Premier Metaphysical Rarity | Power of the Emerald Tablet | 100,000+ Days & Nights
Premier Metaphysical Rarity | Power of the Emerald Tablet | 100,000+ Days & Nights
Premier Metaphysical Rarity | Power of the Emerald Tablet | 100,000+ Days & Nights
Premier Metaphysical Rarity | Power of the Emerald Tablet | 100,000+ Days & Nights
Premier Metaphysical Rarity | Power of the Emerald Tablet | 100,000+ Days & Nights
Premier Metaphysical Rarity | Power of the Emerald Tablet | 100,000+ Days & Nights
Premier Metaphysical Rarity | Power of the Emerald Tablet | 100,000+ Days & Nights
Premier Metaphysical Rarity | Power of the Emerald Tablet | 100,000+ Days & Nights

Premier Metaphysical Rarity | Power of the Emerald Tablet | 100,000+ Days & Nights

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Firstly, I apologize for the photos being on the blurry side, particularly the larger stone. The energies are SO potent, these were the clearest photos I could manage to take.

For your consideration is a two-piece offering, both featuring the stunning, very rare Solomon Stone, also known as Eilat Stone. It consists of a variety of copper minerals, (malachite, azurite), phosphate minerals (pseudomalachite, turquoise) and silicates (chrysocolla, quartz).

One of these offerings is a small pendant made of sterling silver, featuring a small Solomon Stone in it’s center. It is an old piece from Israel, & is in very good condition.

The other half of this offering is a large Solomon Stone, which can be set, wrapped, or drilled to wear as a pendant, or used on it’s own (like a palm stone). I wanted to drill it to use as a pendant but I'm too chicken to do it. This is a gorgeous, large sized stone at about 1.5 inches long, in excellent condition.


Exclusively from our Premier collection, I present to you a very, very special offering, having a direct physical proximity & metaphysical involvement (to put it VERY lightly) with the Emerald Tablet. It is extremely rare we encounter metaphysical artefacts of such a provenance – this is only the 3rd I have ever personally encountered in 33 years.

One of our most truly profound offerings, this has been a prized treasure and showpiece of our collection, and now, we offer it to you. This is not one, but two pieces which together make a precious piece of occult & metaphysical history.

Long kept within the clutches of the Vatican, we came to have this piece some time ago from a long time source. That's about as close to specifics as I can get publicly.

Anchored within elusive mysticism of the pillar of Hermetical thought that is the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, as well as the rarest and most elite of all sacred stones – genuine, true Solomon’s Stone, this is an offering surely for the serious collector!

This is incredibly Powerful Alchemy at work, the most profound and ancient of all Alchemical wisdom & wisdom from the ancients, this offering dives into the intertwined mysteries of matter, energy, soul, and spirit; the mindscape of discoveries and opportunities both of this world & not, above & below, within & without. This offering is all about reclaiming our birthright universality, transforming into your highest form of Self.

Now, firstly before I get into the magickal inner workings of this, I first must explain the significance behind it’s physical origin & properties. You’ll see how it all comes together & just why it is so significant!

This, the most energetically profound sacred stone on Earth, belonged to the wisest, wealthiest man said to have ever walked this Earth – King Solomon – the parent overseer of the only location on Earth where this can be found, in Solomon's mines in Israel (Timna Valley, located just north of the Red Sea).

Due to their unique geology, Solomon's Stone (also called Eilat Stone) is completely void of existence everywhere else on Earth. It cannot be found anywhere else. People have looked far and wide & not one single specimen has been found anywhere else at any point in time over the past nearly 3,000 years.

Having the distinction of being found only in King Solomon's mines, they have been explored and mined for thousands of years. The ore bodies of the mines exhausted long ago and all mining ceasing close to half a century ago, Solomon's Stone is no longer mined and has become increasingly valuable, with existing, dwindling supplies that are exceedingly scarce and extremely difficult to source.

There are incredibly powerful spiritual energies within Solomon's Stone, which Conjurers, Magicians, Witches and Warlocks have utilized for thousands of years. It is the most magickal stone I know of, far moreso than any other. It is a very “intelligent” stone, ideal for handling extreme power & magick, absorbing & taking on intentions & magickal energies unlike any other stone I know of.

The metaphysical and occult-cultural significance of this stone simply cannot be over-stated.

In regards to the Emerald Tablet, the precise history of it has more twists & turns, translations & variations than any other sacred text. Considered the original source of Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Western Alchemy and science; inseparable from the ancient philosopher, healer and sage, Hermes Trismegistus, references to it can be found appearing & disappearing in literature almost everywhere across the ancient world, before and after the birth of Christ.

Now, Hermes Trismegistus was originally known as Balinas, born in 16 C.E. in Anatolia, which is now Turkey. He later became known as Apollonius of Tyana. As a kid growing up in Tyana, he was brilliant. Always asking his parents and teachers rather unanswerable questions, like “What is the true nature of existence?” his parents sent him to a teacher in Tarsus when he was 14, the Phoenician Euthydemus, who introduced him to Sacred Geometry & Plato.

Now, we know he travelled down to & throughout Egypt, where he was quickly associated with Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom, writing, magick and the sciences – synonymous with the Greek god Hermes. Many firmly believed that the man was, in fact, the Thoth & Hermes incarnate, thus, “Trismegistus” translating to “thrice great”!

It was during his travels that Trismegistus discovered a cavern holding the Emerald Tablet and hermetic texts, & spent the rest of his life mastering their contents & teaching it to others all across the ancient world from Greece & Egypt to Persia, North Africa, Spain & Europe, & even India.

From the text, Trismegistus taught that just as the “One Thing” (Divine source) exists in the universe, so too it is mirrored in each of us, in our soul which evolves through reincarnations as it seeks enlightenment — man is only a temporary carrier of something with a greater purpose.,

But, who put the Emerald Tablet there? Who wrote it? Who etched it into the green stone? It was Thoth. Ever straddling the realms of humans and gods, it was he who authored the Emerald Tablet & accompanying texts. Because of cultural “cross-pollination” between Egypt & Greece, Thoth was adopted by the Greeks as the god Hermes.

How did it get from Thoth to Trismegistus? Remember, he found it on a cave/cavern of sorts. The missing link here is Alexander the Great.

Now, when Alexander the Great conquered Egypt (around 331 BC), he became pharaoh, & of course this gave him access to all the ancient treasures of that country. He was absolutely obsessed with finding the tomb of Thoth (as he was told it contained secrets that could turn a man into a god).

Here is where accounts differ. Some say Alexander eventually located the tomb. Ancient reports say that before the biblical Great Flood, Thoth built 2 great pillars, one emerald green & one gold, & placed all his scrolls & teachings (36,525 of them!), & sacred objects within them. According to Herodotus, the pillars were discovered thousands of years later near Heliopolis & Thebes, then they were placed in the Temple of Thebes (the oldest temple site in Egypt) & it was there that they were discovered by Alexander the Great.

Regardless of which way, Alexander hired scholars & priests to copy & translate the tablet & texts & commit to their study at the Library of Alexandria. Later in time, Alexander & his armies went east to conquer India, taking the Hermetica with him. On the way, he hid the tablet & texts in a cavern, however, he never did return, as he died while on campaign.

The location of the cave has long been a mystery to the public. To the select few who were involved in the hiding of the tablet, it’s whereabouts remained secure. That location was Timna Valley – King Solomon’s ol’ mining grounds, when well over 10,000 mining shafts are estimated to have been in operation.

It was that cavern, one, small, abandoned little cavern of King Solomon’s where young Balinas/Trismegistus discovered the tablet some 300 years after Alexander. Prior to Alexander, it hadn’t been touched in over 500 years. And it was Balinas who absorbed the tablet’s teachings & brought them to the light of human consciousness as Hermes Trismegistus.

That is how this offering came to be. These stones sat in the cavern with the Emerald Tablet for over 300 years, & were taken from the cavern by Hermes Trismegistus.

For 300 years, these Solomon Stones, given their extremely unique properties – we’re continuously enriched & exclusively, immeasurably charged with the energies & power of the Emerald Tablet, ‘marinating’ in it’s sacred, divine magick for over 100,000 days and 100,000 nights.

Trismegistus felt their power – I’m sure it would have been quite impossible not to! Even though 2 millennia have passed since then, the power within them is absolutely undeniable.

Holding the secret of the Philosophers Stone, the transmutation that occurs within the Alchemist is what the Tablet is truly about; that “All is One,” that one can experience the Divine through meditation & inner workings. It is what laid the foundations of Freemasonry, systems of esoterica, alchemy, mysticism, Gnosticism, and Hermeticism. It is so much higher of a transmutation than turning lead into gold, for the metals are material things, used for earthly gains. While there’s nothing wrong with achieving wealth, seeking wealth alone without spiritual ‘wealth’ limits you, and will keep you stuck in the ever changing cycle of reincarnation until you can get past those limiting beliefs & behaviors. But, I already know that if you are here reading this at this moment you are here because you are ready for what this precious offering brings you.

Encoded with such profound Alchemical secrets that encapsulate all levels of reality, this offering reveals the path to personal transformation, to reclaim our birthright universality, to transforming into our Highest form of Self, as the path to personal transmutation, and the evolution of our species.

Now, the alchemical wisdom of the Tablet extends back beyond ancient times. As the Rosetta stone of alchemy & the Hermetic sciences - the body of alchemical knowledge the tablet has, has largely been considered Forbidden Knowledge for thousands of years, condemned by ancient patriarchal and medieval powers. Even still today, politicians and many religious leaders use every means as they deem "necessary", to suppress, inhibit, control, and censor the public's collective accessibility to higher levels of consciousness, and the roads that could lead one to an expansion of and the Awakening of the Mind.

Such power & knowledge was used by Merlin for King Arthur, the Knights Templar, Sir Isaac Newton, just to name a few.

This is incredibly powerful Alchemy at work, the most profound & ancient of all Alchemical wisdom, for it holds the Secret Power of the singular pillar upon which all systems of esoterica, alchemy, mysticism, Gnosticism, and Hermeticism were built.

Possessing this, you will have open access to the wisdom from the Ancients, delving into the intertwined mysteries of matter, energy, soul, and spirit; the mindscape of discoveries and opportunities both of this world and not, above and below, within and without.

With this, you will be catapulted onto the path of reclaiming your birthright Divine embodiment of enlightenment, ascension, and the "Great Work", as you transform into your Highest form of Self.

You will without a doubt find situations & opportunities in your life that are Alchemical metaphors which mirror your inner transformation. For example, King Arthur removing the Sword from the Stone was a metaphorical process (extracting oars from stones). The secrets of extracting oars from stones and blending them to create new materials are Magickal, Alchemical processes, deemed so important that they were paralleled with the most sacred moment, the appointing of a "rightful King". His sudden ascension, his "transmutation" so-to-speak, from a "lowly squire boy" (base) into the Crowned (gold) Prince King, is a metaphor again for "base" into "gold".

It was using the Emerald Tablet’s power that Newton had the profound epiphanies of mind expanding revelations from which he originated the concepts for his Laws of Motion and Gravity.

Now, while it’s very unlikely you’ll become the next King/Queen of England, you will absolutely experience such transformations in your daily life that mirror your inner transformation.

Inspiring some of the most creative minds in the world, from the earliest Truth Seekers to those of the modern day, the secret formulas within the Emerald Tablet have transformed reality as we know it. For millennia, Alchemists and Scholars have immersed themselves into it's intertwined mysteries of matter, energy, soul, and spirit, trying to decipher its deliberately obscured terminology of the Alchemical art, and draw from the Powers that it holds.

With this, you’ll possess the unparalleled Magick and Knowledge of the Emerald Tablet & you will have the Powers of the Emerald Tablet with you at all times, so long as one of these is physically near you. Now, it doesn’t have to physically be touching you at all times, as the power within them is SO strong, it just radiates – you can keep it in the center of your home, or, if at work, in your desk, purse, etc.

Do this & you will have 24/7 accessibility to the same source which has illuminated so many, who have undergone significantly positive psychological, cerebral, and spiritual changes, which has been described as "an intracellular understanding of nature and of the universe"; an inner, undeniable conscious connectivity to All which surpasses the comprehension of most.

There are no rituals needed to begin using this. Simply add it to what you are already doing/using.

This is one of our most iconic pieces, it is an extraordinary find, one that I know, will go precisely where it is meant to.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one’s economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.