PREMIER METAPHYSICAL INVESTMENT Authentic Carbonari Illuminati Handler Relic
PREMIER METAPHYSICAL INVESTMENT Authentic Carbonari Illuminati Handler Relic
PREMIER METAPHYSICAL INVESTMENT Authentic Carbonari Illuminati Handler Relic
PREMIER METAPHYSICAL INVESTMENT Authentic Carbonari Illuminati Handler Relic
PREMIER METAPHYSICAL INVESTMENT Authentic Carbonari Illuminati Handler Relic
PREMIER METAPHYSICAL INVESTMENT Authentic Carbonari Illuminati Handler Relic
PREMIER METAPHYSICAL INVESTMENT Authentic Carbonari Illuminati Handler Relic
PREMIER METAPHYSICAL INVESTMENT Authentic Carbonari Illuminati Handler Relic
PREMIER METAPHYSICAL INVESTMENT Authentic Carbonari Illuminati Handler Relic
PREMIER METAPHYSICAL INVESTMENT Authentic Carbonari Illuminati Handler Relic
PREMIER METAPHYSICAL INVESTMENT Authentic Carbonari Illuminati Handler Relic
PREMIER METAPHYSICAL INVESTMENT Authentic Carbonari Illuminati Handler Relic
PREMIER METAPHYSICAL INVESTMENT Authentic Carbonari Illuminati Handler Relic
PREMIER METAPHYSICAL INVESTMENT Authentic Carbonari Illuminati Handler Relic
PREMIER METAPHYSICAL INVESTMENT Authentic Carbonari Illuminati Handler Relic
PREMIER METAPHYSICAL INVESTMENT Authentic Carbonari Illuminati Handler Relic

PREMIER METAPHYSICAL INVESTMENT Authentic Carbonari Illuminati Handler Relic


Authentic Carbonari Illuminati Handler Relic

Dual Magick Amassment of

135 Elite Inner Circle Masters + 40,000 Spirits

A Thrilling Once In A Lifetime Metaphysical Investment Guaranteed to Materialize Any Desire

Countess of Castiglione, Rothschild, Napoleon


One of our Premier items, a stunning, very finely made antique round bronze box with a gold gilded finish. I do believe it is plated in genuine gold, but I'm not positive. Measuring approximately 1” wide, its intricately engraved and repoussé floral and scrolling designs have been tediously hammered by hand, against a background of extremely fine repoussé diagonal lines. As if this masterful, skilled craftsmanship weren't elaborate and regal enough, the crowning glory of this piece is the top – attached by a hinge (that, although has patina, is in excellent working order), the top is one, singular, massive deep ruby red gemstone. The composition of this gemstone has not been analyzed by a professional 3rd party jeweler, though we feel it may be glass.

This is such an exquisite piece of old world Italian craftsmanship, it is extremely well made and just so impressive to behold. It is truly a collection centerpiece, that is more than well worth its antique and Occult value.


This is truly a once in a lifetime offering of vast importance, and unparalleled rarity that is unquestionably, one of the world's most powerful and important metaphysical treasures. If it weren't for this Metaphysical relic, Italy, and perhaps all of Europe, would not be as we know it today.

Today we are very proud to present a one of a kind Metaphysical relic that has been imbued Magick that cannot be reproduced, replicated, or accessed by any other means. So Potent and extreme, laced with an immeasurable plethora of Magickal Castings and Powers of the Highest Ranks and Innermost Circles of the Illuminati and the Carbonari, with roots in Freemasonry and King Solomon, we GUARANTEE it will manifest any desire, any goal, any wish.

It took us a long time to finally obtain this, and we have been rigorously testing it ever since, and have been blown away by the results. As many of you are now aware we were away most of all last week at an Underground event/investigation. This piece was the focus of said investigation.

Exclusively held by the worldwide Illuminati's highest ranking members for the last 120 years, save for a few years in the early 1990's, this is NOT a piece you'll want to pass up! The Historical and Metaphysical significance of this thrilling beauty just CANNOT be overstated.

It would be wise not let others know about its Power, and to not flash it around for just anyone to see. There are many who covet this piece and will do anything to have it.

Born on March 22nd, 1837, Virginia Elisabetta Oldoini, the Countess of Castiglione, was a famous Italian temptress of Legendary Beauty and modern history's first fashion model. She would go on to become a methodical grand master of Influence (many call her the first “influencer") who would change the diplomatic chess game of politics in Europe forever with this very Metaphysical treasure.

Formally named “Virginia Luisa Carlotta Antonietta Teresa Maria Oldoïni”, this Italian aristocrat was the original Queen of the Selfie and the first Influencer, and was highly intelligent and well learned. Coming from a family of nobility, and, raised by her Grandfather, she was taught many languages, mathematics, politics, philosophy, history, amongst other subjects, FAR more than what most all children had the opportunity to learn at that time in history. Most children did not have any schooling at all.

She certainly became a voluptuous beauty of so many charms.

At the age of 16, the busty bombshell had became the mistress of the naval officer, Marquis Doria. At 17, she married the Count Castiglione per her parents' arrangement. At 18, she had a son, Giorgio.

However, Oldoini was destined for far greater things than being an ordinary countess.

Authentic lluminati Carbonari Handler Relic Antique 19th Century gold Repousse engraved chased gemstone jewel ruby pill box Virginia Oldoini Countess of Castiglione Napoleon Master Alchemist Magick Knowledge Wisdom Power Rothschild Napoleon

The Countess quickly outshined her hubby, winning over many men of Power with her charm in the Court where she was known as “La Divina Contessa". In fact, it was within the Royal Court where Oldoini was recruited as the first and only female Agent of the Freemason influenced, Carbonari.

As one of the most secretive and influential Power players in the world, The Carbonari were, and still are, so tightlipped as to not expose any information, that most everyone believes they simply dissolved in the 19th Century. This could not be any further from the truth. Quite the opposite, actually. Their reticence has allowed them to remain in the shadows from the public eye for near 150 years.

It wasn't long before the Italian Government hired her as a secret agent to assist in the unification of Italy movement. Before her deployment to France, an intimate, exclusive group of the Carbonari, only the 6 most Powerful, created this very piece for Oldoini. Within it, they infused their entire lifetimes of Occult Knowledge and Magickal, Metaphysical experience, binding directly to this piece with part of Oldoini's own self, merging them into one fluid and seamless movement of bound transference.

We're not talking about just everyday Magick, but, Magick that has fueled the demands of the most Powerful blood Dynasties and Monarchies in all of recorded history.

She was given instructions to “succeed by whatever means you wish, but succeed.”

Armed with this, Oldoini set her sights on the French Emperor, Louis Napoleon III, the most Powerful man in the world at the time. With his Italian revolutionary roots, she knew she could manipulate him to fulfill the Italian dream, and her own as well.

Within no time, she had become his official royal mistress.

During this time, Oldoini caused quite a sensation amongst the courts for her elaborate entrances and her uninhibited sense of fashion and confidence. At a ball held by Louis Napoleon, Johann Strauss halted the orchestra when she entered the room because he was so stunned by her beauty. Princess Metternich described her as having ‘wonderful hair, the waist of a nymph, and a complexion the color of pink marble!’ She even attended a ball where Napoleon's wife was present, and Oldoini dressed as The Queen of Hearts! Needless to say, subtlety was not something Oldoini practiced as a mistress nor as a spy.

As Napoleon III’s mistress she helped persuade him that Italy should be united. In about 4 years after Oldoini’s deployment, Italy was proclaimed its own kingdom.

Quite ironically, Napoleon gave the Countess Power of his own. He was obsessed with Alchemy and the quest in turning base metals into Gold, and was actually quite the impressive Alchemist. He of course had many alchemists and Sorcerers under his command, which is no surprise with his vast domination and Influence. He rallied his top team of trusted Practitioners, all Masters of their unique craft, and infused a Diamond and Gold necklace with he had commissioned for her with Powers of Protection, Material Wealth, and Endless Abundance. He was unaware that she immediately transferred these powers into this vessel.

It was also During this time she established herself not only as the world's first supermodel, an International spy for the Carbonari, a secret Government agent, world class Magician and Courtesan, but Oldoini cemented her place within the Illuminati, forming close contacts with the Rich and Powerful like Queen Augusta of Saxe-Weimar and Otto Von Bismarck; using her Beauty, Magick and skill to become the mistress of Prince Henri de la Tour d’Auvergne, and the Italian King, Victor Emmanuel II, who granted her a very large pension and set her up in an apartment in former palace of the Medici family, the magnificent Pitti Palace, a great treasure house of paintings, fine plates, jewelry and other luxurious, magickal possessions.

However, it was her relationship with the extravagantly Wealthy Baron James de Rothschild that propelled her into the innermost circle of the Illuminati..

Rothschild was well aware of Oldoini's history, including this very piece and all of its Power. Absolutely smitten and head over heels in love with Oldoini, he offered her a “seat" next to him within the Inner Circle. We aren't positive if he knew that Oldoini was using her Magick to influence him or not, however, all things considered, we assume he knew, and used his even more Powerful Illuminati Magick to counteract it. I personally feel he truly did love her, or, at least was extremely infatuated with her.

The Illuminati offered the Countess Fame, Wealth, Beauty, Control, and Influence that reached globally.

She was initiated into the inner circle, and as each initiation goes, a personal relic is required to hold the Powerful Rites of the Knowledge, Magick, and Experiences bestowed upon the initiate from the top 33 Illuminati Handlers. These are Powers which trace all the way back to King Solomon, they are the basis for ALL ILLUMINATI MAGICK, the essence that has created Power, Influence, Control, Domination for thousands of Millionaires, and Billionaires.

All of the Power which she was given, went into this very piece.

It was then that her Fame, Allure, Wealth and Influence skyrocketed. Her modeling career reached an entirely new level of International stardom.

With just a small facet of the tens of thousands of gems of Power within this, Oldoini was able to draw in even more Beauty. This gave her the Power to gain Youth, both physically to her outward appearance, and sexually.

It is said that Captain Richard Seymour Conway, the 4th Marquis of Hertford KG, offered 1 million francs for just 12 hours of her “company.”

The stylishly eccentric royalist, social snob, and handsome Symbolist poet the Comte Robert de Montesquiou, a man of lofty position in both the fashion and literary circles of the Parisian Belle-Epoque, a direct descendant of the illustrious dukes of Gascony who could trace their lineage back to Merovingian kings and the fourth Musketeer, was arguably the Countess’s biggest fan. His collected at least 430 photographs of Oldoini after she died. Mind you, this is before JPEGs; owning a physical photo of someone meant a lot more back then. He even spent 13 years writing her biography, La Divine Comtesse.

On her photo shoots with Mayer and Pierson, She dressed herself, posed herself, and even chose her own camera angles, drawing from a rich canon of characters for her photoshoots. She posed as Lady Macbeth, the doomed Anne Boleyn, and even figures from the Bible. Her relationship with Pierre-Louis Pierson would go on for four decades, and produced over 700 photographs.

In between photoshoots, gown fittings, royal balls and all the perks that come with being Rich, Beautiful and Powerful, she saved Paris from invasion in 1871. At that time, France was all but defeated in the Franco-Prussian War, so, the former royal mistress deployed her connections and arranged a personal sit-down with Otto von Bismarck himself. She explained to the statesman that an occupation of Paris by the Germans would be more trouble than it was worth. Bismarck seemed to agree, and the capital was spared.

She did what she pleased. She went where she pleased. Others vied for her attention, envied her, treated her, spoiled her. She inspired subordination, lust, jealousy, and her presence demanded Respect. She literally had the entire world in the palm of her hand. Oldoini obtained everything she had ever wanted with this piece. She was a multimillionaire, and had influence and control over most all of Europe.

Now, later in her life, most historical accounts state that the Countess became a recluse, that, she was unable to face the loss of her beauty after she turned 40 and only left her house now and then—but only under veils, and only when it was dark, to hide her “shameful” age, mainly just for photoshoots, which critics note became “shorter, more morbid, more disturbed, more deranged” than before. Most accounts state that she hid away in her apartment and eventually, after a lifetime of being camera ready, Virginia Oldoini, the Countess of Castiglione, spy and mistress to rulers, passed away on November 28, 1899 a tragic, solitary death.

However, as most of you have learned by now, history is not always accurate. It depends upon the source(s) from which the information was obtained.

With her “morbid, disturbed, deranged” photoshoots and her only coming out once in a while, but always under the cover of darkness, it would likely seem that she had become reclusive, sad, and that she died solitary, alone.

On the contrary, this is not at all how she lived her later years. This s simply an act; the role she portrayed to outsiders – those not within her Elite Circle.

In reality, the Countess chose Immortality, as many Illuminati have, and still do. She did this actually well before her “morbid phase", of course she did so attending the Ancient Vampire Club of Rome. We would expect nothing less coming from Oldoini! It just wasn't until her 40’s that she knew others would begin noticing her obvious youthfulness, so she put on an act, a charade, to hide it from the public eye. Remember, back then, they didn't have the kinds of plastic surgery and injectables we have today, nor did they have the vast Knowledge of cosmetic Science and skincare that we now do, so the average 40 year old didn't age as gracefully.

This is why there was a period in which nobody saw her at all in her lavish apartment. This is why she separated herself from mortals. This is why she only came out, on occasion, veiled, under the cover of darkness. This is why her photoshoots were highly guarded and short. This is why most mortals did find her shoots on the “creepy" side.

The Countess was the original Influencer, after all, but back then, her photoshoots were her Instagram. Her morbid themes simply reflected her newly found Knowledge and Wisdom of Immortality. She had went through a Transformation of Spirit which is reflected in our outward appearance to varying degrees, the most dramatic with immortals. She kept herself veiled, under night's cloak, so that others would not see her drastic age reversal. Her shoots were short, and her public appearances infrequent, to hide her secret. She actually would do her makeup to make herself appear older, and, I quote, “ugly".

After a mortal lifetime of famed beauty, decadence, royal affairs and ball gowns; espionage, secret societies, palaces and jewels; with her vast Knowledge and immense Immortal Wisdom, she chose to Enlighten herself and Transcend, so that she could exist freely beyond any limitations at all. Again, we z expect nothing less coming from Oldoini!

All of the Powers which she was given in her life went into this very piece. The Magick stored within this gave her all the Knowledge and Wisdom needed, and all the Power needed to do so, binding all remaining parts of her Earthly facets within this beautiful, truly one of a kind piece.

In addition to mythologizing Oldoini's own life story, the Magick in this will revolutionize and aggrandize yours even more.

This incredible piece is a living database, a Portal of Power, to all that the Carbonari and Illuminati bound within it, transformative Power, Gained Knowledge, Abilities, and Spirit; all those from Napoleon and his legion of Master Alchemists and Sorcerers, granting the holder the Ability to “upload" these multi-faceted Metaphysical, Supernatural wonders. Every Ritual, Entity, Spell & Magick left traces of Energy within this piece.

With this precious treasure, you will have access to the Powers which have thrust many into mass idolization & Power. Many of the Rich & Famous, be they politicians, musicians or other celebrities, many which seem to have gotten rich, famous & idolized for no apparent rhyme or reason, have gained such Power & Influence through the very Powers which this piece accesses.

Most all have always kept their Magick to themselves and within their families, within their own bloodlines, with only a few exceptions. Oldoini's son passed before she did, so this went into the hands of the Illuminati Handlers when she transcended on November 28th, 1899.

You will possess the entire lifetime of Powers of 6 Carbonari Masters and 33 Illuminati Handlers – in addition, those which they obtained from the Masters and Handlers before them, which we estimate to total approximately 100 – 135 individuals.

Alchemy, the Dark Arts, Papal Secrets, Mind Control, Spells of Cloaking, Manifestation, Magickal herbs, poisons, Attraction, Wealth, the Wisdom of many a Grimoire, Sorcery, Prophecy, Hauntings, Immortality, Astral activity, all things the Carbonari and Illuminati Handlers had Known and experienced that became the Countess’ own will become your own thoughts, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Power.

Every Spirit they had ever Summoned and Conjured every Ritual they each had partaken in, every last morsel of their experiences is within this piece.

During our Underground event/investigation over the past week we had trusted professionals examine this extraordinary relic. These Theologians and experts in 18th and 19th Century Illuminati Magick, seasoned professional Mediums and Clairvoyants, and myself, estimate this is bound to a staggering 40,000 – 55,000 Spirits, each possessing their own unique, individual Strength and Power.

As one of the most diverse Spirited Metaphysical pieces we have ever offered, it is important to note that any and all Spirits and Metaphysics of and within this piece are bound to serve you and YOUR best interests, working to your advantage and your desires.

You will possess Extreme Power through the exclusive use, secret Control, and heavily guarded access of Magick – Secret Rituals that span across all of human history, that are both of this Earth and not – Magick of Ancient Mysteries, Alchemy, Immortality, Sacred Geometry and more.

Are you ready to gain the same Power, Influence, Wealth, and Control that has been the guiding force behind the most powerful people in history?

With this in one's possession, there is virtually nothing one cannot accomplish.

There are literally tens of thousands of Metaphysical benefits, so much to gain, so many exclusive rewards to reap.

The time is now to turn this to your own advantage.

The Magick within this aligns to your own individual Spiritual Matrix, automatically adapting to your own best interests, well-being, satisfaction, comfort, and convenience.

As it synchronizes to your Spiritual Matrix, it elevates your Spiritual DNA to a much higher degree of complete existence. This will unlock parts of your mind which have previously been inaccessible, within the psychic Warehouses of the pineal and pituitary glands; the 6th and 7th Chakras. This Mystikal Marriage, as it is referred to, opens up an entirely new world of Metaphysical assistance, Advantages, and Rewards.

This is almost entirely dual magic and will manifest results no matter what it is you desire or want to achieve or gain.

Remember, Power is your birthright.
Magick is Magick.
It is the end result of your innermost desires that deem it dark or not.

This piece will arm your with the Forces to Continue forging your path of true freedom, which is the ultimate power.

We create our own Reality.

Power & Greatness are not achieved by idleness & contempt.

You will never come to realize your full Power & all that You can Obtain if you do not take action to make it happen.

Do you wish to continue on as you have been, passively allowing others to dictate & control your Life - from your wage, your time, money, thoughts & emotions - or are you ready to take Charge & Assert Control & Dominance, to Create the Reality YOU want?

Many go their entire lives just waiting for Opportunities to find them, until the time comes when its too late, there are no more opportunities or options, and they realize they regret not taking action long ago.

This is a Metaphysical investment – a once in a lifetime opportunity to join the ranks of the Elite, to reveal, and unleash your true destiny.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.