Premier Underground Exclusive, Illuminati Dark Arts Talisman & Spirit Vessel of Guaranteed Wealth & Legendary, Explosive Professional Success
Premier Underground Exclusive, Illuminati Dark Arts Talisman & Spirit Vessel of Guaranteed Wealth & Legendary, Explosive Professional Success
Premier Underground Exclusive, Illuminati Dark Arts Talisman & Spirit Vessel of Guaranteed Wealth & Legendary, Explosive Professional Success
Premier Underground Exclusive, Illuminati Dark Arts Talisman & Spirit Vessel of Guaranteed Wealth & Legendary, Explosive Professional Success
Premier Underground Exclusive, Illuminati Dark Arts Talisman & Spirit Vessel of Guaranteed Wealth & Legendary, Explosive Professional Success
Premier Underground Exclusive, Illuminati Dark Arts Talisman & Spirit Vessel of Guaranteed Wealth & Legendary, Explosive Professional Success

Premier Underground Exclusive, Illuminati Dark Arts Talisman & Spirit Vessel of Guaranteed Wealth & Legendary, Explosive Professional Success

$1,100.00 Sale price


A one of a kind, striking, very old hand made ring, depicting an eagle on each side of the band, one of the dominant symbolisms used by the Illuminati. There are signs of age and use, with light patina that is visually synonymous with what one commonly finds in early antique and post medieval rings made of gold plated over silver. We do believe this to be made of gold and agate, likely plated over silver. Its physical composition has not been analyzed by a professional 3rd party jeweler, as we have yet to find one that meets our unique set of needs, however, it is very much worth its antique and Occult Value.


Here at The Haunted Hive, In our decades as Metaphysical Curators and Spiritual Caretakers, we have been the temporary Keepers to many Magickals and have had countless experiences, various manifestations of Power, but the Power of this specific relic truly, undeniably stands out as one of the utmost Supreme.

Obtained from an exclusive underground auction years ago, this is one of our Premier items that we have held onto, withholding from listing until the time felt right.

Now, the time is here.

An extraordinarily powerful Illuminati Relic, created by, owned, and used by strictly the most Elite Illuminati Masters of the dark arts, it is both a Talisman and Spirit Vessel of Proven, Failsafe, Secure Magick. Aggressively Attract Money, an Abundance of unimaginable Financial Wealth, be endowed with absolute, explosive Success in all of your endeavors, and Seal all money, wealth, fortune, and Success with unconditional, unbreakable Security.

We must stress the undeniable fact that this authentic Illuminati ring is of life changing Power of the Dark Arts. It is a Talisman and vessel that transforms the lives of each Master; transforming men into Legends, and their Businesses into Legendary Wealth.

Magically infused with ancient spell castings and various forbidden dark arts rituals of operations known only to the foremost expert Masters of the dark arts of the ultra secret sect of the Illuminati, this is both a talisman engineered to produce extreme wealth, success, money attraction, and complete Security, but it is also a spirit vessel to an incredibly, superlatively powerful, beautiful entity, one of the Illuminati's predominant female Beings in their uprising of power, unparalleled success, and unrivaled amassment of wealth, the Fallen Angel, Demon, Clauna

At a meeting between the Illuminati Dark Arts Masters, a Secret Ancient Ceremonial Ritual was executed, using an explosive amount of Energy, drawn from each of the 5 Masters, to create results of such insane magnitude, that which is necessary for these Elite and Powerful to Grow, Maintain and Secure their Wealth and Dominance over the World and all of the masses.

We are not at Liberty to publicly reveal the name of the 5 masters of this precious, dark vessel, however, this coveted, valuable Metaphysical relic has made their company names known in every household; their Wealth from their Success placing them within the Wealthiest 1%.

The identities of the 5 Illuminati Masters will be exclusively shared with the one who obtains this once in a lifetime relic. 

Each of the 5 Illuminati D.A. Masters had their time with this exact ring, and benefitted immensely from its Magick and the Elite, Powerful Fallen Angel, the wise, calculative and Powerful she demon openly bound within it.

Clauna is a demon, one of the Fallen Angels that quickly was Summoned by the most Powerful men in history for her very specific, unprecedented Extreme rank and Power of the control of Wealth. She has long black hair, sparkling with braids of diamonds, and is unfaltering in her precision and her obsession with Wealth and Success.

A being of many titles, Clauna is a Supreme Being of Wealth well loved by Lucifer, as her ability to bestow Wealth is unmatched in the Kingdom of the Underworld, surpassing even that of her famed Goetic Brother, Claunek. She has Omnipotent power over goods, money, business, and finances and holds the highest supremacy within the Legion’s hierarchy of Treasury Agents.

As the Grand Treasury Master – denoting the respect held for her by Lucifer, she is the number one, Highest ranking, most Elite and Powerful of all the Fallen females, the she-demon with the greatest Control over Wealth in all of the Underworld.

As the sole Being Entrusted with accessing astral bank vault, she possesses Elite Power and Authority over the Attraction, Acquisition, Hoarding and Distribution of Wealth. There is no other demon who can tell you with such exactitude what you ought to either ditch or make a prosperous move on in order to attain Absolute Success and Wealth.

In today's modern world, most all of everyone struggles with finances. Far too many struggle to pay the bills, to eat, pay for necessary health services or prescription medication, most cannot afford healthcare, many can't afford car insurance, or a car, let alone being able to save money for a house, or to pay off debt, pay off student loans, pay back medical bills... most live paycheck to paycheck, don't get enough hours or high enough pay to survive, or, are on a fixed income, or, are disabled yet get rejected from assistance, or, have to work 2- 3 jobs, and are essentially sacrificing their life happiness and time with their family just to make ends meet, because there is no other way

What would you do if I told you that there was a way out of the endless and vicious circle of financial stress - that there is an opportunity to guarantee your Financial Wealth and your Success?

What would you do, if money were no longer an issue? If you no longer had the Stress, worry, and anxiety over money? Imagine what your Life would be like, having an endless stream of money flowing into your pocket.

What would you do If you no longer had the fear of failure, if you knew, that you would be Successful in your Business and Career endeavors?

The Freedom to do what you want, whenever you want, to buy anything, to go anywhere, at any time, and never having to worry about cost, your bank account balance, never having to count down the days until the next payday, never coming up short at the checkout, being able to spend your days with your children instead of your co-workers..

Imagine having the unlimited financial means and the Freedom of your time to finally do those things you have always wanted to do, to follow your true dreams and live out your desires, with no financial restrictions....Imagine following your dreams and desires, without the fear or failure or rejection...

Each of us has something we have always wished we could do, but haven't. Most often, following our dreams in today's world means having to risk everything we have - quitting our jobs, taking out loans, putting ourselves in debt, with the ever present, looming feeling of fear of failure, not making it, and being even worse off deep in the hole of debt, so deep there's no climbing out of it other than filing for bankruptcy

With this precious, powerful Ring, you now have the opportunity to make your Dreams your own Reality. By accepting this Spirited Talisman into your life, you are inviting its Power to become yours.

Very few ever find an opportunity like this, and we have become so jaded as a society, that many don't believe such awesome things can actually really happen.

Genuine, True Magick Talismans still exist today, just as Vibrant & Pure as ever, but they are becoming rarer & rarer to find, & for the untrained 3rd eye, it can be next to impossible to see what is real & what isnt. But here today you do have the rare opportunity to Keep & Posses a True Magickal Talisman, a Blessed item that can & WILL impact your life for the best. You can have the Life you Deserve, the Life you have always Wanted & Dreamed of. Every possible potential in which Money can Manifest in your Life has been accounted for in its Dynamic, Magickal creation, & all roads woven through this Ring lead to Success, Prosperity, Happiness, & Fortune in all areas of your Life

The motives, truths and Potentialities of employers, employees, Business, Commerce, and Investments will reveal themselves to the Master of this Ring.

An absolutely staggering magnitude of money & Success will forever change your Life for the absolute best. In accepting this One of a Kind Metaphysical rarity into your life, you are guaranteed to rise to the Highest Level of society in your Wealth and Success.

It will draw forth Money, Success, Wealth, Fortune & Prosperity in your career or job, and profound Luck in all matters.

Communication and interaction with Clauna is most fluid during sleep, meditation, and Altered States of consciousness. However, no that she is always there. You can communicate to her at any time verbally or telepathically and she will hear you! Any desire you have she can fulfill!

Between the Illustrious Illuminati Dark Arts infusions and Clauna, you will have the power of the Elite at your fingertips at all times to give you unimaginable wealth, staggering, indefectible Success in any and all Business endeavors, soaring your Investments, career and Business to the highest levels of the elite,
Dominating anyone or anything that stands in your way of Wealth and Success

No level of Magick will be able to hold you back in this life. All negative energies that may enter your life in the future will be destroyed and banished before they could ever have any negative impact on your world.

From the very moment you touch this ring, you will realize you've purchased something truly extraordinary. The power of Talisman and the Being it contains will forever reverberate incredible power in your life.

You can wear this as a ring or necklace, keep it close to you, at your bedside, or in a special place in your home.

There are no specific rituals or steps you need to do once it arrives, it is completely ready for use.

All that is needed is to accept this ring into your life, think of your desires for a couple minutes a day, such as at night before falling asleep, and you will be granted a Secure, unlimited abundance of Money, Wealth, and Success, and the Ultimate Freedoms, Peace, and Happiness that comes from living life and loving life as the way you want it to be.

The One this is destined for will join the Wealthy Elite 1%, transforming your life into a paradise of Riches and Success.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.