Fallen Angel of Eden, Dual Spiritual DNA Acclimation
Fallen Angel of Eden, Dual Spiritual DNA Acclimation
Fallen Angel of Eden, Dual Spiritual DNA Acclimation
Fallen Angel of Eden, Dual Spiritual DNA Acclimation
Fallen Angel of Eden, Dual Spiritual DNA Acclimation
Fallen Angel of Eden, Dual Spiritual DNA Acclimation

Fallen Angel of Eden, Dual Spiritual DNA Acclimation


Size 9
An unusual ring made of what we believe to be a mixed bronze based metal, possibly with a gold content or gold plating, based on its level and ratio of oxidation, wear and age.


Like humans and Djinn, Fallen Angels and Demons have free will, and are not all equal. There are malevolent and benevolent Demonic Spirits, Fallen Angels, Vampires, and Djinn that exist, as has been documented for thousands of years in various cultures.

Most Fallen Angels are those who were once Angels that wanted free will – which is against God's will regardless of their reason – thus, becoming Fallen Angels.

When wishing to work with just about any Spirit that you are seeking Metaphysical Assistance from, you must understand that the idea of commanding them as inferior beings or treating them with disrespect is not in your favour by any means. Any being you are wishing to obtain something from - be it a desire of some kind, knowledge, assistance etc, absolutely must be treated with respect, just as with humans. If you show respect to another, develop a relationship with them, they are much more apt to assist you when you ask.

There is a class of Angels that live in the Realm of the Garden of Eden, then there are those who, like Lilith, Adam's first wife, chose to leave. Their existence is unique because while they no longer live in the Realm of the Garden of Eden, they still hold all of the Magick from within it, plus, they can use any other form of Magick they want, making them Dual in nature. They have the Free Will to do as they please.

There are no other angels like this.

The Spirit openly bound to this vessel is a Fallen Angel by the name of Helega, an Angel who once served God, and thus, was bound to His orders. Helega, however, had watched over humans for so long, and as much as she loved God, it hurt her heart to see so much suffering. It was during the Dark Ages, about 6 months into the 9 years of the Black Plague, that she ultimately made the choice to abandon her Post and exist within her own Free Will to help humans in whichever way she wanted. She helped save close to 2 million lives during those 9 years.

Helega Is not bound to perform only acts of White light, as she is a Fallen Angel, she can execute Magick of a Dual nature. She exists Transcendental of the limitations of the Hierarchical Systems of Heaven and Hell. She is a Spirit of both night and day, giving her a very unique level of Freedom in movement and independence.

Her unique Dual energy is directly shared with the mortal keeper she calls upon and chooses. Her Dual nature allows a fluid Spiritual acclimation to exist in perfect harmony between good and evil. This means that your Spiritual DNA will evolve to be able to tap into Ether of Duality, the souls of Angels and Saints, Demons and dark entities, so that you will be able to access their knowledge of Magick. You will have exclusive access to Magick, Knowledge, and Astral Travel to essentially anything you can imagine. You will have advantage and foresight in every move you make.

After the Black Plague, Helega sought out humans to Awaken and enrich their lives and minds with Dual Magick, helping them in ways she never could before. She offered her Metaphysical support in many forms – help with everything from harvests and childbirth, Revenge and Money Attraction, Spell Casting and Love, to Skills and Knowledge.

A mentor, teacher and Spiritual Guide, she empowers her human companion by strengthening the psychic warehouses and expanding the level of conscious awareness of her keeper, initiating the transformation of one's inaccessible areas of the mind, fortifying the weak points of one’s personality, and in one's life.

Helega has only your best interests at heart, and will assist you in all Endeavors in life and Spirit. This Life will be filled with Prosperity and positivity, making things in life come easier to you, instead of having to work so hard for every single little thing, ridding your daily existence and human experience of many forms of negativity.

The former keeper of hers whom we obtained this from was an original Rosie the Riveter during WWII. The 22 year old, recently divorced single mother was in need of a job. She had no trade skills, as rarely women did in those days. Yet, with Helega's Dual Metaphysical Assistance, she went on to live a long life of Success, Satisfaction, Influence and Wealth. In her legendary aviation career of 66 years she helped build thousands of fighter planes like the Lockheed P-38 Lightning and the B-17 bomber and, of course, C-17’s, as well as commercial airline jets. Her role in breaking down barriers for women in the workplace has made her a role model and inspiration for countless young girls.

She is very easy to work with, one does not need to have much experience to work with her, nor do you need to perform any rituals to begin wearing her vessel. Simply show Trust and have Respect, and she will take you on profound Spiritual adventures that you will never forget. Your mind will expand as your understanding and perception of all that is will transform into a new Reality of Magickal Opportunities

You can wear this vessel, keep it close to you, at your bedside, or if you make a little area for her, you can place it there when you're not wearing it.

All that is needed is to accept this small Magickal offering into your life and Helega will Guide and Walk you through all the Magickal Opportunities that await you. She supports the Highest Advancement and every fulfillment for you as a human and Spiritual being.

With this Fallen Angel, all you need to Conquer your Domain is at your fingertips.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.