Firstborn Fortune Goddess of Fate & Sisterhood of Angelic Goddesses, Lasa & the Lasae of Etruria
Firstborn Fortune Goddess of Fate & Sisterhood of Angelic Goddesses, Lasa & the Lasae of Etruria
Firstborn Fortune Goddess of Fate & Sisterhood of Angelic Goddesses, Lasa & the Lasae of Etruria
Firstborn Fortune Goddess of Fate & Sisterhood of Angelic Goddesses, Lasa & the Lasae of Etruria

Firstborn Fortune Goddess of Fate & Sisterhood of Angelic Goddesses, Lasa & the Lasae of Etruria


For your consideration we present a truly incredible piece, hand carved, measuring close to 2 inches tall.


The polytheistic belief system of the Ancient Etruscans was deeply rooted In their daily lives. Death and the Etruscan Underworld were not looked on with dread, but were woven into daily life just as much as the Gods. There was often a dual meaning to things, such as mirrors, an indication of the appearance of beauty or as a mild punning reference to the dead, as the word for "reflection", hinthial, also could mean "ghost" in the Etruscan language.

Their connection to the Spiritual world and the Gods through Sacred Oracles gave them a vivid understanding of the Unseen, how active a role these things played in daily life, and also how they could be influenced, to thus Influence human affairs.

There were Major and Minor deities in the Etruscan culture, with the Major Gods having their own Houses in the Etruscan famous Bronze Liver, used as a teaching tool by Etruscan haruspices. There was the God of the Skies, Tinia, and his wife Uni, the Earth Goddess Cel, Aritimi (Artemis), Menrva (Minerva), and Pacha (Dionysus) were some.

In relation to this piece is Lasa, an important Etruscan Goddess of Fate, who, was usually drawn as a beautiful winged Goddess, nude, save for jewelry and boots. She was often depicted in funerary art with an alabastron, a type of small perfume vessel used in daily life and to hold the perfume with which the dead were anointed, or left as an offering for the dead. She was also often shown holding a scroll, the Etruscan symbol of Fate, shown on funerary sculptures, tomb chambers, and sarcophagi, inscribed with the deeds of the deceased, to be judged in the Underworld – much like the modern myth of St. Peter checking his book at the entrance to the Christian Heaven.

Within the House of Lasa is the group of Fate Spiritual Entities, the Lasae, also referred to as the Lasas, who form a sisterhood of beautiful, female, God-like winged beings, usually unclothed, wearing only jewelry and shoes. Much like Guardian Angels, the Lasae were assigned to individual souls. Some of the Lasae are actual Goddesses by name, and some are not. They are often found depicted with the Goddess Lasa, and are often shown flying over the graves of the Dead, protecting and guarding their graves after death. The Etruscans used Lasae as their direct means of Communication with the Gods, and enriching their day to day lives.

According to the later written Roman Hymn of the Arval Brethren, the Lasae are identified with the Lares Praestites ("the Lares/guardian spirts who fulfill [their duties]"), the guardian spirits of the Roman state.

Lasa had quite a few epithets, like Lasa Recuneta ("The Approved" or "Excellent"), Lasa Vecu (associated with the Roman Vegoia, a prophetic nymph), or Lasa Sitmica ("She Who Fixes", perhaps in reference to the fixing or deciding of an individual's fate). Some Goddesses who were considered Lasae are: Evan, Mean, Achuvitr, and Alpan.

She was equated with Fortuna Primigenia of the Romans, "Firstborn Fortune", one of their oldest forms of the fate Goddess. Another name for Lasa Herself, or a name for one of the Lasae is Rescunia ("She Who Causes Growth").

This piece summons the Goddess of Fate, Lasa and the Sisterhood of Lasae, to guide you and remain by your side along your intended journey. They will help you overcome any obstacles that might present themselves to you along the way, making sure you are achieving your true destiny.

Having the Goddess of Firstborn Fortune and her Goddesses of Fate and so easily accessible, you will be able to communicate with them readily, to fix and alter things in your life that may not be going so swell – such as a toxic friendship, a romantic relationship, job hunting, living situation, school, etc, or, things you would like to see in your life more – like adventure, spontaneity, leisure, relaxation, Friendship, and such.

As the Firstborn Goddess of Fortune, Fate, Growth, and Excellence, Lasa possesses Wealth Magick that grants you Divine Wealth. This comes in the form of Blessings of Fortune, Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity in Financial Matters, and in all areas of your life that will be bestowed upon you when you possess this piece.

There are no activation steps involved with this piece that you must do, it is completely ready for your use. All that is needed is to accept this small relic into your life, and keep it in a special, safe place in your home.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
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