Fivefold Expansion Talisman | Ground, Elevate, Denoise
Fivefold Expansion Talisman | Ground, Elevate, Denoise
Fivefold Expansion Talisman | Ground, Elevate, Denoise
Fivefold Expansion Talisman | Ground, Elevate, Denoise
Fivefold Expansion Talisman | Ground, Elevate, Denoise
Fivefold Expansion Talisman | Ground, Elevate, Denoise
Fivefold Expansion Talisman | Ground, Elevate, Denoise
Fivefold Expansion Talisman | Ground, Elevate, Denoise
Fivefold Expansion Talisman | Ground, Elevate, Denoise

Fivefold Expansion Talisman | Ground, Elevate, Denoise

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An enameled alloy pendant which has never been worn, in excellent condition. Each will come with a cord so that it can be worn as a necklace. 


It goes without saying that we are living in times unlike any we have ever seen before within our lifetime. Humanity has become more divided than ever; the world overripe with such unfathomable levels of individualism to the point of madness, and such greed to the point of brutal calamity and chaos.

To quote a brand new release called Flexorcist from favorite band The Voidz, “We’ve seen so much, we’ve gone blind.”

For many, it is all too easy to get swept up by the news, and to fall into the carefully designed dualistic dichotomy, as that is what those in power want, that is what they have designed, that is what they need to ensure that the people will stay under their control. When people are busy with their divisions, they’re far less likely to see what’s really going on, let alone unite and start a revolution…

But I digress…

The purpose of this talisman is to help keep you both grounded and elevated – grounded to reality, and elevated above the divisive noise, above the trigger-soliciting knee jerk reactions and the low vibrational emotions, to live and thrive rather than being emotionally bounced around by the external world and the carefully curated, manipulated propaganda that floods our screens – that which keeps the majority in a state of fight or flight, in a state or surviving rather than thriving.

Imbued with many layers of spells, the energies harnessed in casting these provide the wearer with an all-encompassing field to help keep you centered, balanced, and rooted to the ancient resonant powers of the Earth, rooted to your higher self, and to the highest frequencies of being.

You see, emotions are energy in motion. All energy is frequency and all frequency carries information. Thus, through our own personal thoughts and feelings, we are always sending and receiving information.

To survive means to “continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger, crisis, hardship or stress.”

To thrive means to “flourish, to prosper, to have abundance, to be fortunate or successful, to grow or develop vigorously.”

When one is in survival mode, basic physiological needs and safety are the primary concerns that dominate the mind. Things like personal development and spiritual enlightenment aren’t at the surface, needing frequent and conscious effort to remind one’s self to think about those things instead of basic physiological needs and safety. In survival mode, one is primarily concerned with just being able to get food in and on the table, and having a job that will bring in income, regardless of how harmful or soul numbing it is.

Living in survival typically means our level of consciousness, our vibrational level, has been lowered. It means that our practical awareness has been constricted – meaning, the capacity of awareness which we are currently operating at is smaller than, and encompassing a much more restricted depth than what we deserve, and is possible. When our energetic vibration lowers, our emotional health lowers as well, causing us to feel fear, depression, anxiety, frustration, and hopelessness. It is a downward spiral of emotion where the idea of possibilities and opportunities is not in our capacity to feel. Instead we get stuck worrying about our basic survival needs, so consumed by it that it hinders us from manifesting means of getting out of survival mode. It is like a vicious cycle of worry, and just getting through the day is about all we can do

However, we CAN shift out of this mode and return back to a state of thriving. Making small changes and practicing healthy habits will slowly but surely elevate your vibration and expand your practical awareness. That is where this piece comes in. Not only is it cast with spells and harnessed energies to help raise your vibration on its own, it also amplifies the vibrational magnitude of positive emotions you have, boosting your working/practical energetic exchange to a higher level, raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness upwards.

So, the power of this is fivefold:
- Keeps one elevated above the divisive noise and grounded to reality
- Surrounds you with high frequency energies to raise your vibration
- Amplifies magnitude of positive emotions
- Boosts your energetic capacity
- Expands consciousness

To put it VERY simply though, it elevates you above the stressful BS “they” want you consumed with.

With this talisman, you may find your self esteem rises, you make healthier choices, and you become more mindful of the present rather than stressing over the past (what cannot be changed) and having anxiety about the future. You will much more easily be able to cope with the ways of the world, in particular humanity – even more particularly, the elite few who have designed the ways of the world to be the way they are, for our human experience to be the kind of experience it is for the vast majority.

When you understand things for the way they are, how “all the world’s a stage”, and that WE are the target audience market, it becomes so much easier to rise above it. Sure, you’ll hear something in passing that makes you mad – on the TV in the waiting room at the doctor’s, flipping through radio stations, TikTok, Instagram, etc, but this helps you rise above it.

This can be worn as a necklace, kept in a pocket, wallet, etc, or placed in your home to allow all those that enter benefit from its tremendous power.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's current financial situation or economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to thehauntedhive@gmail.com

We believe that everyone deserves to have positive and profound metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.