Metaphysical Bio-dome of White Light, Universal Cleansing & Protection I
Metaphysical Bio-dome of White Light, Universal Cleansing & Protection I
Metaphysical Bio-dome of White Light, Universal Cleansing & Protection I
Metaphysical Bio-dome of White Light, Universal Cleansing & Protection I
Metaphysical Bio-dome of White Light, Universal Cleansing & Protection I

Metaphysical Bio-dome of White Light, Universal Cleansing & Protection I


Currently size 8 - 8 1/2, adjustable
A very special vintage ring which houses a gorgeous inlaid Agate Dzi, an Evil Eye stone that is much, much older than the ring itself. Based upon its wear, it appears to be made of a base metal that has been plated with a silver toned metal, which are most likely of mixed metal compositions. There is silver loss from wear and use, and some patina, which are the physical character representations of its life, which we just love.


Created by a group of three Powerful witches, THH Spellcaster Witch and Master Conjurer, a 13th Generation Mixed Magick Natural Witch, and a Kabbalist Priestess, this casts an impenetrable Shield around you, an inter-dimensional bubble, a metaphysical bio-dome that creates a detoxified energetic environment of harmonious purity, which disconnects and permanently severs all chaos, insalubrity, negativity and darkness,

This field that surrounds you is made of pure, unadulterated White Light. It is a solid force field, a densely interwoven matrix consisting of 333 webbed layers of harnessed energies which completely block the bad, and keep the Good. This piece does Protection and Cleansing in every way possible – Life, Spirit, and Soul – be it Chakras, Karma, Finances, Love, Relationships…. you name it and this piece has it covered.

It provides pure protection during dangerous times and in dangerous places. It severs any attachments, such as Spiritual attachments, curses, hexes, and harmful spells, any lingering bad karma from this life or past lives, any and all negative and unwanted energetic baggage is completely cut loose.

A most powerful protection shield against all evil, it disrupts and dispels hostile magick, captures curses and sends it back to the caster, stops ghosts and spirits from manifesting, keeps demons away, drives away spirits, protects you from Psychic attack, and purifies all negative energy.

This is the most Powerful and Magickally diverse formula We have ever formulated for Cleansing and Protection. Harnessing and interlocking massive amounts of Energies using various spells, techniques, and incantations from cultures and mystery schools across time and space, both of this world and not, it covers Cleansing and Protection, Universally. Every angle from which your Life, Spirit and Soul can be Cleansed and Protected has been accounted for.

This piece is part of a very Powerful small group of items for Universal Cleansing and Universal Protection, created to eradicate any and all forms of darkness and negativity from one's life. Banishing all unwanted, harmful, detrimental and inflammatory forces from your Life and Spirit, from your Aura to your Home, there is nothing that can overcome the Powers that live within this piece.

One question we are sometimes asked is how we are able to create such Powerful, potent Talismans. It does vary from piece to piece, however, the common denominator can be traced back thousands of years. There are Energies all around us that our Ancestors have utilized to their advantage for millennia. There is real, very serious Power that at this moment, has found you, and you found it.

All physical & spiritual forces, all human & non-human consciousness are all manifestations of Energy. These Energies exist around us all at all times, everywhere. It is the unseen force surrounding you when you are awake or sleeping, behind every object and person, behind every atom. Everything has a specific type of energy or energy signature, a life source energy, or “chi”.

You know when you are in room & someone walks in & you can feel their energy? Each person changes the dynamic, the "feel" of the room. Or, the saying, "when they walk in they just light up the room" with their Energy.

Now, imagine this concept on a much larger, more Cosmic scale. We harness these energies, securing them from naturally occurring sources, to manipulate & direct Specific energies & Forces and then infuse them within and of an object to create very specific Enigmatic influences, Vibrational frequencies, Manifestations & results.

The processes of invoking and harnessing these energies, and infusing, bonding them within a physical piece like this requires absolute dedication, unfaltering will, and seasoned skill that can only be learned through experience to complete a feat so Supernaturally Involved, Magickally Woven, & Metaphysically Orchestrated.

It is this power, which is said to be the ‘power of the gods’, that can be used to heal and destroy, Create Life & Give Power; it is this power which must be truly understood from within to truly work with the Universe.

This will begin working immediately. We now offer it to anyone needing protection and guidance in their own life.

Simply place it upon a finger, wear it on a chain or cord, or, simply hold it, allowing its potent energies to enter into your body. This will immediately link to you and you will be forever protected and even guided to make the right decisions to protect yourself and your family.

To continue using this, you may wear it, or, you may place it in a special spot in your home.

This is a really great supernatural piece to enhance your entire life.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.