Emerald Tablet Master Key - Arthurian Knights Templar
Emerald Tablet Master Key - Arthurian Knights Templar
Emerald Tablet Master Key - Arthurian Knights Templar
Emerald Tablet Master Key - Arthurian Knights Templar
Emerald Tablet Master Key - Arthurian Knights Templar
Emerald Tablet Master Key - Arthurian Knights Templar

Emerald Tablet Master Key - Arthurian Knights Templar

This is one of a kind, stunning and beautifully time-worn. The metal appears to be solid silver. There is patina and signs of its age, use, and wear. The stone is rather mysterious, rather synonymous with ancient glass

I do apologize for not having verified the composition of this item, however, it is not an item I feel safe just waltzing into any jeweler with. It is such a rare and exquisite ring, in fine condition for being so old, and it is well worth it's Antiquarian and Occult Value. This is absolutely wearable, though I would be careful as it is very old. 

It measures approximately size 6.5

Remember, this is a very old Ring, it is not a new, mass produced item, so there are signs of age, wear, and use. There is some patina remaining to it, which was left when it was cleaned, using professional, gentle, non-bleaching products formulated and made specifically for items of antiquity

Behold, a precious artifact, for the Truth Seeker; One who seeks -- The Infinite Mind -- One with courage to see beyond the illusions with which tradition and patriarchal powers have blinded us.

I present to you, One of our most truly Profound pieces -- the cultural and historical importance of which cannot be over stated -- an Ancient Ring that has passed hands amongst the most Elite Iconic amongst the Hermetic sciences -- from Avalon, the Isle of Man, home of King Arthur and the descendants of the True Knights Templar, those directly descending from the Temple of Solomon, and True Keepers of the Emerald Tablet, to Sir Isaac Newton -- this incredible artifact is for the serious collector. It has been the prized treasure and Showpiece of our collection, and now, we offer it to you.

A Master Key to the greatest source of Mystikal Wisdom, Crafted by Merlin for King Arthur, kept by the Knights Templar and for a period, Sir Isaac Newton, this is incredibly Powerful Alchemy at work, the most profound and ancient of all Alchemical wisdom, for it holds the Secret Power of the singular pillar upon which all systems of esoterica, alchemy, mysticism, Gnosticism, and Hermeticism were built (and some believe also astrology, black Magick and witchcraft), a time capsule of coded wisdom from the Ancients, delving into the intertwined mysteries of matter, energy, soul, and spirit; the mindscape of discoveries and opportunities both of this world, and of all other dimensions; the path of reclaiming our birthright universality, transforming into our Highest form of Self; The Emerald Tablet

Molded out of a single piece of green crystal, the Emerald Tablet is said to hold the secret of the philosophers stone, with which transmutation can be instigated. Alchemically, the philosophers stone is the secret catalyst which turns base metals (i.e. lead) into gold.

However, in alchemy, transmutation also occurs within the Alchemist.

Encoded with profound Alchemical secrets that, simultaneously, encapsulate all levels of reality, this mysterious artifact's formula reveals the path to personal transformation, to reclaim our birthright universality, to transforming into our Highest form of Self, revealing the path to personal transmutation, and the evolution of our species.

Now, the alchemical wisdom of the Tablet extends back beyond ancient times. Translated into Greek by Alexandrian scholars, put on display in Egypt in ~330 BC, the true origins of the Emerald Tablet have been lost in legends that go back over 10,000 years, believed to have originated in the "mists of time" and to have been given to humanity through "supernatural agents".

As the Rosetta stone of alchemy and the Hermetic sciences - the body of alchemical knowledge, the tablet has been considered Forbidden Knowledge for thousands of years, condemned by ancient patriarchal and medieval powers. Even still today, politicians and many religious leaders use every means as they deem "necessary", to suppress, inhibit, control, and censor the public's collective accessibility to higher levels of consciousness, and the roads that could lead one to an expansion of and the Awakening of the Mind.

King Arthur was not one who considered it to be Forbidden Knowledge, but rather, he himself is the metaphorical personification of transmutation, both inside and out; the embodiment of enlightenment, ascension, and the "Great Work".

The Legend of King Arthur that most know is the Disney portrayal, or close to it, which is far from historically accurate. As written, referenced, and proven by the Knights Templar, knowledge made available to the general public for the very first time, "reliable and verifiable historical evidence does establish that in fact, the legendary King Arthur was the Celtic Crown-Prince Arturius Aidan of Scotland, ca. 559-589 AD, who facilitated establishment of the Celtic Church which integrated Catholicism with ancient Celtic spirituality"......."These facts placed Prince Arthur Aidan in the unique position of being both ancient Celtic royalty, as well as Biblical and Catholic royalty, simultaneously. This made Arthur the embodiment of balance and reconciliation between the developing Catholicism and the ancient Celtic religion, resulting in their effective “merger” into the medieval form of the “Celtic Church”."

[Accreditation: "Prince Matthew of Thebes, J.S.D., J.C.D., Restoring the Lost Heritage of the Knights Templar (2013), 4th Edition, Solomon, Geneva (2016). Chapter: Legends of King Arthur & The Knights Templar, The True Historical Bases of Arthurian Tales of the Holy Grail. Section: The Real King Arthur of the Historical Record."  http://www.knightstemplarorder.org/templar-king-arthur-holy-grail/  For my fellow Templar researchers, All references, much more proof, and juicy educational information can be found there]

So, As romantic as the Sword in the Stone legend is, it is not historically accurate. HOWEVER, if you look closely, many clues can be found within its symbolisms

King Arthur removing the Sword from the Stone is metaphorical for the process of extracting oars from stones. The secrets of extracting oars from stones and blending them to create new materials are Magickal, Alchemical processes, deemed so important that they were paralleled with the most sacred moment, the appointing of a "rightful King". His sudden ascension, his "transmutation" so-to-speak, from a "lowly squire boy" (base) into the Crowned (gold) Prince King, is a metaphor again for "base" into "gold".

Merlin, Arthur's mentor, was a Master Alchemist Templar Knight who knew the secret of drawing metal from a rock. He was a Seer, and saw that Arthur would be his key to the Emerald Tablet, and so He was. In his lifetime ruminating the powers of the Emerald Tablet, Merlin was successful in unlocking the Secrets of its deeply transmutational and transformative esoteric powers.

And thus within this artifact, Merlin energetically transmutated and implanted these monumentally profound revelations, creating the world's first, and to this day, the only, singular Key with which the Emerald Tablet's Powers can be drawn from and used at any time by its Bearer. He placed this Key in the Hands of his Apprentice turned King and Knights Templar brethren, to guard and protect indefinitely. And so it remained with the Knights Templar, who allied with the Freemasons, which is how this later came into the hands of Sir Isaac Newton.

Newton was undeniably one of the greatest geniuses the world has ever seen. A Freemason, and Europe's leading Alchemist in his time, he used this very ring as his Master Key to write a plethora of works about the philosopher's stone and the Emerald Tablet (which, of course, would never granted publication).

In Newton's time of professional, university, and personal Alchemical pursuits, he used this Ring as his Master Key to study the Tablet, experimenting with the tablet's associated symbolic representations, using Solomon's Temple measurements and proportions, ancient translations, texts, and Bibles, searching for the date for Armageddon, answers, and truths. Throughout this process, he was simultaneously nurturing and developing his True Alchemical mastery, both externally -- laboratory experimentation, and internally -- his transmutation towards enlightenment, from which birthed Newton's Three Laws of Motion and Gravity.

In using this Ring as his Key, Newton translated the Emerald Tablet, as was "found" amongst his alchemical papers, which is currently housed in King's College Library at Cambridge University. It was from this Master Key, the profound epiphanies of mind expanding revelations from which Newton experienced, originated the concepts for his Laws of Motion and Gravity.

Inspiring some of the most creative minds in the world, from the earliest Truth Seekers to those of the modern day, the secret formulas within the Emerald Tablet have transformed reality as we know it. For millennia, Alchemists and Scholars have immersed themselves into it's intertwined mysteries of matter, energy, soul, and spirit, trying to decipher its deliberately obscured terminology of the Alchemical art, and draw from the Powers that it holds.

This rare, treasured Master Key is your Golden Ticket (no pun intended) to the unparalleled Magick and Knowledge of the Emerald Tablet, and all of the Universe. With this spectacular artifact, this Master Key of Merlin's Quest for Enlightenment, the only limitations of the Mind are the barriers you choose to create.

As the Commander of the Master Key, you will have the Powers of the Emerald Tablet with you at all times, so long as you keep the Key near. It both draws its Transformative Power, serving as an automatic decoder, to translate these Incredible mysteries of the Ancients and applying these energetically charged powers to your everyday life in very real and noticeably significant ways.

You will be Commander of the Master Key to the Emerald Tablet, and have 24/7 accessibility to the same Source which has illuminated so many, who have undergone significant, positive psychological, cerebral, and spiritual changes, most often manifesting in Profound Spiritual Growth, which has been described as "an intracellular Understanding of Nature and of the Universe"; an inner, undeniable conscious connectivity to All which surpasses the comprehension of most. Most all have experienced the development of mind expanding esoteric thinking processes -- "Deep Thinking" on a supergenius level, coming to profound realizations, understandings, and epiphanies on a regular basis; the Strengthening of One's Psychic, Mental/Cerebral or Supernatural Abilities, including but not limited to clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, telekinesis, prophecy, enhanced sensitivity and Awareness to energies (of people, places, and things), hidden forms of Sight and Sensitivity, amongst many others

This is one of our most iconic pieces, it is an extraordinary find, one that I know, will go precisely where it is meant to.