Myrena, Pearl Mermaid of Luck, Wealth & Wisdom
Myrena, Pearl Mermaid of Luck, Wealth & Wisdom
Myrena, Pearl Mermaid of Luck, Wealth & Wisdom

Myrena, Pearl Mermaid of Luck, Wealth & Wisdom

A Vessel worthy of a Mermaid so spiritually cultured and Fair; a stunning bracelet of natural pearls, in delicate, unaltered hues of rose gold/pink-copper bases; the pale, sweet watercolors of Moscato champagne and blushed sand.

Although the pearls were recently strung, the age of the pearls themselves has not been verified. Overall however, they are in excellent condition in my humble opinion

Adjustable size, fits a small to extra large adult wrist comfortably, as The elasticity is a tad on the stretched side. Extra small wrists can make the circumference  smaller by retying. 

For your Metaphysical Curiosity, I am honored to present to you this beautiful natural pearl bracelet, a Spirit Vessel of my own conjuring. Holding the full and complete embodiment of the Extraordinary Mermaid Myrena, a Spirit of Wisdom, Good Luck, and Wealth, who will guide you to the things you seek most in life.

Ethereal, feminine and graceful, Myrena will remain by your side, forever blessing your days with her Magick.

The Magick of Mermaids is unique, in that it is fluid, versatile and adaptive. Like the water from whence they hold domain, it is beautiful, peaceful, yet mighty, with the power to carve rivers through mountains, canyons through stone. Myrena's Magick, like her, is nurturing, pure, cleansing and renewing; a powerful force to be admired.

When one feels drawn to the magickal and alluring Spirit of the Mermaid, you are spiritually connected to other existences, although, you may not know every detail of which, or any for that matter, there are significant energies of the Mermaid that have transcended into your life, in a Spiritual calling, manifesting into instincts, likes and intuition, and, if you are reading this now, that is most likely why you are here.

Myrena is a deeply intuitive Spirit, and will help guide you to the Blessings you truly seek in life. A wealth of Magick, Good Luck, Wisdom and Wealth will find you, cleansing the path ahead of any negative Karmic energies that may be lingering, washing away the residues of the past that have placed limitations and hindrances on your progress as a human and as a spiritual being

Myrena's Magick is Infinite as she offers you nothing less than her limitless devotion. She will cross the ends of the Celestial Seas, to the deepest depths of the oceans to Bring you Happiness and Peace, to give you the Life you Deserve. She will Enlighten your Mind, Body, and Spirit, ushering in a new Breath of Life of which you will travel the Path of Happiness and Progress!

The Mysterious Mermaid Magick she Possesses can manifest in so many ways in your Life, from Wealth, Guidance, Luck, Wisdom, Clarity, to Creativity, Happiness, and Peace, and in other surprising ways as well! You may find you have knowledge you did not have before, unlearned knowledge and wisdom. You may find you have a new, magnetic energy about you, one that inspires good in others, one that attracts others who are of a like positive energy, who will improve your life, people whom you will form true and trusting relationships with.

She will create Opportunities and draw such blessings into your Life, to allow you to live the way you are meant to, the way you desire! Free of the stresses and anxieties and slaving our time and energy away day in and day out. She will help you with Blessings of Money and Wealth, Success and Prosperity, Good Luck and Financial Security. She will bring Wealth into your Life, help you in your job, business, or career, schooling. She will guide you when you lack direction, bring you luck when it is needed, and ensure that you do not spend the rest of your lives struggling with finances, that you have the wealth to live with freedom and ease!

As Spirit Keeper to a spirit as rare as the Mermaid, She will Surround you with her Magick, wrapping you in the revitalizing, mesmerizing Energy of all that is Pure of Heart. She will always put your best interest first, having your Well being in all forms as her priority, and will make a fabulous companion, guardian and friend.

If you feel yourself pulled or drawn to Myrena, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!