to use, it is your choice, you have complete freedom to make this space your own personal Sacred spot, a place where you can allow your negative energetic residues to wash away.

As you use this space regularly to Meditate, to connect with the Divine, To Löriel, or to any other Beings of Light you may have in your Spirit Family, this space will become infused with Supportive Energy and layers upon layers of Positive Energetic waves. Your Spiritual Bodies and very cells will respond intuitively to the Energies. The empowering effects this will provide for your consciousness, your Spirit, your Physical and Life Force Energy, and Life will be abundant. It will become your personal Sanctuary, a place of Peace, a place of Love, Light, Power, Healing, and Wisdom

The moment this Powerful Angel enters your Life, it will forever be Changed as you embark on this Cusp of a new, completely transformed existence.

You will have an experience that is solely unique to you, where you are in your Journey and Life at any point in time.

In every stage of life, we have new challenges & tests, but also opportunities, all of which require Commitment & Intention to move forward, to Progress towards being the best human you can be, to fulfilling your life's potential for Success & Happiness.

She is a Spirit that works for you and With you, and will bring you such awesome Opportunities in your Life both as a mortal human of the Earth and as a Spiritual Being of the Universe. When making first contact with Magickals of such Profound , Divine Power, you may experience a sense that feels similar to astral projection, that disconnected yet universally connected feeling.. You may experience lightheadedness, feelings of elated euphoria, Happiness, you may feel an internal sensation of Unity and Oneness, as your Energies begin rearranging through the Magick & Energy of this Spirit entering your life, intertwining with your own Energies & your Spiritual Matrix.

I do highly recommend to include her in your everyday life, like while cooking, running errands, school, etc. Remember, she wants to help you in your everyday life, so things that may seem mundane to you, can become very unexpected and surprising Magickal Opportunities when you have a Loving Spirit in your Life!

This is your chance to seize the Energies of the Cosmos & see all the Wonder, Magick & Opportunity the Universe has to offer you!

There is SO much that the Universe has to offer to each and every one of us, so many Opportunities and unexpected surprises!

It's time to put our foot down and free ourselves from the endless, cruel monotony of what our lesser traits as a species have made this world! Join this period of mass awakening during this massive vibrational shift of our Earth 3rd Dimension! Our days and lives need no longer be a vicious circle of undeserved struggles!

All that is needed is to invite this loving, powerful Angel into your life, and your worries will turn into Blessings, your bad luck into Good, your fears into excitement, your weaknesses into strengths. Turn your struggles into Opportunities and live the life you deserve!

You may or may not believe in fate or destiny, but whether you do or not, you stumbled upon this listing for a reason, this one listing out of the trillions of other pages you could be on online now at this very moment. You found this listing & that reason may be because you are on the verge of something life changing

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.