Inconspicuous Yet Aggressively Powerful Mixed Magick Coven Cast Copper Orgone Psychic Energy Spiritual Awakening 3rd Eye Opening Talisman Pendant
Inconspicuous Yet Aggressively Powerful Mixed Magick Coven Cast Copper Orgone Psychic Energy Spiritual Awakening 3rd Eye Opening Talisman Pendant
Inconspicuous Yet Aggressively Powerful Mixed Magick Coven Cast Copper Orgone Psychic Energy Spiritual Awakening 3rd Eye Opening Talisman Pendant
Inconspicuous Yet Aggressively Powerful Mixed Magick Coven Cast Copper Orgone Psychic Energy Spiritual Awakening 3rd Eye Opening Talisman Pendant
Inconspicuous Yet Aggressively Powerful Mixed Magick Coven Cast Copper Orgone Psychic Energy Spiritual Awakening 3rd Eye Opening Talisman Pendant

Inconspicuous Yet Aggressively Powerful Mixed Magick Coven Cast Copper Orgone Psychic Energy Spiritual Awakening 3rd Eye Opening Talisman Pendant

  • Created by A Professional, Secretive Western Coven of Mixed Multidimensional Magick 
  • Draws & Amplifies Orgone Energy 
  • Increases Psychic Capabilities 
  • Psychic - Cerebral Expansion 
  • Activates psychic abilities 
  • Expands waking consciousness 
  • Awakens the 3rd Eye
  • Channels out-of-body experiences/astral projection 
  • Balances one's Chakras & Energies 
  • Clears & dissipates negative energies 
  • Opens pathway to receiving thought transmissions, messages from the Universe and the Spirit Realm
  • Amplifies one's Energy
  • Harmonizes surrounding energies
A simplistic yet rustic copper amulet, intentionally discreet and inconspicuous for the purpose of usage/wear being unnoticed by those around you. This particular piece has been personally used by The Haunted Hive Spellcaster Witch and Master Conjurer for approximately 1 ½ years, so there are signs of wear and use.

This Powerful yet discreet Talisman is for someone who needs guaranteed results that will happen fast, depending on complexity. If you desire a True Talisman of Real Power to aid in your Spiritual Journey of Psychic Discovery and the Awakening of your 3rd Eye, and of yourself as a Spiritual Being, then this Powerful Talisman may be just what you have been searching for. The power of your own Mind & Spirit opens endless possibilities that truly are Limitless!

This Beautiful Offering is one we are so excited to Present to you here! This alluring Talisman is one that offers many very Powerful Metaphysical Opportunities & is profoundly unique in Magickal Creation. We are proud to have the opportunity to offer you this Orgone Psionic Energy Psychic Power Talisman acquired from a secretive Coven of Multi- dimensional Magick. This Coven has created Talismans that we have had the privilege of owning & using in the past, that proved their Power time & time again. This particular one has been personally owned and used by The Haunted Hive’s own, Katie, and we have temporarily fostered several others, and each and every single One from this Coven has brought Blessings of impressive Power!

This Talisman comes from a Truly one of a kind, spectacularly Powerful, Gifted, Skilled, Intelligent & Wise Coven. They are a Coven based from the Western coast of the US, made up of highly skilled professionals who keep their Coven identity professionally classified, because as many of you may have had the misfortune of experiencing yourselves – not everyone is receptive of our ways of life, & unfortunately this could jeopardize their careers.

By day they are aeronautical engineers, Doctors & Professors in Physics, Anthropology, Religion & Astronomy, Instructors in Energy Work, & Professional Psychic Healers & Spiritual Guides. All are extremely Knowledgeable, Intelligent, Successful, Wealthy Professionals by day. By night, they are a Fantastically Unique & Powerful Coven of Energy Workers, Alchemists, Astrologers, Physio-Psychic Craft Workers, & Polar-Magnetic Experts, a Coven unlike any other Coven I have ever heard of or seen.

Their Talismans are undoubtedly of the most aggressively powerful Magick which truly makes their Talismans unparalleled. It has been an honor to have met this Coven, to be invited to observe the Creation of their Spectacular Craft-Works of Magickal Talismans, & it is Truly an honor to Offer this to you here, now

This Talisman has been Formulated with layers upon layers of very specific Cosmic, Elemental & Esoteric Energies, Scientific Procedures, Astrological-Astronomical Alignment, & Alchemical Craft, to stimulate, intricately manipulate, & influence the Quantum realm, to positively influence the way reality will go, to bring about your own Psychic Abilities & Spiritual Awakening, drawing Orgone & Psionic Energy to your Life Force continuously, and discreetly. The minimalist design to the Physical Form of this Talisman makes it perfect for those who wish to reap these Magickal & Metaphysical benefits without drawing unwanted attention from others, its minimalist & petite design lending it easy to keep private & concealed.

Their combined Practices, Rituals, Spells & Procedures harness vast fields, across various planes to create Talismans with Very Specific Energies & Powers, creating Tangible items which stimulate the Quantum & Spiritual Realms to favor specific potentialities. This manipulates the ever changing, ever moving energies & auras around you to move, shift & morph to Produce & Manifest True, Dependable, Undeniable, Trusted Results

This Coven of seasoned, well spiritually-versed practitioners in Magickal Theory, True Magick, Alchemy, Ancient & "Modern" Witchcraft have spent many hours, in different Acts & Practices of Magick, Alchemy, Astrology, Energy & Science in creating this particular Talisman to Draw Orgone Energy to you & Produce aggressive Psychic Psionic Energy & direct it to your Life Force.

This series of various Magickal Processes has been choreographed to consistently, perpetually encompass your Life Force Energy & the Energies & Auras of & within the Physical, Spiritual, & Metaphysical, & Quantum realms, covering every potential opportunity for your Awakening

This Talisman will Manifest Action & Results, aggressively. Those who have had Talismans of this Coven, created & Magickally formulated in this very unique, extraordinarily powerful way, have found their lives impacted in Tremendously Positive, Swift & sometimes Tangible ways.

Those who have possessed one of these very Powerful Psychic Power Enhancement Talismans have reported new experiences demonstrating their Psychic Powers Awakening, or for those already awakened or with existing Psychic Abilities, their abilities have Amplified, Keepers have reported their 3rd eye Opening, some have achieved Clairvoyance, Mediumship, many have experienced Astral Projection, the Channeling of Messages, Visions, Increased Sensitivity & Intuition, Lucid Dreaming, Foreseeing the Future, The ability to see Spirits when others cannot, the ability to hear spirits & entities when others cannot, the ability to communicate back & forth with spirits & entities (when said spirits/Entities are willing and able of course), and more.

True Blessed & Haunted Talismans have existed in our world for centuries - real amulets, rings, stones, & other objects of Real, True Magick authentic Provenance. However, in the world we live in today, there are many individuals out there who use this to deceive innocent buyers. Do not be fooled by the countless phony items that exist out there today, which unfortunately, more & more often aren't any more than kitschy novelties. It is sad that there are people out there that exploit & deceive innocent customers, wasting not only their hard earned time and money, but their hopes & trust. I promise you, this is no kitschy novelty!

Genuine, True Magick Talismans still exist today, just as Vibrant & Pure as ever, but they are becoming rarer & rarer to find, & for the untrained 3rd eye, it can be next to impossible to see what is real & what isn’t. But here today you do have the rare opportunity to Keep & Posses a True Magickal Talisman, a Blessed item that can & WILL impact your life for the best. You can have the Life you Deserve, the Life you have always Wanted & Dreamed of. Every possible potential in which Psychic Energy can enter your Life has been accounted for in its Dynamic, Magickal creation, & all roads woven through this Ring lead to true Psychic Abilities & Spiritual Awakening

The moment this Talisman enters your Life, it will forever be Changed for the Best. It's undeniable Energy can be felt intensely, so much so that I highly recommend being seated when opening the package. When making first contact with Talismans of such Great Power, you may experience a sense of lightheadedness, dizziness, feelings of Happiness, Excitement, a sudden sensation of Relaxation, or Euphoria. This is the Energies around you, through the Magick of this Talisman, rearranging, negative energies departing, positive energies remaining, aligning & propelling you to the top. These sensations are signs that you are on the Cusp of a new Life. In every stage of life, we have new challenges & tests, but also opportunities, all of which require Commitment & Intention to move forward, to Progress towards being the best human you can be, to fulfilling your life's potential for Success & Happiness.

As this Talisman stays with you, the Powers grow, as does the Potential for Victory, ever merging into Greater & Grander Experiences, Evolution & Progress.

Remember, this aligns its Powers with its Keeper, so the more Manifestations of its Magick while in your possession, the more Psychic Energy Signatures there are surrounding you - these signatures are like permanent flags, or like tarmac lights, which continue to accumulate around you. Imagine looking at the Earth from Space, and seeing a densely concentrated aura of light where you are on Earth, flashing lights that grow in number, that attract Psychic Enhancing energies. The more Manifestations of Psychic Experiences, Abilities & Powers, the more powerful the Manifestations become, more abundant, as each Signature holds more of this Energy, drawing in more & more & more Energies & Forces of Psychic Energy to you!

Tap into those inaccessible areas of the Human Mind & Unlock the Power within! The nature of this Talisman's Magick adapts to your own individual, personal journey. You will have an experience that is solely unique to you, where you are in your Psychic Journey at any point in time, & where you are at in your Life. It will bring forth the needed Metaphysics to accelerate & propel you forward, and will continuously do so on its own.

You will be surrounded by the Powerful Energetic Magick of this Talisman in all of your Endeavors! With this, you will significantly up your odds & Influence the Energies around you to work in your favor & Banish all negative & harmful Energies, Forces, Intentions & Vibrations from your Life, Life Force, physical body, Aura & Psionic Energy. You will be surrounded by an Unbreakable Energy to Usher in the Changes you Need & Want!

Draw the Bounties & Blessings that the Universe holds for you! Live the Life You've Always Known You are Meant For! Experience Your Personal Destiny & Embrace the Gifts the Universe has in store for you!

Do you wish to continue on as you have been your whole life, or are you ready to seize this rare opportunity & propel yourself forward into a future that is full of Opportunities ? The choice is yours & yours alone! Many go their entire lives just waiting for Opportunities to find them, until One day they realize they regret not taking action long ago.

You may place this near your bedside while you sleep, You can keep it on your Altar or another special place in your home, you may carry it with you in your purse, bag, backpack, in your Car, you may keep it stored in a box when away from home, take it with you while on vacation, keep it with you at work in a briefcase, place it on your desk, wear as a necklace, you can keep it in the center of your home, like your living room, and all those who live with you, all those that enter will be showered with its Powerful Magick & Energy too! Do wherever feels right to you! If you have been Searching for a Break, a way to change your Life, then It is time to cast aside doubts, regrets and fears & Step Into The Light! You can live the life you've always known you were Meant For & Gain all that You Desire!

You may or may not believe in fate or destiny, but whether you do or not, you stumbled upon this Beautiful & Metaphysically Rich Talisman for a reason, this one listing out of the trillions of other pages you could be on online now at this very moment. You found this listing & that reason may be because you are on the verge of something life changing, a new chapter in your Life full of Awesome opportunities & Blessings!

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to submit an offer, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are always, always more than happy to assist in any way we possibly can.