Proven $140M Lottery Winning Quantum Manipulating Money Wealth Riches Talisman, Vol I
Proven $140M Lottery Winning Quantum Manipulating Money Wealth Riches Talisman, Vol I
Proven $140M Lottery Winning Quantum Manipulating Money Wealth Riches Talisman, Vol I
Proven $140M Lottery Winning Quantum Manipulating Money Wealth Riches Talisman, Vol I
Proven $140M Lottery Winning Quantum Manipulating Money Wealth Riches Talisman, Vol I
Proven $140M Lottery Winning Quantum Manipulating Money Wealth Riches Talisman, Vol I
Proven $140M Lottery Winning Quantum Manipulating Money Wealth Riches Talisman, Vol I

Proven $140M Lottery Winning Quantum Manipulating Money Wealth Riches Talisman, Vol I


Size 9. May fit size 9.5. A unique, well preserved, authentic antique Seljuk ring from post medieval Turkey. Handmade, cast from what we believe to be a mixture of metals of silver and bronze, featuring an intricately detailed band and setting with a rich, luscious red carnelian stone suit any gender. The natural patina and character from the past centuries, its age is likely circa 18-19th Century Turkey. Timeworn to aesthetical perfection as a result of wearing by several generations of Seljuk descendants, their Elite level of skilled craftsmanship is evident in this masterfully crafted treasure. It is in Very Fine wearable condition and is well worth its antique and occult value.


This is part of a very small group of 10 rings that were all created together by a Western Coven of Multidimensional Magick, which were originally sold in 2017 and 2018. Physically, they came from the same, antique origin, made in the 1800's in what is Turkey, each one having the same design and Deep red Carnelian stone. This is one of those rings, which has fulfilled its purpose for its Keeper, therefore making it's 2nd round through The Haunted Hive.


We are thrilled to present to you something extremely powerful and profoundly unique in Magickal creation; a Talisman from a limited series that were expertly crafted by a diverse Western Coven of mixed, multidimensional Magick.

This is one of the original, 1st volume of the famed Proven Lottery Winning Quantum Manipulating Money, Wealth and Riches Talismans that were first sold in 2017/2018, back when we were exclusively using eBay as our shop platform. Each and every one sold, and many already fulfilled their purpose, making their Keepers wealthy, verified winners, and have since made their 2nd round through The Haunted Hive. These by far, have been our most highly sought after, demanded items we have ever offered. Almost every day we receive emails from clients both new and established inquiring about them. Only 10 of these rings exist.

The client that purchased this in 2017 contacted me several weeks ago, as it too has fulfilled its purpose, making this client about $140 million dollars richer, with this exact ring here. And now, we have it back with us. Making its 2nd round though The Haunted Hive, this incredible Talisman is available for one very lucky person to purchase.

There are no others of this available at this time. Until another client is done with theirs, and if they just so happen to feel inclined to want to re-home it, this is your one and only opportunity to have this precious Talisman for your own.

This ring comes from a truly one of a kind, spectacularly powerful, gifted, skilled, intelligent and wise Coven. They are a Coven based from the Western coast of the US, made up of highly skilled professionals who keep their Coven identity professionally classified, because as many of you may have had the misfortune of experiencing yourselves, not everyone is receptive of our higher levels of awareness to the unseen and awakened ways of life, and unfortunately this could jeopardize their careers.

By day they are aeronautical engineers, doctors and professors in physics, anthropology, religion and astronomy, instructors in energy work, and professional psychic healers and spiritual guides. All are extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, successful, wealthy professionals by day. By night, they are a fantastically unique and powerful Coven of energy workers, alchemists, astrologers, physio-psychic craft workers, and ley line polar-magnetic experts, a Coven unlike any other Coven I have ever heard of or seen.

Their Talismans are undoubtedly of the most aggressively powerful Magick which truly makes their Talismans unparalleled. It has been an honor to have met this Coven, to be invited to observe the creation of their spectacular craft-works of Magickal Talismans, and it is truly an honor to offer them to you here, now, again.

This unique Talisman has been formulated with layers upon layers of very specific cosmic, elemental and esoteric energies, scientific procedures, astrological-astronomical alignment, alchemical craft, and various works of Magick to stimulate, intricately manipulate, and influence the quantum realm, to positively influence the way reality will go.

Their combined practices, rituals, spells and procedures harness vast fields, across various planes to create Talismans with very specific energies and powers, creating tangible items which stimulate the quantum and spiritual realms to favor specific potentialities. This manipulates the ever changing, ever moving energies and auras around you to move, shift and morph to produce and manifest true, dependable, undeniable, trusted results.

This Coven of seasoned, well spiritually-versed practitioners in Magickal theory, true Magick, alchemy, ancient and "modern" witchcraft have spent many hours, in different acts and practices of Magick, alchemy, astrological works of an entirely new methodology, energy and science in creating this particular ring to produce aggressive financial success - procuring blessings money attraction, fortune, material wealth, financial security, good luck, winnings, riches, success, prosperity and luxury.

This series of various Magickal processes has been choreographed to consistently, perpetually encompass your life force energy and the energies and auras of and within the physical, spiritual, and metaphysical, and quantum realms, covering every potential opportunity for money attraction.

It will draw forth money, success, wealth, fortune and prosperity in your career or job, profound luck in all matters of chance but also in matters that involve chance & strategy both- the lottery, casino, scratch off tickets, bets, card games, roulette, sweepstakes, raffles, games, sports, betting, etc.

This ring will manifest action and results, aggressively. Those who have had the 1st edition of these Talismans, created and Magickally formulated in such a very unique, extraordinarily powerful way, have found success, luck, wealth, fortune, money, luxury and material advancement; progress that leads to the satisfaction, happiness and freedom in life that everyone dreams of having, which has impacted their lives in tremendously positive, swift and tangible ways.

This Coven has created Talismans that I have had the privilege of owning and using in the past, that proved their power time and time again. I own some personally, and I have temporarily fostered others of the same and similar Magickal and metaphysical creation

Just having money Talismans from this Coven in my home, while having them listed, they have brought new wealth, money and wins to my family. The mere presence of these Magickals just being with us has had a profound effect, some that were noticed almost immediately. With a previous money Talisman ring I had offered - within just a mere 2 days, not even 48 hours of getting it, I won $1000 on a scratch off lottery ticket, $1400 at the casino, another $500 on a scratch off, $200 on another, and $100 on another! $3200 within not even 48 hours!

Another one before that I had listed, I won $500 the same day I got it, another I won $1000 within 4- 5 days, then $500 the next day after. Having had almost 3 years of experience with the 1st edition Proven Lottery Winning Quantum Manipulating Talismans, I can say that the power coming from this Coven is off the charts and of it’s own standard, far above the bar of what I consider impressive.

I had a client message me who bought her Talisman from this Coven from me in December 2017, she won $20,000.00 on a scratch off, and later won $35 million in the lottery.

Another client who purchased the 3rd out of the First Edition, he messaged me the beginning of 2018, thanking me for selling him his Talisman, because he had just hit big at the casino, 3 times in a row, winning over $115,000 AND a brand new car! There was some special promotion going on, where every day for X amount of time, they were awarding $1,000 jackpots every hour or something, and one person would win a car - well he won the car! And won big on a dollar machine, a quarter machine, and at the tables! Talk about an awesome start to the year!

One Keeper won the Daily 4 six separate times within not even 1 year. She won a total of just under $300,000 at the casino in that same time frame, and that's after deducting the money she spent. She was also given a promotion at her job 3 tiers ahead - which is unheard of - and is now in her 2nd year making a 7-figure salary.

Another client said:
"OMG I am SO THANKFUL I FOUND YOU and this AWESOME RING! I'll admit I was skeptical at first, because I've bought 5 other items from other eBay seller's all promised to bring money yet none did. I almost wasn't going to get it, but seeing your feedback and reading how vivid the description was and about you and your family, something just told me that I could trust you, and I am SO GLAD I did! The first time this worked for me, I was in my way home from work (waitressing, HATED it), and something just told me to try a scratch off and the daily 4. So I did, and I know it sounds crazy but I won both! Not chump change either! I won the jackpot on the scratch off and the daily 4! All together after taxes I got just over $290,000!!!!!! Omg I about died! I quit my stupid job I hated and now I can raise my baby without worrying, daycare, and all the BS daily struggles of being a broke single mom! God I cannot thank you enough! I really can't! I wish I hadn't already left feedback, it was just vague, because people seriously need to know that your stuff is REAL! I am living proof! Please, feel free to use this message as proof in your listings or however you want. People need to know this is for real! You are the real deal and I owe you my life! I can now finally live how I want to live!”

Another Keeper won the Powerball Lottery, through picking out his own numbers, winning over a lump sum of $22.7million. He was able to quit his job within a year of possessing this & followed his dreams of opening his own restaurant, which is now a very successful establishment in the LA area, frequented by the famous and fellow rich. He said he had this sudden urge to play, and just knew what numbers to pick!

This is something that happens with Money Talismans from this Coven sometimes, so if you ever feel suddenly urged to play something, do not second guess yourself, just go with it and allow the Magick to happen!

Another client who purchased an item of similar energies from us won $25,000 after wishing for it, from a sweepstakes! And since then has won over $200,000 at the casino, and put out only around $3,000. And that's just within a few months! She quit her 2 jobs she was making minimum wage at, and is able to stay at home to raise her toddler now instead of having to basically work for daycare and never being able to make ends meet.

I actually sat down towards the end of 2017 to go through my messages and emails to add up how much money has been won, from all those who had bought any kind of wealth Talisman from us that year. Just the year of 2017 alone - just under $1 billion was won. The year of 2018, just over $700 million was won. 2019 saw just under $810 million.

I receive so many messages of winnings, wealth and luck, from people with these rare, Magickal Talismans, people who were willing to believe. Above all, intention and an unbreakable belief are the foundations of Magick. Without it, Magick does not exist. You must Believe with intent, and you too will share in the wealth of fortune and success that the universe has waiting for you!

The moment this Talisman enters your life, it will forever be changed for the best. Its undeniable Energy can be felt very intensely, so much so that I highly recommend being seated when opening the package. When making first contact with Talismans of such great power, you may temporarily experience a sense of lightheadedness, feelings of happiness, excitement, a sudden sensation of relaxation, or euphoria. These are the unseen energies that exist all around you, through the Magick of this ring, rearranging, whilst negative energies depart, positive energies remain, aligning and propelling you to the top. These sensations are signs that you are on the cusp of a new life. In every stage of life, we have new challenges and tests, but also opportunities, all of which require commitment and intention to move forward, to progress towards being the best human you can be, to fulfilling your life's potential for success & happiness.

As this Talisman stays with you, the Powers grow, as does the potential for victory, ever merging into greater and grander success and winnings. There will come a time when your job you have now will no longer be an obligation, but your choice. Money stresses and worries will be gone and become a Memory of the past.

Remember, this aligns its powers with its Keeper, so the more manifestations of its Magick while in your possession, the more money attraction energy signatures there are surrounding you - these signatures are like permanent flags, or like tarmac lights, which continue to accumulate around you. Imagine looking at the Earth from space, and seeing a densely concentrated aura of light where you are on Earth, flashing lights that grow in number, that attract money manifestation energies. The more manifestations of wealth, the more powerful the manifestations become, more abundant, as each signature holds more of this energy, drawing in more and more and more energies and forces of money to you! You will be a beacon of wealth that beckons money energies & forces of wealth from across the universe!

You may or may not believe in fate or destiny, but whether you do or not, you stumbled upon this listing for a reason, this one listing out of the trillions of other pages you could be on online now at this very moment. You found me & this listing & that reason may be because you are on the verge of something life changing.

If you have had your eye on obtaining one of the Proven Lottery Winning Talismans from this Coven, this is your opportunity to possess one of your own. The only way there will ever be another listed is if one of the Keepers decides to part with theirs and they choose to rehome them through us after their Talisman has fulfilled its purpose. Don't miss out on this ultra-coveted Talisman!