Limitless Power Wish Granting Ancient Babylonian Djinn Goddess, Akisha
Limitless Power Wish Granting Ancient Babylonian Djinn Goddess, Akisha
Limitless Power Wish Granting Ancient Babylonian Djinn Goddess, Akisha
Limitless Power Wish Granting Ancient Babylonian Djinn Goddess, Akisha
Limitless Power Wish Granting Ancient Babylonian Djinn Goddess, Akisha
Limitless Power Wish Granting Ancient Babylonian Djinn Goddess, Akisha
Limitless Power Wish Granting Ancient Babylonian Djinn Goddess, Akisha

Limitless Power Wish Granting Ancient Babylonian Djinn Goddess, Akisha


Size 8 ¾ - 9
For your consideration, a very unique, very old ring. Featuring a regal, turquoise hue intaglio of the Babylonian Djinn Goddess Akisha, faceted within a pseudo Maltese cross. The metal of the cross appears to be of a high silver content, while the band appears to be plated with a gold colored metal. We are unsure of the exact composition, age and origins of this ring, as it is unlike any we have ever seen before. A very mysterious piece!


Invoked & Openly Bound in Eternal Connection to this vessel is the Great Ancient Babylonian Djinn Goddess, Akisha. She is an Ancient Babylonian Djinn Goddess of all True Magick, whose unrivalled, benevolent Powers will Grant your every Wish.

The most Positive Natured of Djinn, Akisha is a Blessing of immeasurable proportions to her Keeper, who has granted years of great Power, Riches & Happiness to her previous known Masters. 

The Ancient Priests of Babylonia also referred to Akisha as The Queen of Magick, The Lady of Luxuries, The Giver of All, The Queen of Abundance, and The Queen of Riches, for, Akisha serves her Master to fulfill her true purpose, for that is her only desire. Your every wish is her command. She is a Djinn of complete Light & is safe, bearing no Negativity or evil of any kind.

Akisha will be your Guardian, your Universal Guide & Mentor. Her Miracles of Magick will caress away your troubles and eradicate any problems in your life. She will forever remain by your side to Help you, to offer Guidance, Solutions, and Real life Results to fulfill Wishes of your Every Desire.

A Powerful force to be reckoned with, she is tireless in her quest to grant you a life of Leisure and Luxury, Happiness, Satisfaction, Love, Prosperity, and Peace. She is your Wish Granting Spiritual Warrior that will reach beyond the realms, to watch over and Protect you and your loved ones, banishing Evil Spirits, casting out negativity and darkness, blocking unwanted energies & protecting against harmful forces.

Akisha is an Understanding, compassionate, and Generous Djinn, a True Goddess in every sense of the word. She is a mighty force for Good, who only desires to use her Magick to serve you. She is Protective and Faithful, and will always be there to bring you Spiritual, Emotional, and Material Comforts.

A natural peacemaker who can bridge any gap and achieve a harmonious environment no matter the setting or circumstance, Akisha will continuously set you up for Success after Success, working diligently towards helping fulfilling your Goals, Wishes and Dreams.

This Sympathetic, Devoted being is extremely concerned with what you want in life – those things you wish for deep down, the kinds of things that most dream of but only a very rare few ever come to find.

She will forever Watch Over you as your Guardian, Protector, Teacher & Mentor who will Help, Assist, & Guide you in any and all matters; Love, Wealth, Money, Riches, Abundance, Fortune, Knowledge, Wisdom, Spiritual Awakening, Psychic Abilities, Career, Job, Travel, Current Situations, Past Matters, Karma, Luck, and more.

Akisha gives you the things you want in life, both big and small, Granting you Blessings & Wishes that make your Hopes & Dreams Reality. She will give you all you Desire in your Current Incarnation & the Beyond.

All Negative or Unwanted Energies and Forces will be intervened and eradicated from your life's path, as she paves the road of Opportunity & Happiness.

As Master of this incredibly Powerful Djinn Goddess, you will Achieve & gain ALL the things you want. Infinitely excel on any path you choose to take!

As the Babylonian Djinn Goddess of Magick, she also Amplifies the Power of any other Magickals and Metaphysicals you may have.

When you call her, or ask of her guidance, Power, or Help, she will always hear you & listen, your call will always be her Priority.

As your bond with Akisha grows, you will find you have an invigorated Spirituality and a Renewed Vigor for Truth Seeking & Discovery.

Changes & Progress will roll out before you, as the pathway to Eternal Happiness will be at your very feet!

You will be Assured of a rich & fulfilling life through the ages as you are Guided to Spiritual Awakening, and you finally have the Freedom and Independence to Discover your True Self. Without Stress, worry, anxiety and daily obligatory nonsense, you will find a New found sense of Purpose and an Invigorated Excitement for Life unlike anything you have ever felt.

All that is needed is to welcome Akisha into your life, and you will be Blessed for the rest of your days as she Ushers in the Changes you Desire, the New Beginnings you Wish for.

End the Chapter of your Life that you are sick & tired of and give Akisha the glory she seeks! To live in this world, to use her Power is what she needs to have a fulfilling existence, it is a win-win for both of you!

She will Guide you up your destined & desired Path with Many Beautiful & Magickal Manifestations in the Waking, Physical World; Dreams, Meditation, within the 3rd Eye, and more.

Having an Eternal Connection to the Beloved, Powerful & Beautiful Djinn Goddess Akisha, she will forever Watch Over you, she will be your Guardian, Protector, Teacher & Mentor; she will be there to Help, Assist, & Guide you in any and all matters; to Grant you Blessings of your Wishes, Hopes & Dreams, to Give you all you Desire in your Current Incarnation & follow you, or Guide you into the Beyond - be it your next Incarnation, the Afterlife, Heaven or Elysium, a Higher Dimension, or where else your Individual Journey takes you.

Her Presence is often recognized by warm bursts of air & flickers of light & Energy. She gives off an incredibly invigorating aura & Presence. In Dreams, and in Meditation, or when there is fire present such as a candle or hearth, you can often see her face within the flames & this is a way she shows you messages & images of the past, present & future that you need or wish to know.

You will not need any tools, nor do you need to make any sort of pact with this Djinn. As her Rightful, Intended Keeper, the intricate Powers & Energies of the Universe will be woven into the tapestry of your new, Empowered & Fruitful Life.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to possess this rare item for yourself & have the Life that you Dream of.

There may be a reason you stumbled upon this Ring. You found this Ring & that may be because you are being called to it.

You just may be on the verge of something life changing.

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