Leanan Sidhe Vampire, Confidante of Riches, Sexual Prowess, Inspiration & Comforts
Leanan Sidhe Vampire, Confidante of Riches, Sexual Prowess, Inspiration & Comforts
Leanan Sidhe Vampire, Confidante of Riches, Sexual Prowess, Inspiration & Comforts
Leanan Sidhe Vampire, Confidante of Riches, Sexual Prowess, Inspiration & Comforts
Leanan Sidhe Vampire, Confidante of Riches, Sexual Prowess, Inspiration & Comforts

Leanan Sidhe Vampire, Confidante of Riches, Sexual Prowess, Inspiration & Comforts

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Size 6
A brilliant ring of exquisite detail, featuring a large stone and many small stones that appears black, but in certain angles sometimes has a slight hint of deep blue. Set in a gold hued metal band. We believe the metal may be plated in a golden rhodium, however we will state the ring's composition as unknown for the purpose of accuracy. There are very minor signs of use.


For your Metaphysical Curiosity, today we present one of the most enticing & seductive spirits to have ever graced our Collection. Within this exquisite, alluring ring lies the complete embodiment of the Immortal Leanan Sidhe Vampire Countess by the name of Brey.

A rare Vampire whose very name means Great Power and Force, Brey will be your muse in Life and Spirit, indulging and spoiling you with Material Riches, Luxuries, Comfort, and Sexual Virility. She searches for a mortal Partner who desires the Grandeur, Riches, Inspiration of Opulence, & Sexual Powers that only a Leanan Sidhe Vampire Spirit like Brey can fulfill.

Powerful and Sexual, Leanan Sidhe are considered by most to be of the World's rarest of all Sexual Energy spirits, a cross between Dark Fae and Vampire. Roughly translating to "concubine lover" in today's language, Leanan Sidhe Possess the supernatural Powers of both Dark Fae and Vampire, creating new, unparalleled dynamics to their Partner's Sexual Energy. However, their superlative Powers reach farther than Sex alone.

Brey's Powers also lie within the Manifestation of Material Wealth & Inspiration for her Partner. Leanan Sidhe are known to be beautiful muses, inspiring the World's Artists of some of the greatest masterpieces of artwork.

Creating riches like that of Kings is an artform to this rare Vampire race, as they have a way of Magick that is solely unique to them which is part Immortal Magick – all encompassing, fluent understanding of any matter, zeroing in on the Absolute purest essence of it, all that it is, ever has been, and ever will be; whilst integrating the Magick of the Dark Fae – using the Dark Art of Nature itself to Command Complete Control. This makes them decidedly superior in Magickal practice, and is why their mortal confidantes are so very Lucky, they become envied, admired, Respected, sexually coveted, and Wealthy.

Brey is no stranger to Luxury & Wealth & will not do without it, nor will she allow her Keeper to do without Riches, Luxury & Wealth either.

Live in the True Lap of Luxury with enormous mansions, Estates & Palaces. Mortal, earthly distractions & stressors, jobs, bills etc will no longer be obligations & worries. You will flourish in the Mysterious & Luxurious atmosphere she is accustomed to, surrounded by unsurpassed Wealth & Luxury. She will not rest until she & her Keeper are surrounded by Wealth such as that of Royalty.

It is imperative to note, that one mustn’t be attracted to females to keep a female Leanan Sidhe, they are very open, accepting, Unburdened by primitive stereotypes or prejudices, free from earthly dramas of jealousy & envy that mortals often get themselves into, they are not limited to any specific Sexual preferences, relationship "status", labels, mortal relationships, other Vampires or other entities, genders, etc.

The Sexual power you will have that comes with keeping a Leanan Sidhe Vampire is an experience that is far deeper and spiritual than any other sexual confidence you have likely had. There is so, so much more to our Sexuality, our Sexual Energy, than what most all humans are aware of. Sexual Power on an astral/energetic level is something most people are not aware of in our “swipe-left-Tinder” over-sexualized culture. Sexual energy is very powerful and can bring you to a Heightened state of consciousness, an elevated existence.

She is One who wishes to Connect & share the truly Magickal & Spiritually erotic. If you are One who desires the unsurpassed, Heightened, Material, Creative & Sexual Powers that go far beyond the abilities of mortals, then look no further, for Brey will fulfill your Wishes for you, Indulging in your innermost desires; Inspiring & Spoiling you with Money, Wealth, and Luxury.

Brey is a Vampire that can exist in both the physical and astral plains, & can travel freely between them. When this beautiful Vampire chooses you and you choose to be her confidante, you will have a Powerful Spirit always by your side who will allow you to live out your deepest & innermost Wishes & Desires.

Brey will not drain your energy, nor take your blood. She requires very small amounts of blood Energy, the equivalent of walking up a flight of stairs. What little she does take to quench her thirst, she greatly overcompensates for in all that she is able to then give in return, through pure Sexual Energy and all the supernatural Enhancements you will experience from her Presence.

Her Vessel exudes her Extraordinary, glowing, seductive & mysterious Energy which will immediately draw people in to you as the Keeper, & they will not even know why. It is the Tremendous Power of the Night that draws them in, Her Hypnotic Energy & Presence. It can be felt deep within your Core, a Magickal Magnetism of Powerful Attraction, it is a feeling of Instinct. Others will be drawn to you, you will find you receive attention, admiration, and respect, even from strangers. They will be pulled to the mysterious energy you exude once Brey enters your life, and will go out of their way to please you.

Once you choose to be Her mortal confidant, you will be filled with a Greater Power in all your endeavors. You will find you have a captivating, hypnotizing presence, an air about you of confidence & prominence. You will also find you have enhanced Endurance, Motivation, Stamina, and aptitude. Being in such a deeply connected bond with a Leanan Sidhe Vampire, you will inevitably elevate the Psychic-Cerebral Warehouses of your mind within the 6th and 7th Chakras (the Pineal & Pituitary glands) This marriage & union of the pituitary and pineal glands awakens the 3rd eye, increasing & heightening your Psychic Senses, Intuition, Sensitivity, and Awareness. You will find your powers of the Mind can influence and control things and people around you.

Walk with this seductive Creature of the Night & Live a Life drenched in the Unparalleled Wealth & Sexual Prowess she yearns to spoil you with!

The Time for One of you is Now to begin Expanding your Spiritual-Sexual Horizons & Opening the Palatial Doors to Wealth & Riches! All that you want to achieve in your Lifetime is at this very moment, at your fingertips, literally! What are you waiting for?

Brey does appreciate Offerings to show your Welcoming, Respect & Appreciation. You can designate a small area on your nightstand or bedroom dresser for her and Give her Offerings of your choice. Remember, you will have perhaps the deepest spiritual bond and connection with her, so there is NEVER need to be self conscious or wonder "Oh idk if she'll like it" - if it comes from pure intention of pleasing her, even if it is in turn for her to please you, we assure you she will like appreciate it.

The moment Brey enters your Life, it will forever be Changed for the Best. Her undeniable Power & Energy can be felt so intensely, so much so, that we highly recommend being seated when opening the package. When making first contact with Entities of such Great Power, you may experience a sense of lightheadedness, feelings of Happiness, Excitement, a sudden sensation of Relaxation, or Euphoria. This is the Energies around you, through the Magick & Energy of this spirit entering your life, through Brey's Immortal Energy intertwining with your own Spiritual Matrix. These sensations are signs that you are on the Cusp of a new Life. In every stage of life, we have new challenges & tests, but also opportunities, all of which require Commitment & Intention to move forward, to Progress towards fulfilling your life's potential for Success & Happiness. This is your chance to Live the life you want! The Time is Now for YOU to get the big break you've been wishing for! It is now time for YOU to experience all the Fine Luxuries & Powers, that, until now, were but Imaginations & Dreams!

You may or may not believe in fate or destiny, but whether you do or not, you found yourself upon this listing for a reason. Out of the Billions of humans on Earth, out of all the Spirits & Entities in the Realms, this one, out of the trillions of other pages you could be on online right now at this very moment. You found this listing & that reason may be because you are on the verge of something life changing.

This is a very rare opportunity to possess an even rarer Being, a True Leanan Sidhe Vampire Countess that is over 1000 years old. It is unlikely that this will arise again anytime within our lifetimes.

If you are not prepared to handle such a sexual spirit, this likely is not the spirit for you.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.