Neuroplasticity: Wisdom in Action, Ancient Priests of Thoth
Neuroplasticity: Wisdom in Action, Ancient Priests of Thoth

Neuroplasticity: Wisdom in Action, Ancient Priests of Thoth


A gorgeous antique coin that is beautifully timeworn, from years and years of everyday use. We are unsure of the exact silver content. It has been made into a pendant. 


This is one of our most fascinating pieces, with Magick that is quite complex and advanced, though it is ancient. Though it has the appearance of being a 19th Century love token with its “RC" monogram, it is not what it seems to be. It comes from a very small collection of only a few items we obtained from Waddesdon Manor. I can't tell you how exactly we got this piece, or from whom, but I can tell you this is an extremely powerful piece,

Located in the Aylesbury Vale of Buckinghamshire, Waddesdon Manor was originally built for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild as a weekend “country house" for grand entertaining and as a setting for his collection of treasures. It is a lavish residence of 18th-century interiors, Masterpieces created by the royal French porcelain manufactory of Sèvres, furniture produced by the most significant French craftsmen of the 18th century, much of it made for the royal family court, the floors covered with Savonnerie carpets exclusive to the Crown, tapestries from the royal Gobelins and Beauvais workshops and Paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries by famous Dutch, Flemish and French artists hang from walls fitted with priceless, original 18th Century silk fabrics. It is a place of decadence and accurate historical significance in each piece, a collection that would be the envy of any of today’s museums.

But there is more that the Rothschilds collection aside from the priceless paintings, arms and armor, smoking pipes, trinket boxes and other fineries though. And there's more to the Rothschilds than their wealth and ritzy soirees. Ferdinand, his sister Alice, cousin Edmond and most recently Lord Rothschild were hardcore collectors of Metaphysicals, and Waddesdon was the perfect place to house them. I mean, Ferdinand had the chateaux built from the ground up, literally, so naturally he had some hidden passageways and a hidden room - wouldn't you? Of course which you will not find on any blueprint. This is where their most precious of pieces were, and are still kept to this day. This room they called the Secretorium.

Baron Ferdinand’s sister Alice, precise and punctual to a T, was the real caretaker and primary curator of their collection, even establishing “Miss Alice's Rules" for the care of their treasures. Imperious in nature, Alice was a strong-willed person who spoke her mind. According to a 2001 book by author Michael Nelson: "the Queen stepped on a lawn and across a flower-bed [at Waddesdon Manor], inadvertently crushing several plants. The baroness could not contain herself and roughly told the sovereign in effect to 'Get out'. Thereafter the Queen always referred to her as 'The All-Powerful One'." But Alice was not always so. In her earlier years she found herself alienated by her peers, both family and not, she had terrible anxiety, and was not one to speak her mind. She was very quiet and preferred to be alone, save for a few cousins. Some of her family considered her as a “weakling”, “plain and homely”, some referred to her as the “black sheep” of the family because of her type B personality, and particularly, because of her refusal to marry any of her Rothschild cousins, however distant they may have been. She had grown so accustomed to the things her family said, that she actually believed it, to the point it didn't even bother her anymore than someone stating the sky is blue or grass is green.

Ferdinand, dear Ferdinand, oh he saw Alice in a different light. He loved her dearly and hated how his family spoke of her. He knew Alice’s true spirit, and wanted her to finally see it too.

Ferdinand presented her this Love Token, which was common in those days, not just between couples, but family members too, as this was a time before text messages, email, Skype and what not, so it was commonplace to give love tokens to loved ones, so that part of you would always be with them. But this is no ordinary Love Token by any means.

This piece was created out of Love, yes, and what better way for a Rothschild to Express their love than with a one of a kind, treasured metaphysical investment. It holds powerful Magick from the Ancient Mysteries of Thoth. Thoth is one of the eldest, longest standing Ascended Masters, known as a God by more than one faith on Earth throughout time. To the Egyptians he was Tahuti, in Atlantis he was Chikutet, to the Greeks he was Hermes Trismejistus, and to the Romans, Mercury – he is the great Master Thoth, the ultimate god of Wisdom, who holds the mysteries of all of creation as keeper of the Akashic records and mankind’s evolution on Earth.

Thoth brought the mysteries of Atlantis to Egypt after the dispersion from the Tower of Babel. You see, the Tower of Babel was built essentially in response to the great Flood. Despite the fact God told humankind to spread out and populate the earth, they remained at the massive tower of Babel, disobeying God. So, God made it so that they couldn’t understand each other, forcing them to separate. They all split up into groups, which, through the course of only about 6 generations of reproducing within the same small group and natural selection, created the ethnic groups we know today, and the Sacred languages which are the roots of all spoken word on the planet.

Spoken word is what birthed written language, the two were not always synonymous. Spoken word existed before written, and the creation of the alphabets was no simple task. The Priests and Scribes of Thoth created alphabets that have carried on, although evolved, to this day. One can imagine what a challenge it would be trying to create pictures of sounds that have meaning and phonetic value and aren’t just random, meaningless squiggles. Each letter has an entire meaning, purpose and Power within it. When they were originally conjured thousands of years ago by the Priests of Thoth, there was a sacred process undertaken, a ritual of divine council and wisdom, conjuring a form of Magick that cannot be accessed by just anyone. Think about it, it was these scribes who can claim responsibility for literally every written word in all of history. They didn't just make up a bunch of random nonsense, they were guided in Wisdom and Council from the Gods.

The Power that is instilled within this awesome piece is hidden in plain sight, and can be openly seen on its reverse, within the letters R and C.

What’s so special about these letters in particular? Why R and C instead of Alice’s initials or Ferdinand's? Let’s take a step back to deconstruct the original praxis of the Ancient Priests.

The letter R is a massive conduit of Wisdom and Action. It’s sound is derived from the sound of a hawk's wings, and the image of the letter R is the image of the hawk God, Heru. The words hero, arrow, heir, hour, and the -araoh in Pharaoh are all derived from the name of Heru, the God of Wisdom and Action. Heru is who you see when you look at the majuscule letter R; it is a picture of Heru in stride. He is nearly always shown walking, even when he's depicted as a hawk on a perch, he is drawn with his legs in motion. This is because he is the symbol of wisdom-in-action. A hawk gets what it wants by its power of wisdom gained through vision and action. The Hawk's power and prowess amid high soaring flight make it the ultimate personification of Action and Results.

The letter C is the ultimate alphabetic personification of Divine Communication and Sacred Council. The sound of the letter C is the sound of the gods of the council circles whispering, and the image of the letter C represents the company of gods, the souls of the ascended ancestors. Their message is wisdom, and they expect people to listen. It is a council of ancestors that can be found throughout all of history, all over the world, from prehistorical times to the present, from the stone circles of Hawaii and Mongolia, the council circles of pre-Roman Ireland, tribal circles of Native American tribes, to the council circle of the United Nations of today. One can find the letter C with the shape of human ear, listening to the Gods, and the walls of the judgment chamber where Osiris renders judgment of the dead. The gap in the circle represents him as present in spirit, not in the flesh.

This piece belonged to Alice, and for many years she kept in in the Secretorium. It was something that she loved dearly, as it helped her become the strong, wise, self-respecting woman she was. The Power it holds is unlike any other we have ever offered, as it is a Magick that was conceived in the company of Gods. It is a carrier of the Wisdom of the Gods, and their power of Action. This is very unique in that the way it works is actually quite high-tech, in a way similar to what modern holistic neurologists are only just beginning to use. The Powers within this allow the brain’s neuroplasticity to evolve in ways that the rich and powerful can only dream of. It fuels and stimulates the brain in ways that have been inaccessible since the earliest days of the Garden of Eden, allowing new neuro pathways to be formed.

What’s so special about forming new pathways? It is a rebirth of the mind, an illumination. Our brains are wired the way they are, and our life experiences form pathways, like highways. In everything we do, our brain follows these highways just like we do, taking the same road to drive to work, school, the market, we don’t often veer off and randomly decide to find a new way to get to work, school, the market, etc. This is how our brain operates when it comes to everything- our response to pain, our emotions, our individual beliefs, and so on. What this incredible piece does is opens up different paths, new roads, unexplored trails, of which the possibilities and opportunities are endless.

This reveals truths to you that allow you to see and understand things which you did not know you could not see or understand. For Alice, the magick within this gave her Wisdom of herself which she never knew existed within her. It was within her all along, but a lifetime of social programming from her family primarily, blinded her from seeing the truth, the truth which the company of Gods know.

But it is not merely Wisdom which this offers, but their Power of Action is what keeps the Wisdom in motion, what keeps propelling you forward. For, it is one thing to know, but the act of doing, taking action, is what brings life and meaningfulness to Wisdom. Alice was given this Power and she became the strong leader of Waddesdon Manor, the confident and bold woman who spoke her mind and didn’t allow anyone to show her disrespect- not even the Queen.

Like Alice, you will be endowed with the deeply enigmatic Magick of the Gods' power of Wisdom and Action, guiding you to hidden truths and providing the energy of the Gods. This adapts to you as an individual person, spirit and soul, to reveal paths to you that lead you to great, new opportunities.

There is no telling what is just around the corner, or waiting for you to take the step outside of the box. For Alice it was strength, confidence, leadership, authority, respect, generational wealth, independence, and happiness. What this will reveal for you is completely unique to you.

This will begin synchronizing to your individual Spiritual Matrix as soon as you receive it. There are no rituals which you must do. Simply wear it, keep jt close, and keep it close while sleeping.