Inuit Priest Tornak Spirit of Growth
Inuit Priest Tornak Spirit of Growth
Inuit Priest Tornak Spirit of Growth
Inuit Priest Tornak Spirit of Growth
Inuit Priest Tornak Spirit of Growth
Inuit Priest Tornak Spirit of Growth

Inuit Priest Tornak Spirit of Growth

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A very unusual and mysterious stone pendant, of unknown composition.


In the Native Inuit Cultures around the Arctic Circle, from Greenland to Alaska and others, the Sacred Rituals and Knowledge of their people has long been held Sacred and Secret, withheld from outsiders. Some matters, they had an entire separate set of lore to tell outsiders, to keep their own within their own people. They are a mysterious culture who holds tradition close in every aspect of life, who view the Women in their culture with much more Respect and Power than in most all other cultures of the world.

They have a deeply rooted Respect and connection to the Earth and her Waters, holding a very realistic and healthy dose of gratitude and fear, for Nature is both Life and Death, She gives but also takes; it is the Sacred Circle of Sustainability which the Inuit have Mastered in Tradition with admirable resilience and dignity that we have the utmost respect for.

In most of the Inuit culture, there are two major Spiritually Elite titles; roles that are inherited or Earned, the Angakkuq and the Priests/Priestesses. The Priests and Angakkuq are highly Respected for their Wisdom, Abilities and Powers, looked up to by their people.

The Angakkuq, most scholars usually refer to as “just" Spiritual Healers, however, they possess a great deal of natural Power that goes far beyond that of Healing. Not to minimize natural Healers in any way, but Angakkuq are born with a greater diversity of Gifts, Psychic and Supernatural Abilities that can be seen even when they are a baby. When they mature in age, they traditionally function as a Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Medium, and Spiritual Warrior. The Inherited role of Angakkuq has, unfortunately, largely disappeared across modern Inuit society, due to the integration of other cultural genetics, so, the Angakuit are very rare these days.

The other Spiritually Elite role is that of the Priest, or Priestess, as in their culture, both women and men can become priests with extensive training. Normally, they are educated by a priest from early childhood, and later undergo strict fasting and isolation as a way to ensure the soul is able to become partly independent of the body and external to the world. The Priest Apprentice must enter into a transcendent state and be visited by a guardian Spirit, a Tornak, and upon returning to Consciousness, be able to call upon the Tornak to prove their Power.

The Tornak is a vital part of the Inuit’s Spiritually Elite role within the community, who typically have more than one Tornak, each with it’s own Power and Magick whom they can call upon them anytime for aid by a method or ritual means of their choice.

This piece comes from an Inuit Angakkuq and Priest that became part of our family through marriage almost 20 years ago. We have two that the couple made together – One made by the Angakkuq, and the one you see here, made by the Priest.

A Spirit directly from this Powerful and highly Respected man of Integrity, the Tornak within this is called Azappke. A Fiercely Loyal Guardian and Intrepid Guide, Azappke possesses Magick of Growth.

You will find that the Magick of Growth can apply to all facets of your life.

Growth in your own Self Confidence, Spiritual Growth, Growth in your Business, Career, Investments, Income, Savings, Love and Relationships, Friendships, Growth in your position of Leadership, Authority, or Influence, growth in your followers, your own Abilities, Powers, and Spiritual Progress

Using this piece, you will gain a connection that links you to Azappke. When you are linked, this piece will allow Azappke to hear your inner voice. The magic in the piece is activated when you wear it. The energies from the beat of your heart are what cause the activation.

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