Isis Goddess of Magick Queen of Gods, Athena Estate
Isis Goddess of Magick Queen of Gods, Athena Estate
Isis Goddess of Magick Queen of Gods, Athena Estate
Isis Goddess of Magick Queen of Gods, Athena Estate

Isis Goddess of Magick Queen of Gods, Athena Estate


We are extremely excited and oh so honored to present to you magickal item, masterfully conjured and crafted by someone very special and dear to us, who we have known for many years. A long time loyal client who became a good friend and metaphysical collaborator – our honorable and highly Respected fellow Sister, Athena.

Athena is an Advanced Mixed Magick Arts, Powerful Natural Born, 13th Generation Natural Witch & Psychic, named so after the Goddess. Athena's Mother was a Natural Witch, as was her Mother, her Mother's Mother, & so on, dating as far back to the Middle Ages in family records, documents & Heirloom Treasures of the Paranormal & Metaphysical, Magickal Nature. She is one of the very, very few on this Earth to have such a Deep Heritage of Family Genealogy in Supernatural Roots.

This Magick is unique to her & her Bloodline only – you will not encounter or have the opportunity to experience this Magick anywhere else on Earth. Her work provides aggressively Powerful, precise, and effective results, as has been Proven countless times in her life.

Her Maternal ancestors in Europe migrated over the decades & centuries to study, learn, and master each Culture's Magick & Sorcery from both their Mentors & the Spiritual World; each new generation evolving with each new Magickal Craft learned.

One could say that the Exploration and Quest for Magickal Knowledge is written in her DNA.

Athena's uses her own Natural, Instinctive Magick with the compendia of Magickal Arts of her Bloodline, an organic Fusion of Ancient Egyptian Magick, Celtic Druid Sorcery, Old Traditional Pagan Magick, Wicca, Alchemy, Astrology, Gypsy Magick, Ancient Herbalism, Practical Kabbalah, & more.

She is a Witch who is of a Good Nature to say the least, whose Magick is primarily White and Grey. This does not in any way mean that she is not versed in the Dark Arts though. Athena has Knowledge and expertise in all matters of Magick, with extensive Knowledge of the Dark Arts, and does use it to create Talismans and Vessels that embody the Dark Arts as well. Her Knowledge, Wisdom and practical Experience in the Dark Arts are very controlled, and very impressive, She personally just prefers White and Grey Magick.

Athena's Craft creates an enormously unique, aggressively effective, Powerful Magick that she has practiced, exercised & grown over the course of her whole life, continuously pushing herself to learn, know & do more, perfecting her extraordinarily powerful, highly skilled & precise craft down to a science that pulls swift & undeniable results into your Life!

Before establishing her Coven, she was a Solitary Witch for many years, as the area where her estate is has very, very few Witches. She lives in a Gorgeous, 3 story Victorian style Mansion on a secluded & Wealthy island in Southeast Michigan. Resting upon a beautiful, naturally landscaped hill that overlooks Lake Erie; Weeping Willows draping the fruitful grounds she planted herself many Moons ago; her home a hidden, Magickal sanctuary.

A rustic and luxurious marriage between a Hobbit's home of The Shire and an old English Castle, her home is a place of comfort and warmth in every sense, where there is always plenty hot tea and warm conversation. Within those rich wooden floors & cobblestone walls awaits the Sacred Space of Athena’s personal Sanctuary, a Magickal Library – an enormous Collection of accumulated and inherited Magickal Objects, Artifacts, Tools, & Supplies – countless Magickal Books, Jars filled with notions, Time Worn handwritten Documents of Spells & Rituals, & hundreds of years of Artifacts & Objects, Jewelry & Statues, Boxes, Stones, Crystals & more, all with their own unique history.

Athena has everything she could possibly need in her Magickal Library, but most importantly, she has the Power, the Psychic Ability, and the lifetime of experience & skills needed to Manifest Results, backed by centuries of organically evolved Mixed Magick Arts.

We have seen the results of Athena's Power firsthand, being witness to her Spell Casting, and both witness to and the recipient of her Magickal Craft. We cannot praise her enough for what her Mastery of Magick has done to improve our lives and that of our Haunted Hive client family, particularly in matters of Love & Relationships, Psychic Enhancement, Money Attraction, Good Luck and Prosperity.

The rare opportunities & privileges one is destined to experience through her Craft, are truly priceless.

Athena is an Incredibly Wise Psychic, & being born a Natural Witch makes her Gifts, Abilities & Powers incredibly Strong, Mature & Refined. It is much like how some people are born Prodigies in piano, drawing, math etc, Athena is as such with Magick.

She has helped many, many people over the years, casting spells for them, enchanting & spell casting objects, conjuring spirits & entities, psychic readings, because she knows that her own gifts are a True Gift, one that is meant to use to help others. Having such Power is a Great Responsibility, but it is a responsibility that she cherishes & holds precious to her heart.

Athena is best known for her Spellwork and Conjuring, casting specified Energetic forces and the Embodiment of Entities into physical objects, infusing them with Metaphysical & Magickal Powers made for the purpose of helping others in Life and Spirit. It is the Compendia and Fusion of the Mixed Magick Arts of her Bloodline that makes her Elite Ranking as a Witch, unparalleled.

Athena can & will help you achieve what you desire! She has excelled in helping many through her Craft in matters of love, money, jobs/careers, luck, power, ambition, psychic awakening, energy, healing, motivation, fertility, guidance, health, beauty, peace, prosperity, protection, attraction, and more.

We all have something that we desire, something we wish & hope for, and with over 70 years of professional experience, Athena’s Elite Magick has forever positively impacted the lives of many, and will undeniably manifest what is important to you!

If you too wish to take action in shaping your own future, if you desire something that has thus far been unobtainable, just out of reach, or what may seem as impossible on your own, then Athena's Unique, Mixed Magick Arts may just be the sign you have been waiting for.


A stunning vintage ring of adjustable size and unknown composition, from the East. There is much patina and signs of wear and use. 

We are very proud to offer you this cherished treasure of Athena's Personal, Private Collection & Creation. Invoked many years ago & Openly Bound in Eternal Connection to the Great Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis, and recently transferred to this vessel, which comes from the East. The vessel was spiritually cleansed and blessed prior to the Transfer ceremony.

This is part of a 4 part series from Athena, featuring the 4 Gods and Goddesses that have been the most influential and made the most Powerful impact on her life.

Isis is the Goddess of Magick, the Role which gave her the title of "the Goddess of Ten Thousand Names", as her Powers have served for innumerable Roles, her Miracles of Magick caressing the troubles, solving the problems, and touching the lives of all those who have looked to her for Help, for Guidance, Solutions, and Results. Isis will be your Guardian, your Universal & Eternal Guide & Mentor to Bring you Blessings of Wishes of your Every Desire.

Isis has served Through Time & culture, Her position as The Goddess of Magick is in our opinion, her Core, as it is Her Powers of Magick that have made all things possible & gave birth to her countless titles.

Isis has been referred to as The Divine One, The Queen of all Gods, The Queen of Magick, The Queen of the Underworld, The Giver of Light, The Lady of Luxuries, The Queen of Heaven, The Maker of Sunrise, The Mother of God, The Giver of All, The Goddess of Earth, The Queen of Abundance, The Goddess of Motherhood, The Mother of Medicine, The Queen of Riches, The Goddess of Fertility, The Goddess of Marriage, She has Controlled the Nile Flood's Power, Provided Fertility from the Waters, Blessed Abundance from the Land & Bountiful Harvests, and is The Lady of the Afterlife, Restoring Life to the Dead, and Helping those who worship her Ascend beyond the Physical to the Higher Realms, just to name a few!

Having an Eternal Connection to the Beloved, Powerful & Beautiful Goddess Isis, she will forever Watch Over you, she will be your Guardian, Protector, Teacher & Mentor; she will be there to Help, Assist, & Guide you in any and all matters; to Grant you Blessings of your Wishes, Hopes & Dreams, to Give you all you Desire in your Current Incarnation & follow you, or Guide you into the Beyond - be it your next Incarnation, the Afterlife, Heaven or Elysium, a Higher Dimension, or where else your Individual Journey takes you.

With this Ring in your Life and Isis forever with you, Cast away your fears & anxieties & ask for her Help no matter what it is! For Her Power Transcends Limitations, her Magick Eternal & Universal, Her Divine Power forever by your side! It is the Purpose of this Goddess Ring to help you to find what it is you're looking for in this Life, to achieve & gain the things you want, and to Infinitely excel on the path you choose to take!

We all face obstacles as life throws us curveballs, we each have our own battles, and adversities we fight to overcome. With Isis, not only will you no longer face them alone, but her Divine Power can Intervene to pave a road of Opportunity & Happiness! Perhaps you are down on your Luck, stuck at a dead end job, may be you're in a rut in your Life & can't see a way out of it, perhaps you're sick of working for other people, not having time to spend with your family; perhaps you long to Travel, or start your own business, but with work and not enough income to get by, let alone save for a vacation, you don't see any way it'll happen.

Maybe you're sick of the same routine of daily obligations & just want to get out in the world & live the life you WANT to live, do the things you want to do, or you're sick of constantly stressing out about money, working as hard as you can, all the hours you can, yet still can't seem able to get ahead; perhaps you have a lifelong Dream - of Fame, winning the lottery, riches, luxury, moving to another country, travelling the world, backpacking across Europe, coming up with a brilliant invention, perhaps you long for Spiritual Awakening, or Abilities that most all other people do not have.

Perhaps you have an issue or problem that needs a solution or ending, like a house that just won't seem to sell, or, you keep getting turned down from a raise or promotion, or working at a certain place, maybe you dream of being a successful artist that can live in financial stability doing your art/craft/trade alone. Maybe you are searching for love & fear you'll never find your One & Only True Love, your Soul Mate, or you keep dating people that end up being totally & completely incompatible. Perhaps you or you're just sick of where your Life is at & the way it's going.............

.......Do you wish to continue on as you have been, or are you ready to seize this rare opportunity & propel yourself forward into a future that is full of Powerful & Magickal Divine Opportunities? Many go their entire lives just waiting for Opportunities to find them, until One day they realize they regret not taking action long ago.

You will never realize your full potential & all that you are capable of if you never try! What are you waiting for? What are you afraid of? Greatness has never been achieved by idleness & contempt. Take your journey where ever you desire! Whatever you desire can become your reality!

To show your Respect, Appreciation, Trust, Love, or other Affirmations of the like to Isis, she can be given Offerings. There are the Sacred Animals & Birds, The Cow, Scorpion and Snake, Dove, Hawk, Swallow and Vulture of course, such as small statuettes or figures, Athena has found she also loves Offerings of Black Cat figures, and things of her Culture, such as Scarabs, Pyramids, Gold, and other Egyptian decor or small treasures.

Based on Offerings Athena has given, and based off of our own paralleled experience, Isis is especially partial to Objects, Artifacts, Relics & Talismans of Metaphysical, Magickal, and Paranormal Nature. Really, we would expect no less from the Goddess of the Underworld & the Goddess of Magick!

Not only does Isis love these Offerings of Talismans of the Magickal, Metaphysical & Paranormal nature, but she will Amplify them! The Manifestations & Results are so greatly amplified & Intensified with her own Powerful Divine Magick! The Strongest of Manifestations came with a Fast Speed after giving her Talismans & Objects of Power –Amplifying their Powers with that of her Own!

When Isis manifests in form, she looks like a True Goddess, wearing an elaborate vulture crown headdress, an extravagantly jeweled golden collar around her neck, and a floor length white cotton gown of a fitted bodice. She often is holding a scepter with an ankh, has straight, jet black hair, and deep set almond eyes of bright, pale green that seem to glow against her warm golden complexion. You will see her like this in Dreams, Meditation, and altered states of consciousness.

In our Physical world, she is most often seen as light - rays, flashes & orbs, streaks of Light in the sky, or a misty, cloudy- like figure. She carries the scent of Jasmine, semi indolic, and a bit warm – a common indicator of her Presence.

This Extraordinary Ring can be worn on your Finger, a necklace, it can be placed on an altar, or wherever feels right to you! You can take it with you or keep it at home, but it is especially helpful to keep at your bedside at night while sleeping

Do not let this rare opportunity pass you by! Athena invoked Isis many years ago, and she has blessed her with Greatness in Magick, Success, Respect, Admiration, Power, and Fame that still continues to grow each day within the Metaphysical community.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to thehauntedhive@gmail.com

We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.