Ilmu Khodam of Universal Protection, Amarrah
Ilmu Khodam of Universal Protection, Amarrah

Ilmu Khodam of Universal Protection, Amarrah

This listing is a bit different from most, in that, you can choose whether you would like this spirit openly bound to this ring pictured, or, to bind directly to your spirit. To bind to your Spirit, there are several crucial pieces of information needed:

  • Full name
  • Birthday
  • Address
  • Lastly, we will need to arrange a date and time where you will be at your address for several consecutive hours, which is when the binding will take place.

Whether you prefer this Spirit bound to this ring or directly to your own individual spirit, please just let me know either way.


Size 9
A gorgeous ring of what appears to be amethyst and silver or possibly pewter, based upon the lack of oxidation for it’s vintage age.


I am very honored to offer to you a very special spirit; the complete conscious and spiritual embodiment of an ancient guardian – an Ilmu Khodam.

Ilmu Khodam exist for the sole purpose of protecting us, fulfilling our needs and helping us grow on our spiritual journey, and are something no one seeking such Truth should be without.

The word Ilmu literally means knowledge, assistant or guard in various eastern languages. In Al Hikmah (Islamic Magick) it means a server, or helper. Now, Khodam are sometimes confused with Djinn, but they are not Djinn. Khodams cannot be commanded. Not than Djinn should necessarily be commanded, they should be treated with Respect, but nonetheless, Khodam don’t operate the same as Djinn. Khodam are beings that are only good and positive in nature, and are higher in spiritual power, whereas Djinn can be good in nature or not, they have the will to decide their nature like humans. With Khodam, all are of a good, positive nature. Much like Guardian Angels, Khodam are extremely powerful beings of Light that provide personal protection, and cause spiritual growth and enlightenment.

These helpers of humankind are highly intelligent, filled with wisdom, and have long granted humans knowledge and protection. Throughout history, there have been incredible tales of the Ilmu Khodam and their devotion to helping humankind; tales of invulnerability; enemies being thwarted; problems solving themselves; protection; guidance; unlearned knowledge and attained wisdom. They have served humankind for millennia, bestowing us human companions with a fortune of blessings in all forms.

There are different levels of Khodam, and, it is totally possible to have more than one Khodam. The high Khodam work automatically to protect you, guide you and uplift you to enlightenment. Then there are general Khodam, those who you can ask specific tasks of. Now, some tasks or problem(s), naturally, as well as supernaturally, do take longer than others. You could have a high level angelic Khodam, as well as general Khodam helpers.

For extra power, you could have an angelic Khodam King, but to Metaphysically create and prepare such a spirit vessel requires very intense, high levels of energy for extended periods of time, so this is not something I can do often.

The power to conjure and pass on Khodams I have learned from a Master of the Al Hikmah science. Normally, there are a series of Prayers in the Arabic language one needs to recite each day for maintaining your status as a Keeper of a Khodam. However, with Khodams from The Haunted Hive, you never have to worry about any form of maintenance, any rituals, any recitations, as all of this has already been taken care of for you, so that you may have the best experience possible.

Receiving a Khodam as your spiritual helper is easy, and no, one doesn’t have to be Muslim to acquire a Khodam and keep them successfully. They adapt to any tradition, and will help anyone who is on a spiritual journey.

The way in which Khodams communicate and make their ethereal presence known translates in an endless amount of ways. Being a Khodam, this is a very versatile thing for them, often coming through an inner voice, through dreams, or, by leading you into beneficial situations. The power of a Khodam also enables protection to your family and loved ones.

The ways in which Khodam protect us is not limited to any one specific area, rather, their protection and Divine Magick transforms and empowers our lives and Spirits inside and out, that we can feel in very real ways. We feel happier, more energetic, our minds are clearer, and we become wiser. Our circumstances improve, we have more positivity instead of negativity in our attitudes, opportunities come our way that are beneficial to us, and problems resolve much faster, more smoothly, and more to our benefit and satisfaction. Dreams become clearer, and it becomes much easier for Khodam Keepers to interpret their dreams, and to be aware they are receiving guidance. Our 6th sense, naturally, strengthens with having such a high being in our continuous presence, which opens new doors of communication we are then able to receive from our Khodam.


Amarrah is the name of the Khodam here. A high vibrational spiritual being, Amarrah is both highly advanced and ancient, mysterious while also Angelic, and she will assist, serve and protect you, and bring only good into your life.

As a high level Khodam of Universal Protection, Amarrah has an elevated consciousness that is divine in nature. Ascended and attuned, her powers of protection are so advanced, they touch every facet of life. She reaches beyond the realms to protect, inspire, to bring you happiness, power and fulfillment.

She is a powerful spirit who will help you, guide you, bring you blessings, protect you from harm, and assist you on your journey in both life and spirit.

As Spirit Keeper to the Khodam Amarrah, she will surround you with her protection, wrapping you in the revitalizing energy of all that is pure of heart. She will always put your best interest first, having your well-being in all forms as her priority, and will make a fabulous companion, guardian and friend.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.