Illuminati Legacy Ring, the Essence of the Phoenix
Illuminati Legacy Ring, the Essence of the Phoenix
Illuminati Legacy Ring, the Essence of the Phoenix

Illuminati Legacy Ring, the Essence of the Phoenix


Size 8 ¼
Every Illuminati Legacy Ring has it’s own distinct character that reflects a unique, individual history. This unique ring has an orchid pink glass paste gem with highly detailed repoussé designs throughout the band, and, like most Illuminati Legacy Rings we have come across in our 140 fortunate years in this field, the apparent creation techniques, aesthetic design, wear, and patina are consistent with bronze, silver, and mixed metal rings from post Medieval to late 1700’s Eastern Europe. Featuring artisanal gemstones of glass, these are commonly used as, unlike traditional stones and Crystals, it is very versatile to apply Metaphysical properties to. So magnificently time-worn, we believe most of these handmade rings date to a bare minimum of approximately 120 years old, to approximately 200 years old, though we believe some may actually be much older.

Each is in its own unique state of condition having natural inconsistencies and patina as one finds in handmade jewelry of such age and provenance, the once intricate designs on some of the bands have been worn down to a sooth surface in areas from decades upon centuries worn upon the finger from one owner to the next.

Please remember, Legacy rings are not new, modern rings, but rather, they are antique, some verging into antiquity, with use and wear commensurate with such age. All have so much character, which only adds value to antique relics such as this.


This genuine Illuminati Legacy Ring is an extremely rare, personal metaphysical relic from individual members of the worldwide Illuminati, which holds its Masters’ essential, esoteric records of secrets, knowledge, wisdom, rituals of operations, powers and abilities, to upload to your spiritual DNA matrix.

This particular ring is one in which we have learned its strengths. You see, with most Illuminati Legacy rings, you don’t really know what one particular ring is all about until you wear it. Fortunately for our client, we were well aware of its powers from its Illuminati Masters from our time with it.

This ring belonged to someone famed for their profession in helping others, someone highly respected, whose opinions hold a lot of weight. It is imbued with the essence of the Phoenix, and gives one the means to shed their damaged skin of the past, to rise above the past and emerge strengthened and renewed.

It addresses the heart as it relates to the Chakra System, the Karmic Circle, and the heart's position within the spiritual matrix. Relationships with others and one's own relationship with oneself are uplifted, charged with healing, understanding, forgiveness and clarity. It removes obstacles that have been impeding the heart in your relationships with other people and your relationship with your own self.

Gaining greater inner confidence, self-love, self esteem, respect, and trust, those that struggle with feelings of inadequacy, being extremely self-conscious, uncomfortable in their own skin will have extreme positive effects on how they feel about themselves, which creates a chain of positive effects in so many other areas of their lives.

Improving your relationships with others and with yourself helps balance the chakras, and improves one's karmic energies through healing hurts from the past. It helps one forgive others, and one forgive oneself, as one's own feelings of inadequacies fade away. This inevitably makes one's own self more powerful, more far reaching, which then in turn makes one more able to touch the lives of others.

A longtime client of ours purchased this, who was having a lot of trouble with relationships in her life. She had always had issues in this department, stemming back to her childhood with a

She came to us from a recommendation from an acquaintance of hers, a client of ours, and immediately I could read years and years of pain, tears, and heartache. This young woman needed something drastic, to cut the cord, to heal, to discover herself and love herself. She was in her 70s, and literally her entire life her mother was cruel to her, kept her isolated, called her ugly, made her believe nobody would ever want her or love her, be it romantically or a platonic. She was forced to work their farm and restaurant. Even when she became an adult she was so brainwashed she never left, and when her mom got terminally ill, she stayed to take care of her.

It took until she was in her 70’s, after she purchased this ring, to finally live her own life on her own terms, and to finally find happiness and peace. She is happy now, she lives alone, she has friends, and is grateful. If you met her now, you would never guess in a million years that she had the kind of life she had, she is one of the happiest, kindest people I know.

This is the magnitude of power within this ring, enough to say goodbye to 70 years of trauma and verbal abuse and zero self esteem, and hello to a life of meaning, satisfaction, confidence, and happiness.

This ring holds serious Magickal knowledge, bringing unlearned knowledge and wisdom of Magick in all forms. Obtained from a longtime trusted underground contact who is part of an Elite, 2nd generation group of undercover secret society infiltrators - highly, highly skilled men set to extract Magickal objects of power, and distribute that power – at a cost – to the public. By public, I mean through various “exchange portals" which first put them into the hands of Metaphysical dealers through underground auctions, or, if you're a Metaphysical Curatrix like me who happens to have a long standing connect with one of these brave individuals, then you usually get special preference.

This is the same contact of ours that obtained the series of Illuminati Legacy Rings from the 2018 Bohemian Grove gathering that we offered when we transitioned platforms from eBay to our own site.

This contact and their 1st generation undercover parent, were involved in the Northeast US, and several undisclosed places throughout Europe and east Asia during the 1st quarter of 2019 in a mission of acquisition of obtaining Illuminati relics, through a series of ritualistic meetings, gatherings and events that transpired amongst the worldwide Illuminati.

We obviously cannot disclose the exact whereabouts of these meeting places. I'm sure you can understand why.

The meetings of the Illuminati are shrouded in absolute secrecy, where meetings of the mind take place for those who control the masses, who see all the world their stomping grounds, using means kept hidden from the populace to rise to wealth and power. These are heavily guarded meeting places meant to impress, entertain, and empower those who already can do and have anything they desire – were Magick, spectacle, and power flow as freely as the monsoon rain, like a heathenistic bazaar for the world's rich and powerful; a brouhaha of the elite super-rich, blood dynasty member families of the Illuminati; heavy-hitting corporate chieftains, high government officials, Hollywood movie stars, producers, entertainers, global CEO's and royalty gather to indulge in occult rituals and untold practices. Attended to not merely sustain their power grip, but to amplify their worldwide power, wealth and control; sharing Information, Magick, and God only knows what to stay ahead of the ever changing, continuously morphing game that is ultimate control. With so many men of the highest positions of power from all over the world, one can only imagine the happenings.

Illuminati Legacy Rings are something each and every Illuminati possesses. They are empowered with some of the most secretive and esoteric, long hidden Illuminati secrets. They are an essential, esoteric record of its Master's (or Masters') Magickal operations, holding wisdom passed down to them from the ancient Mystery Schools, Magick with origins dating back to King Solomon, and even earlier. Each ring holds it's own, individual, unique record and its own surprise power(s).

Although each Legacy ring has it's own unique benefits, there are what’s called Foundational Elements that each and every piece has in common; robust, dominant powers of material wealth, dominance, and control. These three fundamentals are the common denominators in every subgroup that makes up the Illuminati, and each individual Master integrates more and more of these powers into their energetic network in their own way. What this means for you, is that you will always have these powers with you, working for you in your favour.

As the Master of an Illuminati Legacy Ring, you will tap into the secret knowledge they hold so close, and discover some of their powers, mechanisms and mysterious ways in which the secret elite control the masses.

Any and all practices, operations, ceremonies, rituals, abilities, or spellcasting that it's Master had ever partook in; any and all wisdom and knowledge it's Master has ever learned or attained through mystikal methodology, every piece of 'data' from their tri-conscious matrix, will be “uploaded” to you as it’s new Master.

For us non-illuminati folk, having even a sneak peek at this massive, insane amount of ultra secret knowledge, powers, abilities and ancient wisdom is unheard of.

The only ritual which we know of in existence that demands the Legacy Rings of all participating Illuminati typically has only ever taken place at the Bohemian Grove. However, ever since the election of President Donald Trump, this ritual has been performed at other locations, on more than one occasion, as, this President cannot be controlled, bought, bribed, nor influenced, and he doesn't desire world domination like the NWO. He is a totally unpredictable wild card to the Illuminati, and they want him out of office.

So, we have President Donald Trump to thank, as without his epic election win and his convictions, these rare rings would not be here right now.

Now, having an authentic Illuminati Legacy Ring, many of those within the worldwide Illuminati are in fact part of the internal sects that make up the worldwide Illuminati – The Knights Templar, Bilderberg Group, Rosicrucians, Skull and Bones, Hellfire, Freemasons, just to name a few. These are men who have dominated the world. With Illuminati Legacy Rings, it is not uncommon for its new Master to find they possess unlearned knowledge, skills, or abilities, some of which they may not have expected.

You may come to possess deep knowledge of the stock market, knowing things the public does not have access to. You may have knowledge of the location of various treasures and riches – within crypts, tombs, monuments, estates, and the like, or, you may intuitively know the locations where there are vast oil deposits waiting to be tapped into, or where there’s gems and gold waiting to be mined. You may suddenly know how to cook like a gourmet chef, or, you may understand an unlearned language. You may have the ability to play an instrument, or have an understanding of financial markets, investments, and insider information. You may suddenly have mastery of Taekwon-Do, archery, fencing, chess, mathematics, code breaking, hacking, or conjuring. You may have the ability to suddenly know how to communicate with spirits, cast spells, you may come to understand and know things you yourself have not learned by your own doing – astronomy, Roman history, government cover-ups, political secrets, various forms of Magick, and more.

The knowledge, secrets, abilities and wisdom you will attain are unique to each and every Legacy Ring, and what it’s Master(s) experienced in life and spirit. One ring may have belonged to a famous politician with top secret classified information, a banking exec, royalty, a Master Alchemist, an Owl Master, one may be of elite skill in mind control, an academic genius, or a prodigy in playing an instrument, a famous actor, artist, musician, or athlete, A Master Conjurer, Demon Magician, Djinn Sorcerer etc.

Your Legacy Ring will give you all the knowledge of it’s previous Master, to see and know all things they saw and knew; to be able to do all things they could do.

The Magick in these pieces is extreme, some of the strongest around and is felt when you place the piece on. Simply wear it upon your finger or on a cord as a necklace, and meditate with the piece, allowing your mind to be receptive of its unique benefits.

These Illuminati Legacy rings are very, very, very rare to come by, and are an absolute steal at this price. The last time we had these, all but two were gone within just a few days. We have had seriously awesome feedback on them, and have had a lot of people waiting on us to get our hands on more. Everyone loves the Foundational elements, but it is the surprise of the unknown benefits that everyone just loves - surprise unlearned knowledge, surprise isdom, surprise abilities, surprise Magick, surprise powers.

We are hoping to obtain more during the 2020 Bohemian Grove gathering, as we did in 2019, but there's always the possibility that things may not go as planned. At this point we don’t know if there will be a gathering or not this year due to COVID-19.