Morbid Oddity | Dr. Kevorkian Antique Metassistance Relic
Morbid Oddity | Dr. Kevorkian Antique Metassistance Relic
Morbid Oddity | Dr. Kevorkian Antique Metassistance Relic
Morbid Oddity | Dr. Kevorkian Antique Metassistance Relic
Morbid Oddity | Dr. Kevorkian Antique Metassistance Relic
Morbid Oddity | Dr. Kevorkian Antique Metassistance Relic

Morbid Oddity | Dr. Kevorkian Antique Metassistance Relic


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Unique, well preserved, authentic antique ring dating back to the 19th Century. Handmade, cast from what we believe to be a mixture of metals of silver and bronze, featuring an intricately detailed band and setting with a rich, red artisanal glass gemstone. The natural patina and timeworn character from wear and use for the past 120+ years only adds to the value of such relics. It is in Very Fine wearable condition and is well worth its antique and occult value.


From the exclusive Private collection of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, this very ring is the full and complete embodiment of the Vampire Demon God, Firstborn Immortal Prince of Grand Duke Demon Bune and Vampire Goddess Lilith – Prince Bazith, of Supreme Divine and Elite Demonic Domain, an Immortal who holds the Direct Sacred Power of God, and the Complete Authority of Death, who can fulfill any wish you have of White or Dark Nature.

Bazith (pronounced BAH – zith).

This unique Antique ring Pertains to the most intimately personal, private thing one could ever possibly inquire about – the clear minded decision to move beyond this short, mortal Life.

The reasons for choosing to end one's life are not limited to ending terminal suffering. There are some who choose to end this life For the purpose of transcending to what comes next for them. Death is attractive to some for as many reasons as death is unattractive to others. It truly depends on the individual. Paraphrasing, The Metaphysical Aspects of Suicide by Connie Bell-Dixon offers some keen insight and perspective:

"Suicide - one word incites so many thoughts and emotions, which most people have contemplated at least once in their lives… much more than the world really admits.

For some, Life circumstances can be so burdensome and painful, one cannot see a solution, no alternative for a happier life. Sometimes the mind can get so tangled in a web of depression, that the spirit gives up.

Then are lost souls, who have never been able to get their feet on the ground. Energetically, they cannot feel who they are inside…their own internal energy or self and on the outside their aura is spinning out of control with no manner of grounding to the earth.

Some have a tortured soul that has been through trauma lifetime after lifetime, stored within our cellular memory, repeating cyclically until there is true healing.

Then there are highly sensitive empaths, who feel the anguish of so many others to the extent that they are in mental and/or physical pain constantly. They do not know where their feelings begin and where the world’s pain starts.They have no peace. So how do they deal with this? Often they will turn to drugs and alcohol as they desperately need to dull the pain.

I have heard the saying that “God does not give you more than you can handle” or something to that effect. I never believed this. I do think some individuals get inundated by negative circumstances in their lives. Many events happen that can cause shock and traumatize a person.

So is suicide bad? Many religions and societies will say yes and that it is a coward’s action (in truth it takes quite a bit of courage to perform the act). From the metaphysical perspective many believe the answer is no…it is never a negative action. Whether it is “bad" or not is subjective and

I believe suicide is just one road that a soul takes versus dying by natural causes. Maybe suicide was part of their path this lifetime. Perhaps it is a lesson the soul decided to experience. Whatever the case, for the spirit, it may have been the most freeing and loving thing they could have done for themselves. "

Death with Dignity, Assisted suicide, Assisted Death, Voluntary Euthanasia, Physician-assisted dying or Aid-in-dying stem from the idea that it is the terminally ill individual who should make their end-of-life decisions – not government interference, politicians/political ideology, nor religious leaders and their dogma.

These laws give people dignity, control, and peace of mind during their final days with family and loved ones. The protections ensure that it is the individual who remains the driving force in end-of-life care discussions.

There are laws which allow varying degrees of Assisted Dying for the terminally ill in Washington, D.C., California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and soon Victoria, Australia. Many existing physician-assisted dying laws mirror Oregon’s widely acclaimed Death with Dignity Act, a highly successful Act which independent studies prove has safeguards to protect patients and prevents misuse.

However these laws really only apply to those with terminal illnesses who have a life expectancy of 6 months. Not that they don't deserve the right to choose their death, but, many feel that all people should be able to choose, and for anyone that assists them to not face any kind of legal prosecution.

Not to mention, we already do it. If a beloved pet is suffering, it is seen as an act of kindness to put it to sleep. Why should this kindness be denied to humans?

Individuals deserve the Freedom of choice to make their own choice. Every individual should be able to die as they wish. And as long as there's all the proper preparatory documentation and what not, their assistants should not face any legal prosecution.

We hope that one day it will be a right that each person has. Everyone should be able to choose how to live and how to die. And, those who do assist should be free from prosecution. I understand and Respect why there are so many laws, however, although they protect, they also can be a severe hindrance.

It is not right to have a "model" of certain criteria, or that one must have a terminal illness in most cases.

Much of what I know of about this, I began learning at a young age, from our dear, dear family friend, Dr. Jack Kevorkian. His Father, Levan, and my Great Grandfather met through a mutual acquaintance in the construction business (whom they both detested), and our families remained friends since. Jack was about 10 years older than my Grandpa, but they both shared the mutual disagreement with their parents about religion, both were brilliant beyond their years, and both had difficulty connecting with their own peers, and they became good friends.

Anyway though, I grew up having a great deal of understanding of this “taboo” subject. Dr. Jack came over for dinners at my grandparents house and I'd listen to the adults all talk. It wasn't until I was an adult, after he was paroled in the summer of 07 that I finally got the chance to actually work with him.

His parole (two years) was under the strict conditions that he could not help anyone with suicide, he literally couldn't even comment about it.

What most people don’t know, is that during his 8 years in prison, he studied the occult hard, I mean, extremely, obsessively hard, in particular a rare, ancient Alchemy, Sorcery, a type of "reverse Necromancy" found in ancient Germania. He also utilized various races of entities and various forms of extreme Psychic-Cerebral Advancement/Transcendence too.

I learned the many ways he used Metaphysics to indirectly assist people with suicide after his parole, ways he was able to with the proper metaphysics, a piece of jewelry, a statuette, or other small memento relic.

Now, he could not, and would not help just anyone. Each individual went through a thorough process, a series of steps, tests, interviews, to validate they are of sound mind, to rule out any possibility of irrationality, psychosis, loss of touch with reality, or any other factors which could compromise one's decision making, to validates that individual's reason for choosing Metassistance.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian coined the terms “Metassistance", “Metassisted Transcendence”, “Metassisted Death", and “Voluntary Metassisted Suicide" to refer to this territory the Metaphysical Assistance.

Now, Metassistance is not going to have an immediate complete result like medically induced assistance does, it does take time, which varies in the amount of time for it to come full circle.

This exquisite, antique piece is a Spirit Vessel, which comes from the private, personal collection of Dr. Jack Kevorkian himself. It is a Ring that several of his clients used for Metassistance, which he left for me personally.

I don't know a vast amount about the life of this ring prior to Dr. K's possession of it, however, I do know he said it was used for this same purpose long before he came to have it.

Within this very ring is the full and complete embodiment of the Vampire Demon God, the Firstborn Prince of the Vampire Goddess Lilith, Bazith.

Now, to really understand who Bazith is and the Power he holds, I feel it necessary to explain his origin, in particular, his mother.

Lilith, the true First woman of Earth, is a Goddess documented by most all Ancient cultures the world over. Her story, Powers, and even her appearance have been eerily similar and often synonymous from culture to culture, including cultures that had no contact whatsoever.

Lilith was made with Adam from the Earth as equal beings of a much higher existence than humans. They were made "in God's Image", not referring to physical appearance as is commonly misinterpreted, but, as Divine Beings of Immortal Wisdom, Enlightened, One with the Universal Creator, with Natural Abilities in the likeness of God.

Adam did not want an equal though, he wanted her subservient, "beneath" him. Lilith refused, and left him, leaving Adam and the Garden of Eden forever.

It is important to highlight that Lilith never ate the forbidden fruit that Adam and his 2nd wife, Eve ate; the fruit which made them mortal, the fruit which punished them to live as MORTALS of HUMAN intelligence.

Therefore, Lilith remained, and still remains, IMMORTAL, with all the Wisdom and Power given to her from God, as the 1st Immortal of this Earth.
Lilith is a Goddess that has been worshipped by many, and has been associated with the Moon, Night, and Wind; Wisdom, Magick, Shapeshifting (Serpent, wings), Power, Eternal Beauty, Sex, and Independence. Her generous Powers are omnipotent and truly unparalleled.

Ever the man-oriented context, most Christian and Jewish lore would later try to tarnish her image, by fabricating obscene and horrific myths about her, which are untrue, or, severely twisted or exaggerated. Such as, she was punished by having to give birth every single day to demon babies then kill them.

Lilith did indeed have A baby, however, not like how the Abrahamic say.

Baby-making for Immortals – especially when you're the only Immortal on Earth – poses as logistically problematic in figuring out who the other parent will be.

Lilith chose the most Powerful Demon Bune, a Grand Duke of Death and Burial. Her pregnancy of one lunar cycle required a tremendous amount of Energy, which Bune supplied with Fresh Blood.

A “Death Curator" of sorts, Bune is one of the three demons that hold sway over the dead. He is a Grand Duke with 30 Legions of the Infernal Army answering to his call. Their powers are many and their numbers almost infinite. He orchestrates and commands his legions, moving amongst the dead with Authority, bestows untold riches and eloquence, and fulfills demands". Per Johann Weyer’s description of Bune in his 'Pseudomonarchia Daemonum' (1583):

"Bune is a great and a strong Duke; he speaketh with a divine voice, he maketh the dead to change their place, and divels to assemble upon the sepulchers of the dead: he greatlie inricheth a man, and maketh him eloquent and wise, answering trulie to all demands, and thirtie legions obeie him."

In S. L. MacGregor Mathers' the 'Goetia' (1904) Bune is described as:

"The Twenty-sixth Spirit is Bune. He is a Strong, Great and Mighty Duke. He speaketh with a high and comely Voice. He changeth the Place of the Dead, and causeth the Spirits which be under him to gather together upon your Sepulchres. He giveth Riches unto a Man, and maketh him Wise and Eloquent. He giveth true Answers unto Demands. And he governeth 30 Legions of Spirits."

So, Bazith is the Firstborn Immortal Prince of Grand Duke Demon Bune and Vampire Goddess Lilith, a union unlike any before, making a Pure Bloodline of Supreme Divine and Elite Demonic Domain.

Thus, he has both of their Powers, Abilities, Authority, and then some….

Prince Bazith holds the Direct Sacred Power of God, and the Complete Authority of Death.

He is an Omnipotent Immortal that can walk amongst the living, the dead, the Demonic and the Divine.

Bazith is the Immortal who has The Birthright Power and Bloodline to escort you out of this Life, and due to his Divine maternal blood, he can take you to face God himself.

He is the First Generation of all Divine offspring and Demonic who has the Power and Authority to fulfill any wish both of White Light and Dark.

He will fulfill your wishes of leaving this life, and if you so choose he will prepare you for what comes next for you.

There are no Rituals or binding spells needed once your Ring arrives, this is completely ready for use. All that is needed is to accept this Magickal offering into your life, to keep it with you as much as possible, and You as the, Master will have Bloodright - Authority at your fingertips to leave this Earth.

This is a Once in a lifetime opportunity to be the Master of such a truly rare, Powerful Talisman of biblical proportions. Please, The Magick within this is very Ancient & Powerful. This is not a Talisman to treat lightly, & its Powers should be heeded with the Greatest Respect.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to

We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.