Momento Mori Mysticism, God DNA
Momento Mori Mysticism, God DNA
Momento Mori Mysticism, God DNA
Momento Mori Mysticism, God DNA
Momento Mori Mysticism, God DNA
Momento Mori Mysticism, God DNA
Momento Mori Mysticism, God DNA
Momento Mori Mysticism, God DNA
Momento Mori Mysticism, God DNA
Momento Mori Mysticism, God DNA
Momento Mori Mysticism, God DNA
Momento Mori Mysticism, God DNA

Momento Mori Mysticism, God DNA






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We are pleased to offer from the private collection of an associate of ours, this astonishing Antique 19th Century Memento Mori Skull ring. Made of 18k gold and sterling silver, it is a museum quality piece. There is patina, save for the gold skull.


For the consideration of the serious collector, may we present this unique piece which once belonged to the famous Skulls collection of Dr. Atanas Karamanov. The personal physician to King Ferdinand I of Bulgaria, Dr. Karamanov was a member of the first Bulgarian Regular Lodge named “Balkanska Zvezda” (Balkan Star). His collection consisted of over 1200 skull pieces, in the tradition of the Memento Mori.

In various disciplines and cultural adaptations, the Memento Mori has always been an important part of humankind’s Consciousness. Used in clay and stone carvings, casts, sculptures, paintings, jewellery and such, the imagery of the skull has been used as a symbol of mortality and the Spirit; a representation of victory, and the contemplation of eternity.

In Christianity it places strong emphasis on divine judgment, heaven, hell, and the salvation of the soul; to remind us that life upon Earth is but brief, and that we should seize the moment while we are here, bringing death to the forefront of consciousness.

Throughout the Hermetic sciences, and within the Occult spectrum of tightknit circles of Brotherhoods and Mysteries, such as the Freemasons Dr. Karamanov was part of, the Memento Mori acquires a moralizing purpose as an object designed as a means of perfecting the character by cultivating detachment from this Earthly plane, higher virtues, and by turning the attention towards the immortality of the soul and the afterlife.

The most important historic Memento Mori piece we have ever encountered, this ring was one of the earliest and most personally valued, sentimental pieces in Dr. Karamanov's collection. Out of all the 1,200 pieces, some of which are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and made of solid gold, this was the piece that started it all.

It took quite a bit of digging to unlock the great Mysteries of the Doctor, as, he was a very secretive man, and we mean VERY, extremely secretive. He definitely avoided being on any sort of record. He did not share his findings, triumphs or successes either. While most enlightened men chose to share, publish, etc, Karamanov shared only with a select few of his fellow masons.

It is the Power within this piece that guided us to revealing these hidden secrets, for, with this piece, Dr. Atanas Karamanov achieved very early in his Spiritual Journey, what takes most many lifetimes over – the Power of Mysticism.

Mysticism is reaching the highest union with All; absorption into the absolute; becoming one with God himself.

It is the intrinsic ability to communicate with God and feel the experience of all that He is, all where He is, and all that He does.

This is a pure, unadulterated Mental, Spiritual, Physical, and Soul link to God. Its Master will experience this Mysticism, through which essentially anything is possible.

This takes Momemto Mori to an entirely advanced level, in that, understanding your mortality, you can ascend to Oneness with God.

All of your individual bodies of your Spiritual Matrix align in Divine perfection as you assimilate to God's etheric existence.

This piece goes above and beyond reactivating the 12-Strand DNA, in that you will undergo full cellular transmutation. God DNA will course through the veins of your Spirit down to a Cellular level.

You will Strengthen your DNA, clearing away unwanted debris from your DNA structure as vibratory levels increase for spiritual and personal development, cleansing genetic Karma patterns up to 50 generations in the past.

You will find a dramatic increase in your Energy, Focus, Memory, Clarity, opening the door to hidden abilities, talents and natural skills – both Psychic and not, drawing Goodness to you and eradicating all evil.

The Spiritual apprehension of Knowledge that is inaccessible to the intellect reveals the Divine nature of God, and All of Creation. This means that you will have the natural Ability to see what others cannot see, hear what cannot be heard, understand and connect to nature, the Earth, and all.

The magnitude of and intensity of the Wisdom, Wealth and Success that Karamanov reached, far exceeded that which could ever be accounted for based upon his education and occupation alone. It was his direct link with God, that gave him the inherent Wisdom to produce certain reactions, phenomena, results, and conditions to occur, or to manifest.

You may be wondering how Atanas achieved such a high degree of Spiritual Metamorphosis in such a short time. It was the Power of this piece which led him to it. No, he did not create this piece himself, but rather, it is believed to have been given to him by a mysterious man that made his rounds at various Grand Lodges and is said to have also been a Templar, and “500 years old". To us, this immediately brings to mind the elusive Count Saint Germain, but we don't want to speculate. However, it would certainly fit the bill.

Although its exact origins prior to Dr. Atanas Karamanov remain an unsolved mystery, the indelible Power this holds will be right at your fingertips.

Simply place it upon your finger, and the Power will flow. There are no rituals to perform to begin use, all this has already been done for you.

You may notice a tingling in the head (crown chakra), lightheadedness, dizziness, sensory overload, a spontaneous physical or emotional healing, all of which are normal to those very sensitive, and will quickly pass. This is the Magick of this piece doing its job, creating a connection with your Highest Self and God.

Permanently forge the deepest of all connections with your self and all that is, beyond anything you've ever known, beyond anything you've ever read, thought, and dreamed.

Simply purchasing this small treasure, you are actively taking the first step to becoming one with God. This small step is but a big leap, to finding what you seek within the Universe. You are not “taking the wheel", but rather, initiating the reintegration into the wheel and becoming the wheel itself as it is the Universal fluid that is us all.

Mysticism God DNA Antique 18K Momento Mori Ring Dr. Atanas Karamanov Freemason Physician King Prince frederick I Bulgaria Count Saint Germain

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