Haunted Victorian Couple Black Mass Initiation Demonic Cross
Haunted Victorian Couple Black Mass Initiation Demonic Cross
Haunted Victorian Couple Black Mass Initiation Demonic Cross

Haunted Victorian Couple Black Mass Initiation Demonic Cross

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A very, very old, handmade cross, made from what were intended to be physical representation of the nails used for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. They appear to be made of iron, based on the oxidation & corrosion. There are, however, a few areas with a very strong gold color, which does not appear to be paint.

This is a very dark haunted object that is to be handled with great caution & respect. Those lacking experience in working with powerful, dark forces, we highly recommend that you refrain from purchasing this.

Due to the nature of this haunted object being Dark, Satanic & Demonic, it will be properly prepared for shipment by an experienced practitioner. We absolutely cannot accept any returns on this item.

This rare and historically documented piece is part of a small collection of artifacts from a very, very old Victorian era estate with a dark & seedy past to say the least. With slavery, gangs, Voodoo, Satanic meetings & black magick, it has a very active & sometimes volatile paranormal history.

It is an old home that sets far back from the road, and up on a hill, so that it overlooks the entire property. It still has its elaborate & ornate furnishings & is quite breathtaking to behold. Located in a very wealthy, upper class area in the Midwest, home to Professional Athletes, CEO's, & plenty a Doctors & Lawyers, its history is not widely spoken of so as not to "tarnish" the area's high upper class reputation, but those that live there are well aware of its past. Local residents try their hardest to keep anything out of their "ordinary" very hush-hush. From scandals & horrors of the area’s history, to crimes committed to this day, all are kept very, very quiet.

This estate has changed hands over the years. It was used for secret meetings, illicit affairs & other less respectable activities. It was used by a famous gang of the early 1900s, used to stash & smuggle alcohol during Prohibition. A young couple lived in the estate in the 1800s and early 1900s, who were known Satanists & practitioners in the Dark Arts.

It is also the place of several deaths that are known, not all of them natural. It is believed to be the scene of many more deaths that were never accounted for.

In the basement there is a separate area with a dirt floor, with shackles & chains still on the wall which were used for slaves many years ago.

Below the estate, there is an old underground tunnel, which disturbed the Native American burial grounds (Potawatomi) the estate was built upon and during the tunnel's secretive construction. The tunnel has ties to slavery & Voodoo that the slaves practiced, as it was used both as a route to Canada as part of the Underground railroad, and it was used for the smuggling of slaves as well for those in the far north that, behind closed doors, were pro-slavery. The slaves that had the misfortune of living there are said to have practiced Voodoo, and their slave owners died very mysterious deaths. It is believed that the slaves killed them using Voodoo magick. Their bodies were never found. Some say they were burned alive, some say they were dismembered & thrown in the river, some say they are buried on the property.

This piece was discovered on the property of the estate, behind it, which for acres & acres it is a heavily wooded area. There is, however, a clearing, where the young Victorian couple held some of their Black Masses, ones in which a new member was being initiated.

Now, this couple was hardcore when it comes to darkness. They were legitimately fluent in doing dark deeds.

Many researchers have investigated the estate in the past, including The Haunted Hive’s own Owner, who have all recorded & experienced very clear evidence of dark, negative, evil spirits & doings.

The current owner of the estate, a famous Paranormal Researcher, found a secret passage within the estate, a wall which pivots and opens up to an entirely hidden chamber, that clearly nobody had ever found before, as surely the treasures and trinkets within it would have been plundered. There is no official record of the passage and hidden chamber anywhere that he has searched.

This chamber is a small room, clearly used for the couple's Magick, where he has found many a Spell books, writings, supplies, and other evidence of to what extent their Black Magick & evil actions went.

This particular piece was documented within the Victorian couple's documents, as the central tool in the Black Masses in which a new member would be initiated; of which these particular Black Masses were specifically held outdoors, in the clearing in the woods where this was found.

The couple referred to this piece, indicating that each initiate “must use it” , and if the initiate would not, then “there is no second chance”, and, “all doors close”.

How exactly they wanted initiates to “use” this, or what about using this would make one want to refuse using it, has been thoroughly investigated by the estate owner & his team, and, by invitation, The Haunted Hive's Owner & Metaphysical Curator, Katie – who, is a Powerful Psychic, Sensitive, & from a multi generational family of paranormal investigators.

Through investigative research with Katie and the estate owner as the Lead Investigators, and that of their Team Members, it is safe to say this cross is very much Haunted, to put it lightly.

There were many instances of Sensory-Emotional Manipulation, such as feeling as though you're being watched, feeling as though you are not alone, as though someone is standing right behind you. Catching glimpses of Shadows out of the corner of your eye, Feelings of Uneasiness, Fear, Anxiety, Dizziness, Headaches. There were Phantom Odors of Sulfur, Blood, & Decomposing Flesh; Phantom Thermal Anomalies as Cold Spots, Phantom Auditory Anomalies of Footsteps, Scratching, Metallic clinking, Whispering, Moans, Grunting; Unexplainable Movement of Shadow, Unexplainable breezes. They experienced Unexplainable Static Electricity & Non-thermally induced Goosebumps, batteries/charged devices suddenly dying, lights turning off, a Door closing with no physical cause.

Several experienced Feelings of pain in the chest, described as a “stabbing, piercing jolt”.

There was A Black cloudy, foggy Mass seen moving past a doorway at the same time there was a series of off the charts Electromagnetic Field Manipulations recorded as high EMF spikes.

There was a Sudden appearance of water pooled on the floor, with no known or even probable source. The team had just been in the exact same spot 2 minutes before & there was no water. It has been theorized by some that water appearing from no source indicates demonic entities.

A guttural, deep voice in an unknown/incomprehensible language, broken with loud grunting sounds was heard by Katie & the other Psychic Sensitive in the group. Although nobody else heard it “live”, it was heard when they played back the recorded audio.

This happened in several individual instances, with the sounds of multiple voices, male and female voices screaming, then suddenly falling deathly silent.

It should be noted that Katie had visions of this cross being used in a ritualistic fashion, initiates using it on human sacrifices, through the heart.

There were Bite marks on one Team member's calf, then Scratches appeared on 3 team member's bodies simultaneously – face, back, and arm, at which point caused them to call an end to this investigation. Simultaneous physical attacks is also an indication of a powerful, non-human entity.

Based on the evidence, it is strongly believed there is a Demonic entity attached to this. It is believed that it was used as the initiates' tool of sacrifice.

Many believe that there must be an "agent", a source from which Dark Entities such as Demons take energy from. The believed usage of this would certainly be an ideal agent for a Demonic entity.

We must reiterate that this undeniably Haunted Object is not a toy, and we do not recommended it for the experimental novice, nor for one who is merely looking for thrills. The documented activity & experiences are very much abnormal & atypical for hauntings of human spirits, even the nastiest ones, and are serious indicators of a much darker, non-human Entity.

Absolutely no returns will be accepted with this, so please be entirely sure of your decision before purchasing.

Legal disclaimer: You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase. By purchasing this you agree to consent that this item(s) is now yours; You agree that any & all phenomena- paranormal/metaphysical attachments of human and/or Non- human Spirits, Entities, Beings, Properties, Hauntings, curses, hexes, spells & enchantments to this item(s) are now solely yours. We are not & will not be held responsible in any way, shape or form for the intensity, level, or nature of activity from this item(s), nor any harmful, negative, unwanted, undesired, unexpected events, occurrences, happenings, consequences, abuse, retaliations, injuries or death from any haunting, human spirits, non-human entities; nor any Psychic, Supernatural, Super-human, or any other Metaphysical occurrences, happenings or events in any way, shape or form, as a result of purchasing this listing, or the lack thereof. The Buyer Takes Sole Responsibility For Their Personal Well Being And Health. We accept No liability or responsibility for any Metaphysical/Paranormal activity that may occur due to the purchase/use of our products or services