Impressive Museum Quality Monarchical Illuminati Gold Medallion, Emperor King Wilhelm I, Royal Order of Seraphim, Golden Fleece
Impressive Museum Quality Monarchical Illuminati Gold Medallion, Emperor King Wilhelm I, Royal Order of Seraphim, Golden Fleece
Impressive Museum Quality Monarchical Illuminati Gold Medallion, Emperor King Wilhelm I, Royal Order of Seraphim, Golden Fleece
Impressive Museum Quality Monarchical Illuminati Gold Medallion, Emperor King Wilhelm I, Royal Order of Seraphim, Golden Fleece
Impressive Museum Quality Monarchical Illuminati Gold Medallion, Emperor King Wilhelm I, Royal Order of Seraphim, Golden Fleece
Impressive Museum Quality Monarchical Illuminati Gold Medallion, Emperor King Wilhelm I, Royal Order of Seraphim, Golden Fleece

Impressive Museum Quality Monarchical Illuminati Gold Medallion, Emperor King Wilhelm I, Royal Order of Seraphim, Golden Fleece

$750.00 Sale price

A Museum quality, very sturdy, solid medallion, featuring the depiction of the legendary King Wilhelm I, His Royal Highness, His Majesty the King of Prussia, First German Emperor, First Head of State of a United Germany and Her Royal Grace Queen Augusta of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, First Empress of Germany. A magnificent relic, beautifully timeworn with authentic character, it has been well utilized. There are clear indicators of wear and age, however, it is still in fine, wearable condition.

We are unaware of the exact physical composition of this piece, as we have yet to find a professional 3rd party Jeweler whom we can trust to be impartial and honest having such precious magickals in their hands, however, it is well worth its Metaphysical and Occult Value.

It is our distinct honor to present to you one of our most impressive, valuable, and highly sought after pieces, a piece that is unlike anything else we have ever had.

This Once in a lifetime museum quality metaphysical relic is being offered for sale for the careful consideration of the elite metaphysical collector.

Although we are restricted in what we can divulge in terms of previous ownership as far as their personal identities go, we assure you that the Occult-Cultural significance of this rare offering cannot be over-stated.

Guaranteed to raise its Master above the ordinary masses, delivering Powers of the Elite's Purest essences of Supreme Wealth, Respect, Admiration, Wisdom and Power, this Illustrious relic sets its Master up for generations to come.

You have nothing to lose, and so, so very much to gain.

This exquisite piece is one of the most celebrated of metaphysical items, possessing the Elite Power of the legendary King Wilhelm I, King of Prussia, The first German Emperor, and the First Head of State of a United Germany.

The Life of King Wilhelm I was a magnificent life of Command, Respect, and Self Advancement. As His Royal Highness Prince William of Prussia, he married the highly intelligent, widely educated Princess Augusta of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. He was an incredibly brave soldier made a Captain (Hauptmann), promoted to Major, advancing to constitutional Bundesfeldherr, the Commander of all federal armed forces, then General Major. His Intelligence, Chivalry, Courage, and prestigious Valor earned him over 60 International Titles, Honours, and Arms, placing him in the forefront of some of the world's most Elite societies.

Admired and respected by aristocrats, diplomats, and the public, His Majesty the King of Prussia and his Queen became the first German Emperor and Empress. Their extended Authority, Influence and Respect earned them the Highest positions of Achievement and Standing amongst the Elite, including groupings within the worldwide Illuminati – The mysterious Royal Order of the Seraphim, and The Order of the Golden Fleece.

On the outside, the Royal Order of the Seraphim is the foremost Order of Sweden, one which has deliberately always kept it’s true inner workings secret, yet somehow without the public suspecting there were any secrets. Despite the Order's inconsistencies and refuting accounts of its historical records, the magickal doings of those within the inner circle remained exclusively sealed from outside Knowledge. Not even those in the outer circles within the Order were aware of what the Inner circle was doing.

As part of the Inner Circle of the Royal Order of the Seraphim, King Wilhelm participated in the Elite Magickal ceremonies of the Order – Powerful, Sacred Magick, the Sorcery of the Seraphim. Summoning these High ranking Beings, the Highest ranking of all 9 Ranks of Angels, the most Powerful and Able Angelic Beings in existence. The inner circle of The Royal Order of the Seraphim were Knighted by the Seraphim, each with their own legion of Seraphim to bestow upon them their Power.

King Wilhelm’s legion of Seraphim are bound within this extraordinary relic, and will endow you with Blessings to better all aspects of your life.

Having had only 1,200 recipients ever since its establishment in 1430 A.D., the Order of the Golden Fleece has been referred to as the most prestigious, wealthy, and exclusive order of chivalry in the world, both historically and contemporaneously.

Each member being given an extravagant, powerful relic, all made of gold, estimated to be worth the modern day equivalent of approximately $60,000 USD to $150,000, depending upon his rank. Their insignia alone, is only granted for life, meaning it must be returned to the Spanish Monarch whenever the recipient deceases. This was to keep their Powers of Wealth contained within the Spanish monarchy, only allowing their chosen members to utilize their Power, so as to maintain order and a sense of Control.

Only the most Elite and accomplished were allowed to keep their reliquary, golden Honours to pass on to their rightful Heirs. King Wilhelm was one of the very few Elite permitted to keep his golden relic.

Very little was ever recorded about the Golden Elite. However, as shrouded in Mystery and Exclusivity as they were, the immense Wealth Magick that flowed from their Golden relics was an unspoken truth held to a vow of complete and absolute secrecy.

We are not talking about the kind of Wealth you would find in a raise or even hitting big at the casino, but Wealth far much grandiose – the kind of Wealth that is multi-generationally extravagant, the kind of Wealth that has literally shaped entire countries and built Empires.

This is the Wealth Magick which King Wilhelm possessed, which lives on within this very relic.

A man with such deeply rooted Power, public adoration and respect, it is no wonder he achieved such unparalleled Greatness in his lifetime. In over 60 different Orders and Brotherhoods, the Royal Order of the Seraphim and the Golden Fleece were but two that caught the recognition of the Illuminati, earning him a very high ranking directly within the Illuminati, making him one of the most Powerful men on Earth.

You now have the chance to unlock the hidden secrets wrapped within this once in a lifetime Relic.

From the Mighty Legion of Seraphim of King Wilhelm and their High most Sacred Power, Elite Magick used by the Illuminati Bloodlines still to this day, Wealth Magick of the Order of the Golden Fleece that has fanned the raging flames of Wealth for the world's Monarchical Dynasties, to the Ancient Knowledge hidden from the masses, all if this and much, much more can now be at your very fingertips.

These are not your "average" Powers of Wealth, Control, Power, Dominance, Admiration – We are not talking about the Powers needed for one individual person here, we are talking the about the kind of Power needed for entire countries, the World's Monarchical Dynasties and Dominant Secret Societies, Power that has been strong enough to Control the Projective Transformation of the World as we know it. It is an Insane, extreme, unfathomable magnitude of Power to most humans. It is Power so entirely Supreme, that in the hands of one individual, we feel it's safe to say there are no restrictions.

Break the chains holding you back and Ascend your Spirit to the highest levels of Sacred, secretly kept Powers that have shaped the modern world as we know it.

This solid, sturdy Museum quality relic was created by way of the most energetically profound highest superior application, an Elite Secret Magickal Ritual of Operations of the rarest form, funded by and exclusively used by only the Highest ranking Masters of these Secret societies.

Such heavily guarded Ancient Sorcery adapts to your own individual Spiritual Matrix, growing ever stronger in potency and magnitude the longer this transformative relic remains with you.

Rise to the same status as the World's Elite, your mind enriched with Wisdom of the Ancients, Powers of this World and Beyond, Seraphim in Legions to Bless your Life with Fulfillment and those close to you.

Elevate yourself above the masses with Monetary Fortune, Material and Spiritual Wealth and live as one of the Kings.

Extinguish the embers of constant worry, stress and anxiety over money, exterminate the frustration and obliterate the obligatory monotony that 99% of the population struggles with day to day trying to make ends meet.

Immerse yourself in the same Illustrious Prowess, Virility, Dominance, Respect, Honor, and Influence which has thrust those before you into the Riches, Excitement and Prominence of the High most Elite and Powerful of Positions.

You will possess the Power of the Wisest of Wise, the Wealthiest of Wealthy, the Elitist of the Elite. The Highest of Sacred, Secretly kept Power, Positivity, and Wisdom that is both of this Earth and Beyond, the Infinite greatness of God which was bestowed upon the Seraphim.

The magnificent Powers of this Celebrated, remarkable relic will expeditiously thrust the Life of its Destined Master into a dramatic landscape of impressively beautiful Luxuries and Fine Opulence, aggressively transforming Your real, everyday life into a distinguished Abundance of Brilliant Prestige, Spectacular Grandeur, and Glorious, Glorious Happiness.

There is nothing you must do upon receiving this Masterfully crafted personal relic. Simply wear it, carry it with you, or hang it in your home, and you and your loved ones will find that Your lives become richly empowered with all things which bring you true, unequivocal Happiness, endowing you with extremely Powerful, aggressive Advancement in all matters of Life and Spirit.

All that is needed is your unwavering Belief and to invite the Masterly Eternal Esoteric Powers of this acclaimed Honour into your Life.

This once in a lifetime offering will draw forth the One person who is destined to find it, of that we have no doubt, and will set its rightful Master up for a life of Luxury, Leisure, and true Happiness, for generations to come.

Your destiny, and legacy, awaits you.

You have nothing to lose but so, so very much to gain.

This authentic offering is guaranteed to change your Life for the very best, and then some. We absolutely guarantee it, or your money back.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to thehauntedhive@gmail.com

We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.